Silence of the Stars
During a space-wide battle between Earth and an Alien race known as Prelatior, one our last defense, a top secret weapon, crashes on an uninhabited planet. Earth sends in a team to retreive it, but unfortunately the Prelatior are already there...
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Note: Every gun here is an actual firearm and their design and copyright goes to the maker(s) of said firearm. You may recognize some, you may not others. I purposely chose less familiar firearms mind you in hopes they wouldn't be recognized.



- SIG Serpent Slayer - - This is the standard infantry sidearm. The SIG Serpent Slayer is chambered with .45 rounds and has a standard fifteen round magazine as well as extended magazines of twenty and twenty-five. The weapon is light, accurate, fires flawlessly even after 10,000 rounds, is very durable and has an integral rail for mounting flashlights or lasers. It was named after the Prelatior's, at least thought by the designers, serpentine appearance and it's purpose to eraticate them.

- H&K PEP (Prelatior Elimination Pistol) - - The most common pistol used besides the SIG Serpent Slayer, the H&K PEP is almost on exact equal terms with the Serpent Slayer. Also like the Serpent Slayer, it's chambered with .45 rounds and has a fifteen round magazine. It has been proven that the PEP is more accurate than the Serpent Slayer overall, but seems to be less durable after all the tests. Like many other times in the past, the weapons serve to compliment, rather than out-due each other.

- IMI M7R Pistol - - The only weapon considered standard for any Paladin, all are given one upon their awakening and generally always carry it on their person. The M7R is chambered with the .44 magnum rounds, rather than the standard .45 ACP. The M7R has a twelve round magazine, is semi-automatic sidearm and is perhaps one of the most trusted and reliable pistols the military has to offer. The M7 can withstand extreme abuse and still continue to work efficiently, as demonstrated many times over by soldiers. It's very lightweight and has excellent accuracy as well as having devastating power being chambered with it's powerful magnum round.

* Smith & Wesson 'Big Bang' - - Being asked to step away from their ordinary design, Smith & Wesson custom made these semi-automatic pistols as a special request of the government. Each Big Bang is chambered with special .50 Action Express, has weights attached to the barrel to reduce recoil and extended magazines which allow the weapon to hold up to ten rounds. The weapons are not in common circulation, only being used by the Elite Guards who are personal protectors of the government. The weapons are highly accurate, powerful and durable. Adding insult to injury, the tip of the .50 rounds used in the Big Bang handguns are actually explosive, giving the weapon it's name.


Sub Machine Guns

- Alcatraz 34 (A34) - - Named after the infamous prison because 'nobody can escape the barrage of bullets', the A34 is a very precise weapon. Chambered with the ever-so-popular 5.7x28mm rounds, the A34 has thirty, forty and fifty round magazines. As mentioned earlier, the A34 has unmatched precision in the modern sub machine gun world; able to hit a six foot, human sized target at about 1,500 yards with nearly dead-on precision in the hands of even an average marksman. They're lightweight, durable and very efficient, not to mention they can be fitted with suppressors and stocks while the foregrip is foldable. Unfortunately, they're a bit costly and have earned a reputation in the underground crime world, often found in the hands of criminals.

- Glock M18 - - The M18 was Glock's first pitch-in to the war against the Prelatior. The M18 too uses 5.7x28 rounds, though has a smaller average magazine size of thirty. The weapon itself is very, very inexpensive, rather reliable and durable as well as precise at up to 500 yards. The M18's stock can be removed to allow for duel wielding capabilities which can be quite helpful. It has all three round settings: semi-automatic, three round burst and full auto.

- Ruger Battle Rifle 15 - - Arguably more of a carbine than an actual sub machine gun, the Ruger BR15 is chambered with the standard 5.7x28 rounds and is a bullpup weapon with a fixed foregrip. It's a relatively newer weapon and has been designed to have less recoil both the A34 and M18 (though, this is debatable) while retaining durability and compactness. It has magazine sizes of twenty, thirty and forty and can be fitted with laser sights and sound suppressors as well as a scope. It has semi-auto and three round burst settings.

