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"I-I'm n-not really s-sure," Makoto answered nervously. "I-I haven't r-really loved anyone i-in l-like a b-boyfriend o-or g-girlfriend kind o-of way."

Makoto smiled nervously before leaning back in his chair. Makoto realised how relaxed he felt as he wasn't usually relaxed, 'Is it because I'm near Hakan which is why I'm relaxed?' Makoto thought as he looked at Hakan's beautiful face.

4/8/2009 #31

"....wow...ok then" he said with a shrug. eh, it was worth a shot if he didnt know his sexual orientation, he thought, before turning to him. "well, i was going to ask you...you want to be lovers instead of friends?" he asked, leaning a bit forward, towards his face. "after all, your quite cute, and you have an interesting pwersonality" he added, poking his nose gently.

4/8/2009 #32

Makoto listened to what Hakan had just said so if during what Hakan had said was a question he was able to answer it, blushing a bit when Hakan poked his nose gently.

"Umm...w-well... B-Being l-lovers doesn't s-sound like a b-bad idea," Makoto answered before smiling nervously.

Makoto felt really happy for some reason and yet it nothing to do with school at all.

4/8/2009 #33

"good...then i hope you dont mind me kissing you then..." he whispered, leaning down slowly, as to not spook him. but,just as his lips were only inches from touching makoto's luscious looking lips, the bell range, hakan cursing under his breath in annoyance, before getting up. "we'll continue this in a moment, i have to grab my books" he said with a smile, before walking off.

4/8/2009 #34

Makoto became more nervous as Hakan came in closer to kiss him, only slightly releaved when the bell rang. Another part of him couldn't wait for the kiss to happen and was a little dissapointed that he would have to wait. Makoto hurried quickly to his locker, getting out the books needed for the next two periods before heading for the garden. Makoto didn't know why he was heading for the garden but as soon as he got to the garden Makoto sat under the outstretched branches of a Cherry Blossom tree.

4/8/2009 #35

hakan walked to his locker slowly, getting his books out in annoyance. oh well, he'd just keep on going when he found him, he thought with a smirk, closing the locker and leaving to find the new student. time passed, and he soon found him, sitting under a charry blossum tree, grinning. ah, there he was, he thought with a smirk, walking towards him, then taking a seat next to him. "hello~ you wanna continue?" he questioned, letting his hand wander up to cup his cheek.

4/8/2009 #36

Makoto watched Hakan come over, turning a bit so that he would be facing Hakan when Hakan sat down. Makoto felt Hakan's hand cup his cheek and heard the question asked by Hakan. Makoto smiled a little bit as he thought over the question.

"Yes," Makoto answered, all his nervousness gone as he looked into Hakan's eyes. "I do want to continue."

4/8/2009 #37

"well well..." hakan whispered softly, leaning even more closer then he was before. "your not so nervous...i like it..." he whispered, as his lips pressed Against his in a small, but gentle kiss, letting his hand move away, only to grip makoto's hand

4/8/2009 #38

Makoto's heart beat quickened as Hakan came closer to him, becoming nervous all of a sudden. Makoto looked away from Hakan for only a few moments in which he felt Hakan's lips against his own and also felt Hakan's hand move away from his face only to grip his right hand. Makoto was only startled a bit bit but relaxed and kissed Hakan back. Makoto knew somehow that this relationship was going to work out alright, he just knew that nothing bad was going to happen to tear them appart.

4/8/2009 #39

hakan kept his eyes open, to watch his reactions. he wanted to take things a bit quicker, but he only just mwt him...he didnt want to spook him, he thought, efore pullling away, and smiling down at him. "so? how was it?" he whispered, still inches from his face.

4/8/2009 #40

Makoto felt Hakan pull away, letting him before looking away into the distance. Even though Makotoo wasn't looking at Hakan he was still listening to him. "I-It felt g-great," Makoto answered nervously before smiling happily. 'It wasn't just great it was wonderful,' Makoto thought happily as he watched the clouds float in the sky.

4/9/2009 #41

hakan's smile turned into a grin as he heard ehat he thought, before wrapping his arm around his waist, and pulling him down, sighing in content. "you can lay down on my if you want to" he said with a grin.

4/9/2009 #42

Makoto was still watching the clouds float in the sky before he felt Hakan wrap his arms around him. Makoto was a little bit surprised when Hakan pulled him down into a lying position. Makoto looked up at Hakan in bewilderment before closing his eyes and cuddling up more to Hakan. Makoto reopened his eyes and looked up at Hakan when he heard Hakan's voice.

"O-Oh r-really," Makoto said nervously before smiling happily.

4/9/2009 #43

"yup" he said with a smile, watching him curl up to him, and grinning even more. he was so cute, he thought, leaning down to kiss his forehead. he felt so lucky to meet this guy, he thought also, before lying his head back down with a sigh.

