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Star the Foxhound

The capital of France.

3/29/2009 #1
Irish toaster

In a narrow medieval street of Paris Klaus and his men tormented the shopkeeper. Kicking the old man in the middle of the cobbled street. Somewhere a dog barked in the night and a drizzle of rain started to fall.

Klaus laughed as the man begged for them to stop. Terrified civilains did not dare look from their windows as the beating continued long into the night.

"Do you repent little man?" Klaus asked him in an amused tone,looking at what he decided was a pitiful creature,shrivled on the road.

"Oui!" the man called out spitting blood.

Klaus grinned broadly. "I told you to stop speaking your french tongue. Now we must start all over again..."

The two other German soldiers chuckled lightly and started to kick the man.

3/27/2010 #2
Star the Foxhound

Time, time seemed to pass so quickly that Colonel Alvin Render could barely register all that was happening. He could remember the time when they had been doing better in the war, the time before D-Day before the desprate fight to regain the ground that was lost. But they had been pushed back, further into France and so he found himself in the French capital, which was still in their hands, at least for a little while. But Alvin wondered how long it would be before all of France was back under the control of the Allies.

He heard the sounds in the narrow street, quickened his pace towards the sounds, one of his officers, Captain Peter Gerber right behind him, the dark haired man saying nothing, just following his superior, who was also one of his closest friends.

"Stop it!" Alvin shouted upon spotting Klaus and he hurried towards them.

3/27/2010 #3
Irish toaster

The two German soldiers stopped immediatly stepping back,startled.

Klaus though was not startled. He calmly looked from the shopkeeper,uup to the newcommers.He flashed a smile. His spectacles catching the moonlight.

"My German comrades. What brings you to this quiet street?"

3/27/2010 #4
Star the Foxhound

"I heard you," Alvin replied, calmly approaching them, Gerber still sticking directly behind him without saying a word. "And I decided to see what was going on."

He looked down at the shopkeeper. "What has he done to deserve this treatment, Klaus?"

3/27/2010 #5
Irish toaster

"I take it you have heard of me" Klaus said.

"This shopkeeper refused to praise Hitler for sparing his city. For sparing his life. "

Klaus grinned. "I decided to enlighten him"

3/27/2010 #6
Star the Foxhound

Alvin turned to face him. "Ja, I have heard of you," he said.

"Let him go, it looks like you have done enough enlightening for the present."

As he spoke, there was no amusement on his face, his expression serious. There was a lot more he would have liked to say to the other, but Alvin was used to keeping his mouth shut, keeping the secret buried deep within him, the secret of his true feelings towards Hitler. Not even Gerber was aware of it, because Alvin knew he couldn't trust the secret to anyone. There was only one who knew, his commender and Alvin trusted him with the secret, knowing that Jan felt similar.

3/27/2010 #7
Irish toaster

Klaus raised an eyebrow in amusement. "You must be new to Paris. You have come from Normandy yes?"

Klaus strode over to Alvin until he was very close. "My word goes here colonel. He whispered,suddenly losing all traces of humour from his voice. "I suggest you follow it like a little rabbit"

He stepped back and clapped his hands. "Let the old man return home. He has been thought his lesson."

The old man scrabbled to his feet and ran down the street and out of sight.

"A coffee gentleman?" he asked Alvin and Gerber. His humourous demeanor returning quickly.

3/27/2010 #8
Star the Foxhound

"We are from Normandy," Alvin said, in answer to the other's first question as he watched the old man disappear from view. "And, ja, coffee sounds good."

He glanced towards Gerber, then back towards Klaus. He didn't agree with how he had met the man, but he didn't show it, politely held out a hand. "Colonel Alvin Render, sir," he said, before nodding to Gerber. "And this is Captain Peter Gerber, one of my officers."

Gerber gave a small nod in greeting.

3/27/2010 #9
Irish toaster

Klaus beckoned them to follow with his finger.

"We have much to discuss"

Klaus turned to his men. "Make sure the cafe is open for our arrival" he ordered.

The men clicked their heels in salute and strode around the corner.

3/27/2010 #10
Star the Foxhound

Alvin nodded, although didn't say anything as he fell into step beside Klaus, Gerber following them just a little bit behind, like he usually did.

