The Others
Ever feel like an outsider? Just another kid in the crowd? Maybe life has no meaning, and everything is pointless? Been critized for religion, sexuality, or race? This is a role play for those depressed kids with no where else to go but up.
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All that Glitters isn't Gold

Our OC's go on a road trip to the city of Chigago, however, they get a little more than they bargened for when one of them sets the group in the wrong direction, thus ending up in Roswell. But now, they have to figure a way to get out of the state without the SS, SWAT, and Sector 7 from picking them off -- one by one.

4/16/2009 . Edited 4/16/2009 #1
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Some time in the early morning a house stood peaceful in the suburb, the inhabitants were still asleep. All except one, who had packed their stuff into one bag. Today was road trip day and Zhia had organised the whole thing ironically not one of them have a driving license. Nor do they have a car or a moped and not one bicycle to spare. Neither the less the day will go ahead even if it means renting out a car.

Zhia's mood was not dampened in the slightest, he did cram everything in one suitcase that made it heavy to drag across the floor. He went over to the sleeping area and the mess was unbelivable, not only there was rubbish on the floor, the clothes they had on yesterday were all thrown into a corner.

"In a few minutes my rigged alarm clock shall wake them up," He said, Looking at his watch.

Nana had taken to sleep on the rafters, he'll fall down eventually, He saw the alarm clock about to go off, it was still 6:00 am, the uncomprehensable time according to Zharumon who is not a morning person, he looked as though he could just throttle Zhia for waking him up at that time over a stupid tap leak.


"Where's the fire?" Zharumon said stupidly half asleep. Everyone stirred at the obnoxious sound, Nana Landed on Avensis and wound up getting a sleepy slap for it. No body liked being woken up at that time.

three very disgruntled mantids sloped into the kitchen.

"Confound it Zhia why do you wake us up at this time it's not even sunrise yet." Avensis snapped getting a strong mug of coffee and sitting on the counter while Nana got some cornflakes.

"Well we need to be up early for what I have in store for you-" He began.

"Oh good we didn't get pulled from our beds for nothing." Nana chipped in looking rather annoyed.

Avensis snickered while kicking the cupboard with his heels, Zhia gave him a look and sat down at the table. Zharumon took off his nightcap and placed it on the table.

"We are going on a road trip to Chicago, we need to be well prepared for it." Zhia anounced, everyone stared at him.

"How? we don't have a car you ding bat!" Avensis snapped, looking irritable.

"We don't but I know who does..." Zhia replied.

4/17/2009 #2

Suddenly the doorbell rang loudly.

And then it rang again.

And again.

And again.

"Come on c'mon c'mon, open the pretty door, I don't want to be late for our trip!" Ophelia giggled, still wearing her rollar skates as she stood on their front porch holding two disconnected alarm clocks and an apple. "I'm all packed!"

4/17/2009 #3
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Avensis groggly opened the door, his mood brightened when he saw Ophelia, maybe Zhia's rediclous idea wasn't so bad after all.

"Come in, 'scuse the mess." He said kicking a take away carton away.

4/17/2009 #4

She skated right in, scratching up the floor although the blonde didn't notice.

"So, when're we leaving?" she asked, putting the alarm clocks down on a bannister.

4/17/2009 #5
All that Glitters isn't Gold

"As soon as we get a car." Zhia replied looking at a car directory, Nana liked cars more than being a pain in the wing.

4/17/2009 #6

Ophie nodded and skated into the kitchen to grab some granola bars. "These could help against fighting off criminals..." she mused amd then threw those into her backpack as well. Suddenly the door was broken down and a hollow, female voice filled the hall.

"Get out of the building now. We've designated it as a launch site!"

4/17/2009 #7
All that Glitters isn't Gold

"Oi this is our home you cannot simply barge in here and make it a launch site!" Zharumon growled out, Nana and Avensis stared in complete shock at the rude enterance.

4/17/2009 #8

Out of the shadows stepped a tall, lank woman with silky black hair that fell just a bit past her shoulders. "I'm afraid that won't be a problem. The Hunter's Organization has authorized it. We'd've blown you up too for the launch, but I don't want to get into legal trouble with this country's government. So GET OUT." she remarked coldly, hands at her hips.

Ophelia skated back in and pressed one of the alarm clocks against the womans ear, then set it off. She burst out laughing as the intruder jumped back with a glare, rubbing her ear. "I told you these alarm clocks would come in handy!"

She didn't realize she hadn't really told them anything.

"My names Clara." the first woman said with authority.

4/17/2009 #9
All that Glitters isn't Gold

"I am Avensis," Avensis introduced still rather put off at the intrusion. They were looking so forward to their road trip.

"Why our house?" Zhia asked not very politely, he had found it jarring.