4/9/2009 #44

Makoto smiled happily as he felt Hakan kiss him on the forhead, really glad that he finnaly had someone to love and even care about. Makoto knew that now he wouldn't have to worry about having to face up to the bullies all by himself now that he had Hakan. While cuddled up with Hakan Makoto resumed watching the clouds drift slowly in the sky but only stopped when he heard the bell that signaled the end of recess. Makoto stood up grabbing his shoulder bag before waiting for Hakan.

4/9/2009 . Edited 6/12/2009 #45

as the bell rang, hakan mentally cursed, before sitting up with a groan. "aww, they just love cutting in on lovey dovey time dont they?" he siad with a sigh, before getting up. "well, we better get going" he said, taking his hand gently.

4/11/2009 #46

Makoto turned around when he heard the groan from Hakan as Hakan sat up, listening to what he was saying. "I-I a-agree," Makoto said as Hakan stood up. Makoto looked away for only a little bit, looking towards the sky and watching the clouds again before he felt Hakan's hand take his but gently. Makoto looked back at Hakan and smiled only for a brief few seconds before the smile disappeared from his face to be replaced by a small smile and a slight blush.

4/11/2009 #47

hakan blinked, before looking over to the smaller student, before chuckling. "aww, you can be so cute sometimes!" he exclaimed, brining him into a hug, before falling right over onto makoto, blinking before sitting up. "...i can think of many things i could do to you, but i wont, because your just that innocent" he said with a wink, before getting up, and helping he other. oh yeah, they had this period to spend with eachother, then they had to wait till 6th period, he thought with a sigh.

4/13/2009 #48

Makoto heard the nice remark that Hakan had said blushing more than before as he was brought into a hug. Makoto was taken by surprise by that hug and was even more surprised when both himself and Hakan fell over onto the ground. Makoto looked up at Hakan who had sat up, listening intently before wondering what Hakan could do to him. Makoto was glad for the help getting up which after he looked at Hakan over his shoulder.

"C-Come on we'll b-be l-late for class," Makoto said with a smile before walking in the direction of the classroom for Period 3.

4/13/2009 #49

hakan thought he would've got the hint, even a bit of it, he thought in interest, raising an eyebrow before chuckling. "wow, did you understand anything i was hinting at?" he asked as he began to walk towards the school, holding hakan's hand all the way.

4/14/2009 #50

Makoto turned when he heard Hakan chuckle, wondering what was so funny. Makoto listened to Hakan before tilting his head to the side as he thought. Makoto realised just what Hakan was hinting at and blushed from the thought. Makoto looked away from Hakan, feeling his hand being taken gently by Hakan and walked on towards the classroom.

4/14/2009 #51

ah, there's the reaction he was waiting for, he thought with a smile, watching him get either shyer, and look away from him. "god you are so shy!" he said with a snicker, before leading him int the next class, taking a seat at the back again.

4/17/2009 #52

Makoto looked back at Hakan nervously after he heard the remark about his shyness before looking a head of him to see that they were nearing the classroom. 'What was this lesson again?' Makoto thought as both himself and Hakan came closer to the classroom. 'Oh yeah, english.' Makoto was really glad that Hakan was in this lesson with him aswell which made him more happier seeing that Hakan was going to be there with him but still he couldn't shake off that thought of what Hakan could do to him. Makoto followed Hakan to the back row of desks, taking a seat next to Hakan and only then did he ignore those thoughts that invaded his mind, those thoughts about what Hakan could do to him.

4/17/2009 #53

as hakan took a seat, he watched makoto take a seat as well, smiling softly. damn, if only he could tempt him over his house or something, he wandered, before noticing the teacher walk in with a bunch of papers, sitting up a bit. could those be...what he thought they were...? he wandered. "alright, today i have an assiament to give out!" he called out, alot of children groaning, but hakan's grin only widened in happiness. just what he was after, he thought.

4/19/2009 #54

Makoto didn't groan at all when the teacher said they were going to be given an assignment. He was glad that there was an assignment to do, atleast it was for a subject that he was good at. The teacher handed out the assignments to everyone coming to the table that Makoto and Hakan were at. The teacher gave them both the assignment without saying a word before going back to the front of the room. 'This is going to be easy,' Makoto thought to himself as he read over the assignment.

4/19/2009 #55
Elyon Bliss

Can i join?

Name: Renez

Age: 17

appearance: 5' 5", black hair, blue eyes

5/12/2009 #56

(of course you can rae ^^)

"ah crap...we need 3 people...." he said softly, looking around for anyone who didnt seem to be in a group. "do you see anyone that are alone?" he asked, sighing. this was going to be tough, he thought, biting the inside of his lip.

5/16/2009 #57

Makoto looked around before turning around to find that the person at the table next to them was by themself. "H-Hakan, w-what about h-him?" Makoto asked before pointing at the guy sitting at the table next to them.

5/16/2009 . Edited 6/12/2009 #58

"huh?" he asked, checking out the person he pointed out, then smiled. "hey dude? you got anyone to team up with?" he asked curiously, looking him up and down with a smirk, which quickly changed to a smile.

5/17/2009 #59


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