He wondered what the other wanted to talk about, but didn't ask, decided that he would allow the other man to speak first.

3/27/2010 #11
Irish toaster

They arrived at the cafe at 2.am. Naturally no one was in the cafe having been closed. However; when Klaus wanted a cafe open it would open.

The weary,sleep deprived owner stood at the counter in his night gown.

Klaus took a seat with a contented sigh and clicked his fingers to be served.

"Yes sir?" the owner asked "What shall it be?"

"Latte please" he said cooly. My new friends shall order too" he nodded towards Alvin and Gerber.

3/27/2010 #12
Star the Foxhound

"I'll take whatever you have," Alvin said.

Gerber nodded. "Same here."

3/27/2010 #13
Irish toaster

The owner went to get their lattes.

"So" Klaus said,linking his fingers and leaning forward slightly. His eyes bright with interest.

"You came from Normandy. I hear our German comrades are losing the war? Well; not in Paris. We have been killing all those who oppose the R***. The Jew is being exterminated and our cause is as strong as ever."

He smiled. "Gentlemen, I am Klaus-Lord of Paris. You are welcome as my guests"

3/27/2010 #14
Star the Foxhound

For a moment, Alvin was silent. "What happened in Normandy is going to affect Paris sometime. It hasn't yet, but it can only be a matter of time before the Allied forces reach deeper into France. How much have you heard about the battles on the front?"

He glanced at Gerber beside him for a moment. "The battles there haven't been easy, we fought as hard as we could, but the Allies still overwhelmed us. It is hard to believe at times, after we started off the war on such a high note. But it is happening. How much longer can we hold out like this?"

3/27/2010 #15
Irish toaster

Klaus waved his hand dissmisively. "We must not worry about the future, about high politics."

The owner came back and set out the lattes and returned to his counter,craving sleep.

"That is for the Generals" Klaus continued,taking a sip of his drink.

"We must be content on driving the rats from this city and making sure the cages of the mice are secure"

He chuckled. "If we have to kill a hundred or so. Well...so be it!"

3/27/2010 #16
Star the Foxhound

If Alvin hadn't thought much of the man before, his thoughts about him were even less after hearing that. Killing others, for no purpose whatever, was a terrible crime, and none of them deserved the fate that was coming to them. How could they do this and believe that they were doing the right thing? Because it wasn't the right thing, the right thing was to fight when it was nesscarry to fight, stand up for what it meant to be a German, not kill innocent people.

"You can not ignore what is happening on the front," Alvin said simply, choosing not to comment on the last part that the other man had said. "It will not just affect the generals in the end. While we have to do our job here, we must be prepared for what can happen."

3/27/2010 #17
Irish toaster

"Our attacks on the populace ensure the resistance does not take Paris from us. That is my job."

His demeanor was more authoritive now.Less nonchalant.

"If you wish to defend against an invisable,unfeasable enemy-then let that be your job colonel"

3/27/2010 #18
Star the Foxhound

"Of course." Alvin nodded, not really wanting to get into too much of a discussion with the other man. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stand him, and didn't really want to spend much time with him if he could help it either. "If you will excuse us, Klaus, but it is getting rather late. We should be going."

3/27/2010 #19
Irish toaster

"I will see both of you around gentlemen" he said raising his little cup.

"You can walk Paris safely.I have made sure of that..."

3/27/2010 #20
Star the Foxhound

"Thank you, Klaus," Alvin said, nodding once more before leaving the cafe and heading back out onto the streets of Paris.

When they were a short ways away from the cafe, Gerber spoke. "That man... What do you think of him?"

"I don't like him," Alvin said simply, glancing around, "But there isn't anything I can do about it. We each will hold our own separate opinions."

Gerber nodded and the two of them continued their walk back to their base in silence. Only a few other officers were up when they walked in and Alvin nodded to a few of them. Most of them were ones that he had served with in Normandy, except for the newer replacements who had taken the place of those who had fallen.

"I'm surprised that anyone is still awake at all," Gerber remarked beside Alvin, "It's the middle of the night."

3/27/2010 #21
Irish toaster

Jan emerged from around a corner with a cigar in his mouth.