4/17/2009 #10

"Because you're going on a road trip, so you won't need it," Clara said as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. "Now scram, PLEASE."

Ophelia looked at her and set off the alarm clock again, chewing on the granola bar.

4/17/2009 #11
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Avensis seethed for a second, he had to snicker at the use of the alarm clock. Very inventive, they still need a place to live. This was their home.

"Okay smart ass, there are several houses in the suburb why did you want to blow this one up?" He asked, patience wearing thin.

4/17/2009 #12

"Because you won't even be here. We have information stating you lot will be on a road trip," Clara said, tapping her foot against the wood with a hand on her hip. "Please, you won't even notice it's gone once we get rid of the crater..."

4/18/2009 . Edited 4/18/2009 #13
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Road trip means once we got to chicago for a few days, then come home."! Nana replied looking put out. Zharumon ate a stale pizza.

4/18/2009 #14

"Oh. Whoops." she said dryly and suddenly her radio went off, startling the teen. She picked it up and a voice thick with static went off.

"Clara, I've got a new plan. Just get the aliens to Roswell and we'll get the government and take it from there. Forget the house thing, it'll take too long and they might realize that we're trying to get them for experi--"

She instantly dropped the machine and it broke into pieces on the tile floor under her foot. Ophelia skated up to her. "Go. Now!"

4/18/2009 #15
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Nana blinked as he cringed at the static because it sounded a lot like dial up, the constant demented hissing.

"Buuut we may need to get a car." Zhia remarked.

4/18/2009 #16

The radio cackled and Clara stomped on it.

"Don't you have a car?"

4/18/2009 #17
All that Glitters isn't Gold

"Nope, we haven't thought of buying one."

Avensis replied now looking suspicious to why Clara was here in the first place.

4/18/2009 #18

"Alright, I'll drive you over to a rent-a-car place and THEN you can go," the woman said, brushing her dark hair back, anxious.

"You mean Heinz?" a voice behind her asked curiously. Clara spun around to see Ophie again.

"No, no, Hertz. Heinz is the ketchup."

"Oh, that reminds me! We need to bring ketchup!"

The girl grabbed her alarm clocks and skated off to the kitchen as Clara facepalmed.

4/18/2009 #19
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Avensis nodded getting the suitcase and dragging a half asleep Zharumon out the door, the others followed with several packets of potato chips and cockroaches. Nana had decided to take a bag of sake bottles and twelve six packs of red bull.

They didn't forget the megaphone and yellow pages.

"Hertz isn't that a unit of electricty?" Zhia asked picking up a taco sandwitch.

4/18/2009 #20

"Sure, whatever. It's also a rental car company," the dark haired teenager said as she strode out the door and into a bright green truck. Stupid Mial and his annoying truck... she thought, slipping into her friends vehicle which she was borrowing and starting up the engine.

Ophelia sped down the driveway and almost rammed into the car.


Meanwhile, Mial was waiting at the rental company with a radio that had gone offline. "Figures Clara disconnected it..." he mumbled angrily, waiting for her to bring the victims into their trap so they could begin phase 2 of their plan to help the government get these aliens.

4/18/2009 #21
All that Glitters isn't Gold

They all crammed in to the car, Nana took the middle while Avensis got the front seet, He put the suitcase on the floor.


4/18/2009 #22

"Yeah, let's get going..." Clara muttered and Ophelia squeezed herself into the car as well.

4/25/2009 #23
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Zhia unfurled a window because it was very hot inside, well sitting next to Nana was really bad, no elbow room.

"What car are we gonna take at the heinz place?"

4/25/2009 #24

"An SUV," Clara grumbled, pressed up against another window in the back by Ophelia. "Or even a moving van. Either way works."

"Will all the alarm clocks fit?" Ophie asked in all seriousness, holding her two clocks as well as a third she had obtained from... somewhere.

4/25/2009 #25
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Nana snickered loudly, it was great to have someone around that is a little bit crazy, it makes baring the fact that Avensis wears a dress ... barable.

"Alarm clocks will fit." He answered.

4/25/2009 #26

"Yay!" Ophie said happily and suddenly one of the clocks went off with a loud buzz, despite the fact that it was disconnected. Which was not in the least bit creepy. Kind of.

Clara was about to start hitting her head on the window.

Save your braincells...

4/25/2009 #27
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Zharumon looked out of the window and made a face at a police cruiser.

"Blaaagh!!!" He said.

Avensis's arm dettached itself without warning. "Whooops."

4/25/2009 #28

"Hello police people! Don't arrest us!" Ophelia said, waving cheerfully and almost smacking Clara in the face. "I don't think we're going more than 10 miles over the limit..."

4/25/2009 #29
All that Glitters isn't Gold

Avensis looked over at the wheel and took a grab for it.

"I wanna drive!"

4/25/2009 #30
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