Silence of the Stars
During a space-wide battle between Earth and an Alien race known as Prelatior, one our last defense, a top secret weapon, crashes on an uninhabited planet. Earth sends in a team to retreive it, but unfortunately the Prelatior are already there...
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(I only take credit for the rules that I made @_@ )

First and foremost, this is a literate RP. This means that all posters must have the concept of basic grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Another important thing: this is not a one-liner RP. This is a RP for people interested in a story and fleshing out original characters.

Q: "What do you mean by one liners?"

Basically, I do not want post after post of "Sandy giggled" "Sandy looked up and sighed" Or "Sandy smiled in bliss"...and that's it. I want to encourage all members to make well-rounded posts that include a bit more. I'm not asking for novels, but this is a story, and your posts should reflect that.

Treat this RP as a more relaxed version of the stories you write. Characters react, have motivations, have fears, doubts, hopes and use all five senses. Dialogue scenes aren't just talking heads, there are environments to interact with, expressions to convey; the surroundings should play a part as well. Not every post should be some detailed TL;DR, but something more than just one line. (Unless of course, the one liner has merit, or delivers a strong point).

1.) Most imortant rule of all. Have fun.

2.) No godmodding. No super duper golly wow OMG! that character is the shit! (oh yeah, profanity filter is OFF!). Characters must have weaknesses - and in fact - weaknesses are what makes most characters interesting. No last minute tricks or additions in a fight unless for good reason, and no killing another character unless he or she agrees to a death match.

3.) No autoing. This means you do not attack another players character and not give them a chance to respond. Kinda goes hand-in-hand with godmodding.

4.) WAIT FOR PEOPLE. I cannot stress this rule enough. You won't believe the amount of roleplays I've been in where people post so much and leave others behind. It. Is. ANNOYING. If you are interacting with one person, give them at least twenty-four hours to respond before going on. If you're interacting with multiple people, the wait is longer.

5.) No double posting. It's called the edit button people, use it.

6.) No one liners or script play. One liners are when you only put one line of text. I undertsnad it's difficult to always post and I will allow one liners every once in a while, but do not take advnatage of it because it will piss me off. At least try to fit a whole paragraph into a post. It's really not that hard most of the time.

Script play is something like this... "Character: *Raises his gun and shoots* Die peoplez!!!"

7.) I don't really care how many characters you have, it really doesn't bother me. But, do not post a profile for every single character, especially if the character is only gonna be around for like five posts.

8.) Be literate. I think I covered that already, but it's a rule as well. No, my mods and I won't kill you for a misspelled word or garbled sentence here or there, but take pride in your posts. Consistent one-liners (one after another after another) will earn you a warning to beef up your posts. If that doesn't work, you cannot play.

9.) Respect all posters. I think we all know what that means. When in character, do what you like, but treat the person behind the name as a person - not a block of text. Any issues with this and it's a warning. Twice, it's a ban. I will enforce this and so will my mods. If you have a problem with a fellow member, then take it up on the Member Rant thread.

10.) Really, I don't care much about censors. We(hopefully) are all mature and can handle deep gory details, passionate romance and other such. However, this does not mean I'll allow sex scenes. If you REALLY want to do one, you may start one, like this...

Ex: He quickly removed her shirt(or bra) before quickly retunring his lips to her neck. After a few moments, he even began to work his way down...


Ex 2: She unbubckled the belt of his jeans as quickly as possible, fumbling with the stupid mechanism only thirty seconds before managing to open it and remove it from around his waist. She then began to work on his zipper...

But after that, I would perfer(if you wanted to anyways) to take it to PM's please. And perhaps pick up directly afterwards on the topic, hm? Anyways, just throwing that out there.

11.) When it comes to the storyline, don't try to totally disregard it, not follow it and not be apart of it. It's not fun when that happens and complicates matters for everyone.

12.) Please obey these rules so we can keep a nice, clean and flowing roleplay going. Don't make me ban you for being a total doucher.


Ranking System

Below, is the ranking system we will be using for soldiers. It's simple for playing reasons.

Commander of the Military (five stars)

General (four stars)

Lieutenant General (three stars)

Major General (two stars)

Brigader General (one star)


Lieutenant Colenol



First Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant

Sergeant Major

First Sergeant

Master Sergeant (no one above this ranking please unless authorized by me.)

Gunnery Sergeant

Sergeant First Class


Warrant Officer (generally not field operatives)

Corporal (equal to Specialist in terms of power)

Specialist (equal to Corporal in terms of power)

Lance Corporal

Private First Class


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