Vertebrates The tailed ones RPG
They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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"Yes..." Milennel blushed bright red. "Heyy! Its not that funny!" then he laughed, himself. Because it was that funny.


"Wow! That's amazing. I can't go underground at all!" Hali's hood parted to reveal blue eyes and black hair with pink streaks. "My only real ability is my empathic one. I'm a dark mage mostly in name only. My mother never let me practice it much... She only taught me enough to get out of danger."

((You still on Melarade? Are u done with class yet?))

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((OH, not everyone's on? RYNX! I'M SO DAMN FRUSTERED WITH MAYA! SCREW THAT S***. oh and we changed our script a bit, we're adding in background of the golden girl.))

Lelaunt smiled at Hali

7/28/2009 #32

"Prince? You're staring rather strangly at me..." Hali blinked up at him.

((Oh awesome! Did u find out the other girl's name?))

7/28/2009 #33

((yea, sherri... lol, i feel so bad))

"Nothing..." The Prince simply answered

7/28/2009 #34

((Don't pop a blood vessle Melarade. We need the characters to get to know eachother anyway))

Wil-E. Just grumbled something under his breath. Kira chuckled. "I might as well make introductions. This is Wil-E. despite his attitude he's very useful in a pinch."

"And despite your attitude you're somehow still alive after all these years," Wil-E. muttered.

7/28/2009 #35
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak grinned, seeing another chance to tease him, "Well at least we know your face blushes red instead of pink." Seeing the new arrival she smirked, "Who're you?"

Soren wrung his wrists nervously, he usually never got this much attention because of his magic, "Yea, but my animal form isn't very useful cause I'm really small."

Erowin shook her head, "Not yet, Prince, they need to get aquainted with each other enough so that they can fight together. If we leave now we run the risk of the teams falling apart."

7/28/2009 #36

((Nono, I'm frustrated with my current lesson. Some 3D software.. creating an alien now. pissed with that lesson. That's all. Nothing got to do with this forum, dearie.))

Lelaunt just smiled.

7/28/2009 #37

((Sorry must have been typing when I replied just go with it))

Wil-E. sighed. "As feather brains said, I'm Wil-E. Word of advice, don't let monkey boy get you all killed," he said, nodding in Kyou's direction.

Kira stepped on his foot. "Don't mind him, he's a grumpy old man, that doesn't understand the value of others at times."

"I understand his value perfectly," Wil-E. muttered, which earned him another elbow in the ribs.

7/28/2009 #38

"Actually I'd prefer for my form to be a smaller. If I was, my mother wouldn't have made me memorise so many shrinking spells." Hali told him. "I'm small to begin with anyway. So my animal form isn't that big either.

7/28/2009 #39

Lelaunt sighed wistfully.

"I wish I knew some magic..."

((dove, i replied to the other rp.))

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Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak growled and stomped forward until she was directly in his face, "Contrary to what you say, I'm sure Kyou would be the one to save us. Instead of killing everything insight he'll heal us and make sure we stay clear of any harm. Now, I may not have known him for very long, but I don't appreciate people that put others down, so you better shut it before I put my foot where the dun don't shine, and I'll be sure to bring out the claws, too."

7/28/2009 #41

"Reedak, control yourself! No use getting into a brawl now... knowing that he'll probably win..." Lelaunt started

"Weren't we supposed to get to know each other better anyway?"

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #42
Jade Lin Zheng

"Yeah, but when I become a hedgehog, I'm only about as big as your head." Soren sniffed, his eyes watering slightly.

Erowin came up behind Lelaunt and said, "You wouldn't really be suited for it, Prince. As a male Dragon you are an epitome of Strength, and females are too, we have a bigger chance to be born with magic than males."

7/28/2009 #43

"Yes, I know... But I feel so limited, Erowin. Just me and my fire."

7/28/2009 #44

Wil-E. growled at the polar bear, not the least bit intimidated, but Kira stepped in between them. "Okay now let's have everyone calm down. Wil-E. may have a lot of bark but he also has a big bite to match and Reedak you're on MY team so no picking fights with the decoy team." She held out her hands and stood firmly between the two.

