Silence of the Stars
During a space-wide battle between Earth and an Alien race known as Prelatior, one our last defense, a top secret weapon, crashes on an uninhabited planet. Earth sends in a team to retreive it, but unfortunately the Prelatior are already there...
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=============== Origins ==================


Up until about fifteen years ago, the word had no real significance to great military leaders, world renowned scientists, the soldiers of Earth or civilians. It was just a word that referred to Arthur's Knights of the Round Table or fictional characters from fantasy. That was until a man named Doctor Gregory James came up with the idea of the Paladin Project.

For the next three years, he and a group of scientists would throw ideas around, trying to come up with a way to bring the great doctor's theories into reality. Finally, it was done. After specialized studies disguised as routine check-ups, children -- ranging anywhere from age six to twelve -- were taken from their homes without any regard to the parents or children's wishes. Over one thousand children were taken and forced into boot camps where they were heavily trained to their limits and beyond. Some died, but no tears were shed for them; no pity was felt; no care was cast their way. Only about nine hundred or so made it through the camps and then they moved onto the scientific part of the project. This is where the major casualties began to take place.

Augmentation drugs, multi-hour long surgeries', extensive mental therapy and even further physical training. During this process, many of the children -- who were now in their early teenage years -- died. But as before, not attention was given to the fallen; only to the survivors. But even after all of this, the selected children were not ready. They were to be cryofrozen for anywhere from five to fifteen years just to be ready for the war.

About five years later, the first batch of Paladins -- who would later come to be known as the Alpha group -- were awakened, geared up and thrust into battle with Prelatior almost immediately.

Unfortunately(or perhaps it was forunate) because of mortality rate of the process, it was quickly decided that the Project was going to be shut down as possible. Although there are still many scientists -- including Gregory's daughter, Ava James -- involved with it, it will be officially shut down when the last batch of Paladins are awakened which is expected to happen within the next five to twelve years.

While most have moved onto a top secret project there are those who want the Paladin Project to continue indefinitely...

=============== Basic Information ==================

There are currently seventy-nine Paladins left in active service. Others have either been KIA, are MIA or WIA or are awaiting to be unfrozen. That is correct; Paladins die. They were created as the ultimate soldiers, but they're far from invincible.

The average Paladin can fully lift four hundred or so pounds with minimal effort, reach thirty-five or so miles an hour at full sprint, hold their breath for at least two minutes, withstand torso-placed plasma rifle bolts without armor, take on the average Prelatior foot soldier in hand-to-hand and have a good chance of winning, survive an all-out firefight with armor and go for far longer without food, water or proper nutrition than the average human.

All Paladins also have special skills they excel with. Usually, these skills are quite helpful in the art of war and are often used. Excellent examples of these skills are Jason Anderson, Adrian Wind, Madeline Quinn, Ezekial Wallace, Joshua Reynolds and Kiara Jones. Jason Anderson is known to have excellent marksmen abilities, once able to hit a sitting-up toothpick from a mile and a half away; Adrian Wind is known to have faster-than-natural reflexes which makes him an excellent CQC combatant; Madeline Quinn is paralinguistic expert, able to read micro expressions and body language with ease (and is quite experienced in hand-to-hand as well); Ezekial Wallace who's enhanced muscles and bones allow him to easily tear through even reinforced steel; Joshua Reynolds who has always had a certain nag for explosives, able to made a bomb out of just about anything; and finally Kiara Jones, who's body can shape, twist and possibly even mold into anything, combined with her natural makes her a necessity for espionage missions.

These skills that all Paladins have vary from individual to individual. These abilities, combined with their natural superior combat, tactic and training, they are helping even the playing field against the invading alien threat

=============== Armor ==================

Paladin Armor is known by the codename Sanctus Contego, roughly translated from Latin as Holy Shield in English.

Currently, they have developed up to Sanctus Contego Mark VII. Mark VII armor is easily one of the most superior technological advancements Earth has made so far. Made of a specialized metal found in an unmarked (for security reasons) location, the Mark VII armor is extremely thin and light for the durability you get out of it. The armor was designed to defend against plasma, but can hold it's own against lower caliber ballistic weaponry on par with most other armors of the times. Ultimately, the Mark VII armor is expected to be far more efficient than any of it's predecessors when publicly released.

- Sanctus Contego Mark VII Armor

In it's natural state, it's completely white. When activated, however, the suit's internal camouflage mechanism automatically kicks in and it will roughly switch to the best color that will keep it hidden in the environment it's currently in. However, constant switching of colors can overload the system and cause it to shut down. Also available to the Mark VII is the 'total camouflage' feature, which bends the light around the armor, literally rejecting it and allows for total indivisibility for a total of two minutes.

Within the Mark VII armor there are specialized computers which creates stimulation of the muscles, serving to increase the strength and speed of Paladins even further. Additionally, the 15 meter motion tracking systems installed within the suit lessen the chances of ambushes. These attributes, combined with already deadly skill Paladins possess, give them the edge in most forms of ground battle against even the most heavily trained and equipped Prelatior.

Mark VII armor also contains specialized medical equipment inside of it which can quite easily keep Paladins from dying on the field. Special coagulants', skin sealing foams, temporary muscle replacing wires, pain numbing toxins and specialized micro machinery (not nanobots) that piece back and temporarily hold together bones, specialized temperture monitors and specialized heavy impact-absorbing gels allow Paladins to survive even in the most extreme of situations.

Located within each forearm, there is a large blade duel edged blade. Activated by applying pressure from just the middle and ring finger to specialized sensors in the palm of the armor, the blades will extend from their "sheaths" located on the top of each forearm. Each blade is a foot in length and is easily capable of slicing through bone when combined with a the Paladin's strength.

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