- Heckler & Koch Prelatior Extermination System (PES) - - The H&K PES is a very unique sub machine gun. With the simple flip of a switch, the weapon can change between being able to fire the standard 5.7x28 rounds or .45 ACP rounds. The reason behind this is because with the flip of the switch, the barrel of the gun will tighten or expand as does the ejection port. The PES can be fitted with suppressors, a multitude of sights and is capable of all three types of fire. Finally, the 5.7x28 rounds have twenty, thirty and forty round magazines while the .45 ACP rounds have up to fifty and sixty round magazines. This is the sub machine of choice for the Elite Guard due to it's concealability, and, as with every the Big Bang pistols, their specialized bullets are tipped with light explosives. It is perhaps the only weapon the Elite Guard use which is in common circulation.


Assault Rifles

- M348 Buster Rifle - - A direct decendant of the M16 assault rifle, the M348 is the standard military rifle which is used in every branch. Despite being inexpensive, the M348 is a very respected rifle; it's durable, -- able to withstand mud, water, sand, dirt, rust, grime and many other things -- reliable, easy to clean (the standard time to learn how to strip, clean and put a back together M348 is about eight hours) and lightweight, just over six pounds when fully loaded with it's standard 50-round magazine. Normally, the weapon is chambered with 5.56x45mm rounds and has twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and sixty round magazines along with one hundred and two hundred round drums. The A1, A2 and A4 variants are capable of semi-auto and automatic fire while the A3 and A5 instead are capable of three-round burst rather than automatic.

- Beretta Prelatior Defense Rifle - - The BPD rifle is a newer rifle that has entered the game. It's a bit longer than the famous Buster Rifle, but was designed to be more accurate (hence the scope attached to most variants). When originally released, it only had semi-automatic and three round burst, however, after complaints, they redesigned the weapon and tacked on an automatic setting as well which is what is used today. It has a retrackible stock and can be fitted with many attachments, including, but not limited to, foregrips, grenade launchers, shotgun attachments. It has magazine sizes which range from thirty to sixty as well as a one hundred and forty round drum.

- SP42 Gale Carbine - - The SP42 Gale Carbine was designed after getting complaints that current weaponry was too large to be effective in close quarter combat against the Prelatior. Although this would prove to be wrong later, the SP42 Carbine was designed. Lightweight, inexpensive and more reliable than any other Carbines that were around at the time, the SP42 is still used today. It can be fitted with silencers, foregrips as well as grenade launchers and has magazine sizes of ten, twenty, forty and sixty along with one hundred round drums.

- Scorpion Stinger Carbine - - One of the frequently used Carbines before the SP42's introduction, the Stinger is surprisingly still used today. The weapon is a bit more costly the SP42, but is more durable and easier to manage. Instead of being replaced, it was actually a compliment to the SP42 and vice versa. It has semi-automatic and, unlike the Gale Carbine, the Stringer has three-round burst in place of automatic. Magazine sizes are twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and sixty. It can be fitted with scopes, but not launchers.

* SIG Twilight 762 - - Again, a weapon used only by the Elite Guards assigned to protect government officals, the Twilight is chambered with the 7.62.51mm rounds rather than the standard 5.56x45 and, like the Big Bang pistols, are tipped with light explosives. The weapons standard magazine size if forty, but have fifty and sixty as well one hundred and two hundred round drums. The weapons lightweight, cheap, durable and effective. They can be fitted with laser sights, scopes, foregrips and launchers.



- Remington Quick Load Model 88 - - The standard military shotgun, the Remington Quick Load was modeled after the ever-so-popular Remington 870, only with a magazine. The end result was the Model 88, just as durable, reliable and powerful as the 870 (still pump action as well) with the much needed quicker reload time. It has an eight, ten, twelve and fifteen round magazine along with a twenty-eight round drum.

- Mossberg Star Sprayer - - Mossberg took a different approach to the shotguns than Remington had; instead of modifying an older design, they created a totally new one. The Star Sprayer earns it's name because of it's ability to empty it's twenty-eight round drum in twelve seconds. It's a semi-auto and automatic shotgun, is cheaper the Model 88 as well as more compact and holds the same amount of shells. Unfortunately, thanks to it's automatic setting, it has a tendency to jam when 'spraying' and can be hard to control on automatic.

