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name: hakan

age: 18

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3/28/2009 #1


Age:17 1/4

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alright, so, who want's to start?

3/28/2009 #3

(Hope this is a good start. Hopefully.)

Makoto was all ready for his first day in year twelve at the new school he was going to. He already had had breakfast, brushed his teeth, brushed his long hair which he had put up into a ponytail so as to keep his hair out of his eyes and had pulled his clothes on. Makoto grabbed his shoulder bag from near the desk in his bedroom before hurrying out of his room and into the front foyer of his house.

“Bye mum,” Makoto yelled as he was about to head out of the house. “See you when I get back from school.”

“Bye Makoto,” Makoto’s mum yelled back but Makoto had already closed the front door behind him.

Makoto walked slowly up the street that his house was on, heading towards the most noted year 11 and 12 high school in the country; it was also the strictest high school as well. It was not long before Makoto was standing in front of the school gates, staring up in aw at how magnificent it was.

The front gate was wide open and Makoto could see right onto the grounds. The school grounds were amazingly different than what he thought they would look like. There were beautiful gardens full of exotic and native plants, the grass was well looked after, no patches were dead from what Makoto could see and the school buildings were the style that suggested that the buildings themselves were built a long while ago. Makoto took one step into the school grounds before stopping and looking around nervously. There were not many students out on the grounds from what Makoto could see. Makoto ignored the fact that there weren’t very many students out on the grounds and headed for the closest building which had a sign painted on the side which read ‘Office’. Makoto hurried along and quickly walked inside of the office.

“E-Excuse me,” Makoto said nervously to one of the ladies in the office.

The one that Makoto had talked to looked up at Makoto with her deep brown eyes. “Are you that new student that was supposed to be coming today?” the office lady asked Makoto.

Makoto nodded in reply before watching as the lady printed him out his timetable. The lady gave the timetable to Makoto before returning to looking through the school fees on the computer. Makoto left the office heading for an area of grass that he could see that was under the shade of a large evergreen. Makoto was aware of someone watching him as he sat down under the shade of the evergreen, studying his timetable and after which he checked to see what time it was. It was only 8 and homeroom started at 9 so he still had some time where he could be by himself before having to ask someone directions to his homeroom.

3/28/2009 #4

"hey, hakan, did ya hear?"

hakan was walking through the gardens with a few of his friends, walking to his homeroom. "hmm?" he questioned, looking back to them before stopping. "a new guy's comming to the school" one stated, hakan blinking before turning back to look at the gardens in interest. a new kid eh? wonder what he would be like? he thought, before walking off. "see ya guys, im heading off" he called, out, abandoning the group, just like that.

they technically they werent even his friends, he just hanged out with them because they wanted him to, he thought, looking back to that day with a sigh, before turning the corner, spotting the new student. oh? why wasnt he talking with other kids? he wandered, leaning against the wall. maybe he should go over? he wandered, thinking for a few short moments, before chuckling, moving away from the bulding, and tawrd the new student.

"hey, your a new face, what's your name?" he asked as he got withing hearing distance.

3/28/2009 #5

Makoto looked up nervously at who ever had asked him the question, seeing to his amaze another student. Makoto thought they would leave him alone but he was obviously wrong.

"I-It's M-Makoto," Makoto said nervously, feeling alot more nervous than usual. "What's y-your name?"

Makoto looked away from the other student after asking that question, feeling his cheeks grow warm as he blushed.

3/28/2009 #6

"makoto eh? my your the shy type aint ya?" dakan stated with a laugh, before sitting down nxt to him. "mine's dakan, nice to meet ya" he replied, offering his nad for a shake. it had been a while since they had such a shy kid around here, he thought, watching as he blushed. oh well, that would end soon enough once he gets used to things here, he thought with a chuckle.

3/28/2009 #7

"makoto eh? my your the shy type aint ya?" dakan stated with a laugh, before sitting down nxt to him. "mine's dakan, nice to meet ya" he replied, offering his nad for a shake. it had been a while since they had such a shy kid around here, he thought, watching as he blushed. oh well, that would end soon enough once he gets used to things here, he thought with a chuckle.

