Silence of the Stars
During a space-wide battle between Earth and an Alien race known as Prelatior, one our last defense, a top secret weapon, crashes on an uninhabited planet. Earth sends in a team to retreive it, but unfortunately the Prelatior are already there...
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"Captain! We're taking heavy fire! We can't take much more pounding, or we're finished!"

The UCDS Geneva shook as another over-sized plasma bolt struck it. The Geneva was a prestigous battle cruiser, one of the few ships in Earth's fleet to go toe-to-toe with a Prelatior's own battle cruisers and live to tell the tale. Captain Johnathon Rhodes was the fifty-seven year old commander of the ship, only taking command after the recent death of Major Nicholas Hughes. Rhodes had never been able to see himself taking Hughes' places and even now, he'd rather have the Major in command of this ship rather than himself.

Rhodes grunted, casting a glance at the ships' crewmen. Their mission had been a failiure; they'd come out slip space and straight into an ambush where most of their defenses had been eliminated with almost no resistance. Only the battle cruiser itself and seven other, smaller ships remained in the fight out of the original fleet of twenty-two. However, this wasn't the end yet. The package they'd picked up from Ion would not fall into the Prelatior's hands, not on Rhodes' watch.

"Find the closest planet." Rhodes said solemnly.

The crew scrambled, computers clicking away as calculations were made, maps were checked. A minute later, he received an answer.

"Sir, the closest planet is an uninhabited and mostly uncharted planet! Very basic information is known: oxygen levels are above those on Earth, but survivable; vegitation, water and wildlife is abundent, though, no sentient life is to be found."

"Excellent." Johnathon turned toward his crew members again. "Immediately make a slip space jump for it and in the meanwhile, send out a distress beacon. Get us in as close as possible, then, send out a second distress beacon. After that, land on the planet as soon as possible, it doesn't matter where. Relay instructions to the remaining fleet that they are to follow our lead into the slip space portal and land along with us. We'll set-up the best defenses we can and hope back-up arrives in time."

'If not...' Rhodes thought to himself. 'I'll blow this ship up myself.'

"Aye, aye, Sir!"

Again, his crew mates went to work. The opening of the slip space portal was being prepared and the message had been sent out to the five remaining ships. Five. Three minutes ago, there had been seven. Things were looking bad.

"We're ready for the jump, Captain!"

Rhodes nodded. "Make the jump..." He closed his eyes, taking a seat. "now."

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