Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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Jade Lin Zheng

Lelaunt has it... I think...

8/14/2009 #1,231

Between that and the extra evil plot notes we lost track of it. XD

8/14/2009 #1,232


8/14/2009 #1,233
Jade Lin Zheng

I was thinking after everyone's finished with their conversations, we'll head back to the carnivore lands for a big feasting celebration where they'll publicly burn the parchment and everyone who participated gets a medal and the title of 'hero'. We have at least four months of investigating time since it'll be a while to link all the clues together. If that's fine with everyone?

8/14/2009 #1,234

Sure that will give me time for when I mysteriously vanish off the face of the internet next week for a week at least. XD

8/14/2009 #1,235

That's fine with me. ^^

Dove! ur leaving? T0T!!! holiday?

8/14/2009 . Edited 8/14/2009 #1,236

*raises hand*

um so how much should Lyre know about this wolf plot? I kind of want Kat to be this enigma that no one know about. There are other villians with her too but they're all NPC's. Hee hee hee.

Nope I'm not leaving for a holiday. It's called band camp. from 8am to like...I don't remember 9pm or something I'll be marching, playing, marching and playing at the same time, in the hot desert sun and I know that when I come back to my dorm I will have little will to do much else but collapse on my bed. XP

8/14/2009 . Edited 8/14/2009 #1,237

Well she wouldn't know that much seeing as how she took over the castles with the shadows after the scientists made their crazy lab. But she would have read through the documents and stuff. ^^ I guess?

Band camp? I saw that in a movie once! XD! (We don't really have that in singapore.)

8/14/2009 . Edited 8/14/2009 #1,238

Well...I suppouse that's fair. Though why would you leave them there and relatively untouched? XD Well the ones in the cave you would have read at least.

Also it's nothing like the movies. It's not really a camp it is sort of like training before School and (American) Football season starts. You know so we do our show on the feild that first game and don't make total idiots of ourselves XD

8/14/2009 #1,239

Dude that IS like a movie to me. I've never even seen a band march across the grass. Except on televison and maybe national day.

8/14/2009 #1,240

XP there is a lot of blood sweat and tears and shouting involved that you never see.

8/14/2009 #1,241

Like in stomp the yard? XD!

8/14/2009 #1,242

Nope. more tears and shouting.

8/14/2009 #1,243

XD! Sounds fun!!

What are your ideas on the chimeras and the new wolf king?

8/15/2009 #1,244

T.T you have no clue! XD Band Camp is hell but I love marching anyway!

Well the chimeras are going to have demonic parts to them plus the scorpion tails but I was thinking there would be a couple varriations for specific things. I think cameleon camafloge capabilities should be in there but I like to make up monsters as I go XD makes it more of a shock when they show up.

The new wolf king is being controled and driven mad so that he does whatever the bad guys say. I'm basing that idea on some old chinese classic that I can't rember the name of but they have a manga remake of it called Hoshin Engi and think of King Chu in there and you have the wolf king.

8/15/2009 #1,245

I was thinking that the old king died of a poison made from a chimera. Because there were no Chimera's known at that time an antidote was never found. A chimera being unnatural but also not magic based entirely.

8/15/2009 #1,246

Sure why not? Wil-E. is already aware that the Chimera thing and Tirnan's death are linked. This idea would be a reinforcement for everyone else if Lyre cares to share it.

8/15/2009 #1,247

I'm also thinking that the demon magic helped them to perfect the formula. XD! Before they had used only science and magic and all it resulted in was failure so they enlisted the help of demons to perfect it and 'used'(though in fact they were being used) them to controlo the wolf kingdom.

8/15/2009 #1,248

I like that idea but Kat has been there leading them by the nose from the begining. She maybe a demon but she runs around on this plain all the time. You have some good ideas. Thanks for helping out. XD

8/15/2009 #1,249

OmO where did everybody go?



XD nah just fooling you! I should probably go to sleep XD I'm planning of getting up 3 hours from now ;3 10 to 1 odds that I don't wake up XP

8/15/2009 #1,250

Gonna nod off soon! ^^

8/15/2009 #1,251

Okay I'm getting off now and I probably wont be on until late (well my late). I'll try to check in around 7 or 8 FP time. You'll have my monday and then I'm gone tuesday to either sunday night or monday XP Just have my characters running around with you. Kira and Wil-E can fall asleep for all I care. As for the bit Wolf Kingdom plot, don't move on that until I'm back please! Oh and If anyone whos in the common grounds wants to interfear with the chase feel free.

Okay bye!

8/15/2009 #1,252
Jade Lin Zheng

Understood, we'll do training and commence investigation while you're gone, but we won't move further into the new plot seeing as how your charas are at the center of it.

8/16/2009 #1,253

Okay!!! XD! Will do!

Everyone vanished?? T_T!!!

8/16/2009 . Edited 8/16/2009 #1,254

Gotcha dove.

Is anyone online at this time??

8/16/2009 #1,255

I'm on now? XD!

8/16/2009 #1,256

Thanks for understanding everybody. XD I'll be back on sunday and able to play around back and forth intensely for a bit. then... school starts XP

I'll get on as much as I can to keep things moving but for me School comes first. I'm a nerd like that XD

Still all this character and plots stuff is bound to be usefull for one of my english classes. XD

8/16/2009 #1,257

Well I think I'll turn in or something. good night everybody!

8/17/2009 #1,258

Night dove! XD!

Jade! Visit the preserve soon okay? XD!

8/17/2009 #1,259
Jade Lin Zheng

I have, I'm just trying to figure out how to write her investigation.

8/17/2009 #1,260
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