"Like your midnight stroll?" he said to them pretending to be authoritive and stern.

3/27/2010 #22
Star the Foxhound

Alvin smiled faintly, saluted his commender. "Yes, sir. I wanted to familiarize myself with the city."

Gerber also saluted, although was more stiff around Jan then Alvin was.

3/27/2010 #23
Irish toaster

"Good well seems like we will be spending some time here. The Allies are pushing in on all fronts. If we lose the city we lose France and that means the next target will be Germany."

Jan winced as he straightened his back. "The war drags on. I need better trained soldiers. Too many fresh faces with no training are filling the gaps in our armed forces. In the morning I want you and Gerber to train them. Understand?"

3/31/2010 #24
Star the Foxhound

"Yes sir." Alvin nodded. He agreed perfectly with his commender. The ranks were filling up with too many new soldiers, soldiers who hadn't seen action and who hadn't had enough training. There were many from the ranks that Alvin knew who had fallen, so many lives lost, people who he had known. From the people he'd started off with at the beginning of the war, only a few of them were still in the ranks with him. Gerber was one of those people. Alvin would never forget the day that they met, and how they had been close friends since the beginning of the war. He was glad that Gerber was still with him, would feel lost if he wasn't. But he knew that while both of them had been lucky, their luck might not last forever. Charles Klein was still with them too, the man who had joked the first time they'd all met, grinned at them as they marched into their first battle. Klein had changed much since that meeting, his grinning face turning grim as he realized what a tole the war was taking on them all.

"We'll work with them sir," he said. He remembered other times when he had trained other soldiers. Especially the time he'd spent training Wendell Melhorn, who had saved his life, then left the submarine he had been stationed on to join up with the infantry and become Alvin's aid. The young corporal hadn't know much about handling a gun or fighting on the battlefield and it had taken him some time to learn, but he was better now, even if there were many men who had better aim.

3/31/2010 #25
Irish toaster

Jan nodded, satisfied. he clapped Alvin on the shoulder.

"Get some rest Alvin. You two Gerber. Tomorrow new recruits are arriving"

With that Jan left the two men.

3/31/2010 #26
Star the Foxhound

Once again Alvin nodded as he saluted. "Yes sir. Goodnight."

He watched Jan leave, then glanced at Gerber. "Goodnight, Captain. I will see you again in the morning."

"Goodnight, Colonel, sir," Gerber said, smiling faintly at his friend before going to bed, Alvin right behind him.

3/31/2010 #27
Irish toaster

At noon the next day four truck loads of fresh recruits were unloading from the transports.

Jan stood still, his hands behind his back. He watched them sternly as they formed into rows. They shifted nervously under his glare.

He sniffed under his breath. "New recruits..." he murmured disdainfully.

"Listen up, soldiers of the Fatherland! You come here to fight and if neccesary-die for your homeland. You do not need me to die for your homeland. However it is my job to see too it that when you die-you take ten of the enemy with you. Understood?"

"Yes sir!" they shouted in unison.

Jan nodded. At least they knew how to speak as one. He was sure Alvin would make them fight as one.

"I hand you all over to Colonel Alvin. You will learn to respect and obey him or you will die needlessly and foolishly."

He turned his head to Alvin.

"I hand the maggots to you Colonel"

3/31/2010 #28
Star the Foxhound

He had been standing beside Jan, Gerber beside him and he nodded when Jan passed the new soldiers onto him, looking over the ranks.

"When you step out onto the battlefield," Alvin said, "It is like nothing you can ever imagine. And if you are not prepared for the moment, then you will die. In order to win we must all learn to work as one, and give all that we have. Your task now is to learn how to be the very best soldier that you can be."

Alvin stepped forward, running his eyes over the soldiers before him. "I am going to teach you how to be the best soldier that you can possibly be, and if you work hard, it could mean the difference between life and death when you step out onto the field."

He paused for a brief moment. "How many shots can you get off in a minute?"

3/31/2010 #29
Irish toaster

There was silence for a moment as men looked at eachother puzzled before shouts rang out.

"Thirty with a Kar98"


"What weapon?"

"Can I shoot Hans and find out?"

3/31/2010 #30
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