- Franchi SPAS-12 MK2 - - Oddly enough, the Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun is still heavily used today. It comes with a foldable stock, though, many are manufactored with fixed stocks. One of the main changes from it's previous designs is that tubular magazine has been placed on top of the shotgun, while the barrel is on the bottom, allowing the weapon to be reloaded from the top and empty shells are ejected from the bottom.


Sniper Rifles

- M44 Fenrir - - The M44 Fenrir is arguably the best sniper rifle in Earth's forces. On semi-automatic, the weapon has little recoil thanks to an intricate design, though, upon it's automatic setting, the recoil can become a bit of an issue unless used in bursts. Quite a bit expensive, most users will claim you get far more than you paid for. The Fenrir has been tested under the nastiest conditions and was still able to continue it's usage. Chambered with 7.62x51mm rounds, the magazine can range anywhere from five to fiften along with a thirty round drum. Thanks to it's compact size, the weapon is sometimes used even in ordinary ground combat.

- 858 Nighthawk - - With it's unique design and light weight, the semi-automatic Nighthawk is one of the most frequently used sniper rifles in the military today. It boasts being the most accurate sniper rifle ever created, able to hit it's mark at a mile away in the hands of a mediocore marksman. Unfortunately, the weapon is a bit fragile and costly to build. Still, it's a reliable weapon and will do what it was built for. The weapon has three-round burst and semi-automtic settings, foldable stock and bipod. Chambered with 7.62x51 rounds, it has ten, twenty and thirty round magazines.

- H&K 744 Bulldog - - A bullpup, semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered with specialized explosive tipped .50 BMG rounds, the Bulldog is mainly used against vehicles. It has five and ten rounds magazines, has moderately weak recoil for a .50 BMG rifle and is extremely destructive. Unfortunately, the weapon is a bit on the heavy side and is very unsuited for close-range/infantry battle unlike both the M44 Fenrir and 858 Nighthawk.

- Prelatior Vehicle Crusher - - The PVC rifle is the only bolt action sniper rifle (and perhaps weapon at all) used in the field today. It is cheap to manufactor and is known as a disposable weapon. It is chambered to .50 BMG rounds, explosive tipped like the Bulldog, and has a magazine capacity of ten rounds along with a spare magazine attached infront of the trigger guard for very quick reloading. They were designed with abandonment in mind, and thus it isn't advised to use the weapon for more than one mission.


Heavy Machines Guns

- Large Shredding Gun (LSG) - - The Large Shredding Gun, or LSG as it's more commonly known, is the most often used Heavy Machine Gun. Used by many Infantry members in place of the common assault rifle, the LSG is chambered with 7.62x51 rounds, is belt fed and has a 180-round belt that's held inside of a detachable box. The weapon was a rather slow reload time of (on average) six seconds, but makes up for it with it's sheer destructive power.

- Terminator 400 Machine Gun (T400) - - The Terminator 400 Machine Gun, also known as the 'Tenderloin', is another heavy machine gun in common usage. Like all others, it uses 7.62x51 rounds and can chew through armor with ease. The T400 has a built-on bipod which allows it to be laid down and steadied when firing. Unlike the LSG, it can be fed through a belt, or a 120-rond drum magazine

- M62 Vulcan Sweeper - - Often referred to as a 'Spock', the M62 Vulcan Sweeper weighs about twenty pounds all by itself. The weapon is a large, six barreled gattling gun that can fire 1,200 rounds a minute and is fed through an ammunition belt. Chambered with 7.62x51 rounds, the weapons is powerful and holds about 800 rounds in a large backpack carried by the user. Generally, the weapon is not normally used by the average soldiers, instead reserved for almost exclusive used by Paladins due to it's size and recoil. Although the weapon is powerful, it can easily be emptied after about forty-five seconds of continuous fire.



