Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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The Herbivores: They believe in the powers of magic to protect and guard. The most fearful of the three races. They believe that knowledge is POWER. Their land is littered with magical schools.

4/15/2009 #1

Vanqis drifted in his mind. He felt strangely at the center of the world. Like he was floating at the core of the earth.

"We can use him... Can make it do things... You won't have to stain yourself... We can rid the world of those vermin." Why was the voice speaking so loud? Why was it so difficult for him to feel emotion? He usually felt alot... He felt happy when his son became a gladiator, sad when his wife had left, life when he soared into the skies in endless dance, fear when those he protected faced danger, love when he was with Erowin, grief when his parents were murdered...

So much feeling! Where was it? Why couldn't he care??

"Aah... So you're awake?" It was so dark and cold... But he could sense heat and lunged. Cold hard restrains kept him bound. He struggled to break free, but no amount of yanking would loosen it. His dragon breath did not melt it. "Do not bother. We have magicked your entire cell." the voice cackled, making him snarl. Even his telepathy failed him. "Fifteen wizards gave their lives to create this cage for you... Dragons. Filthy creatures. Think you're better than any other!" it spat. "Rest well knight..." he had a sneaky suspition that the voice was smiling. "The queen awaits."


His stomach rumbled. They had given him control of his body and mind... Only to try and extract infomation from him. He lay snarling and wild in chains. Knees scraping the floor, claws outstrecthed and flailing. He had to get out of here... Everything was magicked. His magic was mediocre at best.


They had flayed his skin, to try to get him to talk of any and all secrets he knew. He refused of course. and he had but to more days to live. They told him that he'd be killing the queen and shortening the dragon numbers, before they would allow the opposing soldiers to kill him. All they had to do was use their magic to separate his mind from his body and control his body like a puppet.

7/23/2009 . Edited 7/26/2009 #2

Lelaunt hovered in the air at the borders of the dead land, waiting for General to give her command

7/27/2009 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

Erowin called for a halt, and for everyone airborne to land. "Before we go any closer, I'll need to debrief you on the plan."

((Basically she just tells everyone the plan that was stated in the OOC Thread and in the tent.))

"Does everyone understand where they'll be and their jobs?" Erowin questioned.

7/27/2009 #4

"Miss? You haven't assigned me a job." Hali raised a hand.

7/27/2009 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

Erowin chuckled, "You'll be coming with us inside. We'll have to see whether or not your abilties work against the shadows." Though Erowin kept quiet about her ulterior motive to put Hali against her mother.

7/27/2009 #6

Wil-E. growled. He understood why the general had put him where he did, but she didn't like the fact that Kira's only reliable help was strangers. Kyou didn't count.

Kira patted him on the shoulder. "I'm a big girl and can kill people all by myself Willy." She looked around wondering who Reedak and Soren were.

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #7

"Thank you Kira. Good luck." Hali smiled and placed two hands on Kira's shouder and tapping her head with her horn. It glowed white for a moment, then faded.


Milennel landed with Reedak, still cradling her gently. "We are in the herbivore lands Reedak. And on land. Its safe to look now..."

7/28/2009 #8
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak popped out of nowhere, still rather shaky from flying, but she wanted to meet who she's be teaming up with. "I'm Reedak, and don't mind my being woozy, I just don't do so well in the air." Straightening up as well as she could she gave a wobbly smile, "I'm Reedak, and you must be Kira, right? Where's Kyou? Soren should be here soon."

Just as she finished that sentence, Soren creeped up, poking his fingers together, "Uh, hi... I'm Soren, and I hope we will fight well together..."

Reedak was still rather emberrassed that she had run away from Milennel, but anyone would if they had literally jumped off of him to kiss the ground only to have to spit the sand out.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #9

((Sorry wrote this before I saw Jade's post. Hold on a second))

Kira smiled. "Thanks! I'd do something fancy like that too, but I no mage," Kira said with a small chuckle. She pulled out something from her pocket and handed it to Hali. "But I do have this. It's a smoke bomb if you get into trouble drop in on the ground and run like crazy."

((Awe Kira makes friends easily))

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #10

Hali blinked. "A smoke bomb?" she fingered the device, unsure of it. "T-Thank you so much!" her heart shone in he eyes. No one had ever given her a gift before.

She wanted to squeal at the sight of the adorable hedgehog, but didn't because such wasn't ladylike. "I'm H-Hali... I-I'm sure we'll fight well." she blushed, face hidden by the dark hood she wore.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #11

Kira turned to Reedak. "Hi! Yep I'm Kira. I've never met a polar bear before, and flying's not that bad is it?" She smiled and looked down at the little hedgehog. "Awe you're so cute!"

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #12
Jade Lin Zheng

Soren's eye grew wide at the sparkles he could see in her eyes when she looked at him and ran to hide behind Reedak, "S-Save me!" Reedak smirked crookedly, "Don't mind him, he's just afraid of new people... and spiders... and big trees... and everything in general except for people he knows really well. And I'm a polar bear, good in water and on land, but absolutely horrible in the air."