3/28/2009 #8

Makoto blushed more as he shook Hakan's hand before standing up. Makoto grabbed his shoulder bag, slipping the strap over his shoulder before walking away quickly from Hakan. Makoto checked the room number for his homeroom as it was almost time for homeroom anyway. Makoto was in Room 7 which was in the closest building to the office. Makoto waited patiently at the door to Room 7, waiting for the bell for homeroom.

Some other year 12 students, all of them he didn't know started lining up so he ignored the other students, hoping that they would not bother him. Also hoping that Hakan wasn't in his homeroom either.

3/28/2009 #9

(sorry for the long wait, thing got a bit heptic ^^; )

hakan watched as he quickly left, blinking in confusion. did he do something wong? he wandered, looking to his hand, before hearing the bell, signalling homerrom, before getting up with a sigh. oh well, he thought, slumping his bag over his shoulders before walking off to homeroom.

but, as he reached it, he saw the new student standing them, his face cracking a smile, as he walked over to him. "well well, so your in my class after all eh?" he asked, ruffling his hair up slightly.

3/29/2009 #10

(No worries. I didn't even notice. 83)

Makoto didn't look up when he heard Hakan's voice but as soon as he felt Hakan start ruffling up his hair all he could do was look up at Hakan and blush nervously. The other students were looking at Makoto now, some watching in interest to see what was going to happen next while others just laughed. Makoto looked away from Hakan before giving Hakan the answer to the question he had asked.

"I-I um guess that I am i-in y-your class,"Makoto mumbled nervously before walking around Hakan and heading for the back of the line.

Everyone went silent as Makoto walked pass, watching him as he made his way silently to the back of the line. Watching with cold unloving eyes. A young male teacher unlocked the door to the classroom motioning for everyone to go in. Searching for the new student in amongst the other year twelves that were in that class. When the teacher came to Makoto he smiled before ushering Makoto into the classroom.

"I would like to introduce our new year twelve student who will be in this class for the rest of this year, Makoto Evans," The teacher stated calmly like as if this happens everyday, "and I hope you all will make him feel welcome."

A small scattered amount of applause followed what the teacher said. Makoto looked down at the floor before shuffling his feat. He was waiting for the teacher to tell him that he could take a seat.

"You can take a seat now," the teacher said moments later.

Makoto started the hard task of finding a seat looking around nervously as he went past each row of tables.

3/29/2009 #11

hakan watched him leave for the back of the line with a sigh, before walking in when the teacher opened the door. wow, the poor kid sure was quiet, he thought, walking to his table and sitting down.oh well, it made him more...cute if he had to say, he thought with a small laugh to himself, before paying attention to the teacher.

oh for the love of god, he thought with a head thunk to the table, holding in his laughter as bets he could. did this kid have any balls? he wandered, looking up as he looked for a spot to sit, moving his bag out of the way of the seat next to him, just in case he wanted to sit down next to him.

3/30/2009 #12

Seeing that the only spare spot was next to Hakan, Makoto sat down on the seat next to Hakan. Makoto pulled out a book from his shoulder bag, reading silently while the teacher called out the role. Only stopping when the bell for Period One rang. Makoto stood up from his chair and hurried straight for the door, his first period was Japanese in Room 13. Hopefully Hakan didn't have Japanese aswell.

3/30/2009 #13

hakan watched as he sat down and pulled out a book, before raising an eyebrow, and listening to the role, shouting it that he was here when his name was called. when the bell did rang for the first period, hakan watched as the new student got up hurriedly, grabbing him by the collar and stopping him. "hold it" he stated with a smile, looking over his shoulder at his timetable. "hmm...let's see what classes were in together eh?" he asked with a chuckle, before pulling out his own timetable to look at, seeing that they had half of their classes together, chuckling before patting his head. "well, peiod 2, 3, and 5 were together, so i'll see you later" he said with a wink before walking off.

4/1/2009 #14

Makoto stood there for a few seconds before realising that he was going to be late for Japanese. He hurried to Room 13, panting loudly when he got to the door. Makoto couldn't help being relieved at the fact that Hakan wouldn't be in the same class for his favourite subject but Makoto was still a little unsettled though at the prospect of being in Hakan's classes for half of the school day.