- Uber-8-22 (U8-22) - - The smallest and most lightweight turret used by the military today, the U8-22 turret is easily transported and often used in battle. At eighty-six pounds, it can easily be carried and set-up by one individual. It's chambered with the average .50 caliber rounds, belt fed, fires up to 400 rounds a minute.

- M2 Browning Machine gun - - Amazingly enough, the Browning M2 machine gun is still in common use today. Like many older guns still in use, the weapon has obviously been modified over the years, but it still the same basic design.

- Heckler & Koch Twin Terminator - - The H&KTT Machine gun is the only anti-vehicle turret currently in common circulation. It uses a specialized radar system which gives it an edge against fast moving vehicles. Like the U8-22 and M2 Browning, the TT uses .50 caliber rounds, however, the TT has been created to use armor piercing, high explosive, incendiary .50 rounds that essentially tear apart just about any vehicles. As expected, the weapon is belt fed and can fire up to 1,200 rounds a minute.


Rocket Launchers

- 944 Hellbringer - - A four barrel rocket launcher, it is one of the only two heavy duty rocket launchers being used in the war. The Hellbringer is more often used as a support and ground forces weapon than against vehicles, especially aerial ones. It can only fire one rocket at a time, however, it can fire all four rockets in about four seconds. The most common rocket used in the Hellbringer is a highly explosive and destructive rocket known as the 818 Hornet which has a yellow missile head with black stripes. However, it may also use a couple of other rounds including rockets packed with napalm rather than explosives (NaBombs), rockets that release a highly lethal gas (Black Mist) and missiles that instead unleash a burst into a putty-like substance upon impact, however, eight seconds after being exposed to oxygen, the putty causes a devastating explosion (Exploding Putty).

- R39 Headhunter - - Unlike the Hellbringer, the R39 was designed specially to be used against any and all vehicles. The rockets used in the R39 are larger and bulkier than the ones used in the Hellbringer and are more powerful. Thanks to the computer system built onto the Headhunter, the rockets may also seek a target when locked in. The Headhunter has two types of rockets: the first is known as the Scatter Hive which is a large rocket packed with multiple smaller missiles. Upon reaching a certain point, the shell will break open, releasing over eighty smaller explosives, which scatter and hit the target like rain. The second type is known as the Harpoon Seeker which, as mentioned earlier, is a large explosive missile which will track it's target.


Crystal Shell Rifles

- H&K Gemma Crystal Rifle (GCR) - - The original Crystal Shell Weapon, it is truly legendary. After four years of work, Heckler & Koch managed to develop the first weapon that could penetrate the Prelatior's energy shields, using a specialized mineral from an uncharted planet as ammunition. The GCR can hold one Crystal Shell, as the specialized rounds were called, at a time. It's a rather bulky weapon, but rather lightweight, weighing about ten pounds and has a break-action. However, the weapon was expensive and prone to breaking after about ten uses. Overall, the weapon was fragile and costly, but it worked. It would not be until fourteen years later that a subsitute would be found. Despite this, some of these weapons are still being used in the war against the Prelatior today.

- H&K Gemma Crystal Carbine (GCC) - - After fourteen years of hardwork, H&K manage to perfect their original design: the outcome being the Gemma Crystal Carbine. It's far less expensive than it's predecessor, being made of different, but equally strong materials. It is also far more compact than the GCR and with a forward grip added, made it much more stable. Like the GCR however, it only holds one round and is break-action. It's also a bit stronger than it's Father, able to support up to fifty rounds before beginning to lose it's durability. Both, the GCR and GCC are being used in the war today and are a tremendous help the Human races survival.

- Prototype Multi-Gemma Crystal Launcher (MGCL) - - With the Glock and Beretta companies help, H&K had gone into work trying to create an equally inexpensive weapon as the GCC that was more durable, reliable and more importantly -- able to hold multiple rounds. Lo and behold, ten Prototype Multi-Gemma Crystal Launchers have been created. The MGCL can hold five Crystal Shells thanks to a revolving cylinder. The drawback is the weapon has a three second waiting period -- the wepaon must have three seconds before it is able to be fired again or the chances of it breaking increases to staggering levels. Currently, there are only ten in existence, one of which is being field tested upon request from the government.

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