7/28/2009 #13

"H-He's a mage too?" Hali asked hesitantly, curious of the thing that hid behind her.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #14

Kira giggled at the hedgehog's antics. "Well, I guess being part falcon gives me a bias on flight," she said to Reedak. "The guy in the goofy goggles is Kyou, by the way. I think he's a little stunned. He had a pretty bad flight too." Kira chuckled again.

((Unfortunately terrian is not on anymore so we can introduct Kyou properly.))

7/28/2009 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak nodded as Soren peeked over her shoulder, "Yep, a very powerful one, but most wouldn't guess that because of how scared he is of everything."

7/28/2009 #16

"Regardless of being a land creature she was very brave." Milennel played with a lock of Reedak's hair and looked at Kira and Hali with a smile. "I'm Milennel, a gladiator. Its nice to meet you and you."

7/28/2009 #17

"Soren? What's your speciality?" Hali asked curiously, face still hidden beneath her hood.

7/28/2009 #18

Kira looked the dragon up and down. "Oh! Wait I have seen you two before. You were yelling at Lelaunt about upsetting the general back at the tent my first day here! the pink dragon! I'd almost forgotten. Hi! Pleasure to meet you Milennel!" Kira said smiling.

7/28/2009 #19

'Wha- You were there?" Milennel thought back, thinking how loud he must have been shouting that day. He didn't recall seeing her at all... Then he face palmed when she said pink dragon. "I'm starting to think that's all anyone remembers."

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #20

Kira chuckled. She smiled and tapped the side of her nose with a finger. "Well I'm an assassin and you two were engrossed in a drama. Of course you didn't see me." She laughed again. "I think you make pink very manly with all those fangs."

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #21
Jade Lin Zheng

Soren peeked his head out a little more, "I-I mostly deal w-with earth m-magic. T-The s-s-sand will make it e-easier for my magic."

Reedak grinned at Milennel, "It's a color that sticks in everyone's mind, can you blame them for that?"

7/28/2009 #22

"I'm a Dark mage but I'm more a strong empath." Hali told Soren, bending down a little to meet at eye level with him, she was rather short though, so it wasn't hard. "Earth magic sounds so cool."

Milennel groaned. "Can't fault them. But I also can't help wishing I was blue, black or any other colour of the rainbow!"

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #23

"Even fusha?" Kira teased.

7/28/2009 #24
Jade Lin Zheng

Soren brought a little more of his body out, "Y-You really th-think s-s-so?" Soren stared at the unicorn-girl with wide eyes while Reedak smacked Milennel's arm, "Quit complaining, 'cause unless you paint over yourself, you're not changing colors. Besides it's your own fault for being in your big pink form that time, so you can only blame yourself that other people know."

7/28/2009 #25

"Even Fusha." Milennel agreed, then rubbed the spot where Reedak had punched it. It didn't hurt. "I actually did paint myself over once." He shuddered. "I was red for about an hour but the paint felt sticky and I had rashes everywhere. And it is not fun to try and scratch when you're a dragon. Its impossible to reach between your wing blades!" He'd spent 3 days rolling on the floor in pain after the painting incident. His Dad made him promise never to do it again, not after he came in and thought that Milennel had died because of all the red paint on the floor.


Hali nodded. "Yeah... We have only Dark and Light mages in my herd. I've never even seen an earth mage till now. What kind of powers do you have?" she asked curiously, tilting her head. Her white horn poked out if her hood.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #26

Kira chuckled at the image. "Well I think it's nice. Such a relife from all these borning normal colors."

((So...are we just chatting away or are we going to do something? I don't mind either way just asking.))

7/28/2009 #27

((lets do something.))

"All right troops, we should start heading in now, when it's still bright. In the dark, I'm positive we cant see the shadows at all. General, give yiur command." Lelaunt stated

7/28/2009 #28
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak burst into laughter at the thought, "Y-You -hahaha- actually did -hahahaha- that?!" Reedak doubled over, still laughing hysterically at the thought of a panicking Vanqis and a painted Milennel trying to convince his dad he wasn't dying.

Soren gave a small shy smile, "I can manipulate earth to either harden or soften, and I can also dig really fast. I can cover myself in sand and camouflage myself, and make spikes come up from the ground."

((We can't really move out until everyone's online, so I thought we could use this as a time to officially introduce everyone and talk about their abilities that way they won't be surprised about anything.))

7/28/2009 #29

((I think that's a good idea Jade))

Wil-E. chose that moment to walk up to the group. "So do I at least get to meet the rest of the team that's going with you, feather brain," he asked.

Kira snorted. "Stop calling me that Wil-E. You know for a coyote you sometimes act more like a mother hen."

7/28/2009 #30
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