Everyone else was already inside the classroom getting their books out so Makoto sneaked inside, heading for an empty seat at the back of the room. First Period went quickly, only feeling like two minutes to Makoto before the bell rang. Makoto stood up from his seat, shoving his books back into his shoulder bag before heading slowly for his next lesson which he was dreading so much that he felt like not showing up for the lesson. Something made him go to the classroom for Period Two but Makoto didn't know what made him want to go.

4/1/2009 . Edited 4/1/2009 #15

as hakan reached the metalwork room, he leaned on the wall for a moment, looking up to the sky in thought. makoto eh? geeze what made him so skitterish? he wandered with a sigh, noticing his teacher come and unlock the door, before wandering in. oh well, he'd just ask when he saw him next period then, he thought with a smile.

as the period ended, and the kids ran out, hakan simply wandered out to his next class, smiling broadly. oh yeah, this was the first time he was so excited about maths, he thought, walking out of the school to the domountables in a quick pace. it was probably because he was spending this period with makoto, he thought, wandering to the room he was in, before looking around for the new student.

4/2/2009 #16

Makoto saw the demountables ahead, noticing Hakan at the door along with other students. Makoto hurried up alittle bit before stopping only for a moment near where Hakan stood before heading to the back of the line. Makoto checked in his shoulder bag for his Maths textbook, soon realising that he didn't have it.

Shit, I forgot my Maths textbook. Makoto thoght angrily to himself before realising that the teacher had motioned for the students to walk in.

He followed everyone els in mentally yelling at himself for forgetting his textbook.

4/3/2009 #17

As hakan entered the room, he waited for makoto, before taking a seat near the window, pulling out what was nessecary for today;s work. "hey, you looked slightly stressed there makoto" hakan stated as the student walked passed. "whats up?" he questioned curiously, leaning on his arm.

4/3/2009 #18

Makoto stopped as he passed Hakan, turning his head so as to look at Hakan over his shoulder.

"I..um..forgot my t-textbook," Makoto said nervously.

Everyone else had already found a seat and there was a lonely seat near the back corner but then again Makoto had to copy off someone elses textbook so he might as well sit down next to Hakan, seeing that Hakan did have a textbook. Makoto turned around before sitting on the empty seat next to Hakan. Makoto silently took out the books that he had that was nessecary for the lesson other than the textbook, ignoring Hakan as the teacher called the roll.

4/3/2009 #19

"don't worry about it, half of the class does that" hakan realpid with a chuckle, moving his textbook so hakan could see also, before looking at the teacher again. "geeze this is going to be boring, doesnt he know we know this crap?" he muttere as the teacher wrote up more algebra problems, exlaining how its done.

4/3/2009 #20

Makoto looked up at the board from Hakan's textbook and noticed that whoever this teacher was that teacher obviously thought the students he was teaching were year 7 students as you learn how to do algebra in year 7. Makoto decided that he might as well tell the teacher so as the teacher knew that everyone knows this. Makoto put his right hand up into the air, waiting for the teacher as he still lectured them on how to do algebra.

"Yes," the teacher said as he pointed at Makoto.

"W-We've a-already learned thi-this," Makoto said nervously.

"Oh really," the teacher said, tilting his head, "and when was that?"

"In y-year seven s-sir," Makoto said nervously.

The teacher considered what Makoto had said before walking up to Makoto.

"Then if your so smart," the teacher yelled at Makoto, "then what is k+k+k+k simplified to."

The teacher pulled Makoto off of his chair and pulled him to the whiteboard, giving Makoto a whiteboard marker.

"Now write down the answer on the whiteboard," the teacher said angrily to Makoto.

Makoto just stood there holding the whiteboard marker near the whiteboard, scared stiff because he was aware now of everybody watching him.

4/3/2009 #21

hakan watched as the teacher was practically picking on makoto becomming annoyed. sure sir would get annoying with his shouting, but this was crossing, the line, he thought with a growl, watching there argument as makoto was pulled out of the seat, and forced to the whiteboard, hakan becoming quite annoyed. oh for the love of god, why couldnt sir just leave him alone? couldnt he see he was new or something? he wandered, before his attention was drawn to makoto.

he looked so frightened, hakan thought, narrowing his eyes before standing up. "hey sir! stop picking on him! he's new here!" he called out, defending the new student.

4/3/2009 #22

"Oh really," the teacher said, looking at Hakan out of the corner of his eyes.

Makoto turned his head slowly to look at Hakan, completely aware of what just happened. Hakan had stuck up for Makoto but why? Makoto was wondering why Hakan did what he had done when Hakan could of just watched him get picked on by the teacher like the other students were.

Why is Hakan defending me and why is he so kind? Makoto thought to himself before writing the answer to the teacher's question up on the whiteboard. The answer was 4k.

"I am--" the teacher said, being cut off by Makoto.

"Th-There is n-nothing to apologize for," Makoto said nervously, looking down at the floor. "I-I was the o-one that was i-in the wrong because I-I questioned what you w-were teaching us. I-I'm sorry."

The teacher was surprised at first but soon returned to teaching the class. Makoto walked back to his seat next to Hakan, turning his head so as to be looking at Hakan.

"Th-Thankyou Hakan," Makoto said nervously yet the two words were fulled with his gratitude for what Hakan had done. "Th-Thanks for sticking up f-for me."

Makoto paused after that but only for alittle bit before a smile spread across his own face.

"W-Why did y-you stick up f-for m-me?" Makoto asked nervously, waiting on the answer from Hakan.

4/4/2009 . Edited 4/4/2009 #23

hakan watched with a grin as he wrote the answer on the board, and the teacher apoligized...well, almost if makoto didnt stop hm, he thought with a chuckle, watching him sit down next to him. "hey, no problem, i defended you because 1, i like you, and 2, because your new" he stated with a grin. "geeze i gotta ask though, why are you so nervous to the point of stammering?" he asked, looking at him curiously.

4/4/2009 #24

"W-Well i-it's kind of a l-long st-story," Makoto answered nervously, looking away from Hakan to hide the blush that had started to spread across his cheeks. "I d-don't think y-you would like t-to here i-it though."

Makoto wasn't really up to telling Hakan why he was so nervous around people but if what he just said didn't answer Hakan's question and just guessing Makoto thought that Hakan would probably keep on asking him.

4/5/2009 #25

hakan watched him with a raised eybrow, before sighing. "i've got time, anything to not listen to that ald geizure" hakan said with a snicker, but looked at makoto dead straight in the eye, becomming a bit more serious. "but, if its personal, i wont ask" he stated, turning back to his paper and writing down a few notes

4/6/2009 #26

Makoto was surprised at what Hakan had just said which made Makoto want to tell Hakan why he was so nervous around people.

"F-Fine then," Makoto said smiling a bit. "I-I'll tell y-you why I-I am s-so nervous around other p-people. The r-reason is that w-while I was at both at P-Primary s-school and Junior Hi-High s-school I w-was bullied badly. B-Both physicly a-and e-emotionally. I-I didn't tr-try to g-get a-any help a-at all. N-None. I-I had no friends at either primary s-school or j-junior hi-high s-school only because I-I thought that everyone would b-be l-like the p-people that b-bullied me."

4/7/2009 #27

hakan listened intently, eye wide, before sighing. well, shit, they must've did some crazy stuff for the kid not to want to get close to anyone, he thought, patting his shoulder. "hate to say it, but im affraid that may happen again..." he said, looking at him seriously., before grinning. " but dont worry, you still have me" he added. no way would he let anyone hurt this mentally sarred kid, he thought before looking to the board. after all, he looks real real cute in his eyes, he thought, looking up and down, to chek his figure out.

4/7/2009 #28

Makoto felt Hakan pat his shoulder, Makoto looked away from Hakan so as to hide the tears that welled up in his his eyes as he listened to the kind words said by Hakan. No one had really been this kind to him in his life, not anybody other than his mother. Makoto wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his shirt before looking back at Hakan, tilting his head a little to the side before a small grin appeared on his face.

"D-Does this m-mean w-we're friends n-now?" Makoto asked nervously, the smile on his face becoming bigger as he waited for Hakan's answer.

4/8/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #29

as he heard his voice, he looked over and almost fell out of his chair. shit he made him cry?! he wandered in shock, before paying more attention to his question. "hmm...maybe...but my answer depends on your answer to my question" he said looking at him seirously. "are you guy?" he asked bluntly, as though it wasnt such a big deal.

4/8/2009 #30
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