"You have to admit that was a little uncalled for Wil-E." Kira told the coyote. "Now stop acting like you have a stick up your *** and make nice. This is no way to start off."

Wil-E. glared at Kira but as usualy Kira didn't flinch and he backed off. "Fine but I'm not talking back what I said." He stalked off.

Kira sighed and shook her head. "I'll smack him around after this is all over," she promised Reedak.

7/28/2009 #45

Hali patted his head. "Watch this." With a dark glow on her skin she began to shrink smaller and smaller till she was the size of a fly, then she morphed back quickly. "That's what my Mother taught me. Small isn't bad. Small is useful. You can get to places big things can't. Go unnoticed when big things can't. Escape when big things can't. That's the advantage of being small." she smiled, blue eyes shining.

7/28/2009 #46
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak ignored Lelaunt and snarled after Wil-E's retreating back, "I've got just as big of a bite! When we get back to the Carnivore Lands I challenge you to a fight, scavenger!" 'Scavenger' was probably the biggest insult you could give to a Vertabrate, but Reedak's anger blinded her and she wanted to shove her fist down his throat.

Erowin sighed as her hot-headed apprentice started the makings of a brawl, "Reedak... And Lelaunt, you're body is a weapon, learn to use every aspect of it and you'll find parts you didn't even know you had."

7/28/2009 #47

Kira frowned. "Stop it Reedak! Don't you dare insult him! Only I can do that!" She said turnning on the bear and growling. "He's just on edge so leave him alone!"

Wil-E. just ignored the bear and sat in the dirt. "Five seconds and the plan is already falling apart. This is just great."

7/28/2009 #48

Lelaunt's eyes opened wide...

"Which parts, Erowin?" Lelaunt teased, ignoring the arguing duo

7/28/2009 #49
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak's eyes flashed, "I'll be neutral to you Kira because of the mission, but he is not on the team so I have no obligation to be nice to him." Reedak stormed off to be alone, Erowin following after to do some damage control.

7/28/2009 #50

Lelaunt walked over to Wil-E.

"What was that about?" Lelaunt asked Wil-E gently.

7/28/2009 #51
Jade Lin Zheng

"The parts of you that could actually be useful in battle, Prince." Erowin called out behind as she ran to catch up with Reedak.

7/28/2009 #52

Wil-E. snorted. "She got her fur all messed up just because I insulted the-" WACK! Kira had appeared behing the reclining coyote and hit him in the head. "Ow! Watch it runt!" Wil-E. growled glaring at her.


Wil-E. could not match the girl's furry and just sat their stunned.

7/28/2009 #53

Lelaunt wated Kira, stunned.

Then he started laughing.

"I like your spirit..." Lelaunt said, shoulders still shaking with mirth

7/28/2009 #54

"You don't know her," Wil-E. muttered.

Kira's ear's twitched and she hit him again. "You are banned from speaking for the rest of the mission." She turned to Lelaunt and smiled. "Thanks. I'm sorry about all this. I swear he's only joking, he's realy a big softy under all the poisonous barbs."

7/28/2009 #55

Laughing again, Lelaunt smiled.

7/28/2009 #56

Wil-E. growled. "Lousy girl trying to ruin my reputation."

Kira hit him a third time. "What did I just say?"

Wil-E. quieted.

7/28/2009 #57

Kyou stood off to the side, wondering if he even had a right to work his way into this conversation. So, even though he was in Kira's group, it seemed she was the only one who had given him any credit. Sure he wasn't worth while if he had to take on numerous enemies at once. However, he decided to butt his way into the conversation. "It's alright, Kira. If he has no faith in my abilities, I'll just simply not heal him." He was of course, joking. But joking just enough that only Kira would catch the humor.

Sora stayed back and listened to the bickering. Perhaps he was right with his assumption about Kira after all. She defended Kyou heavily. Despite the fact he was already used to the fact his abilities got slammed by that Wil-E. guy, and just about anyone else that saw healing and magical protection a worthless talent in battle.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #58

((You do know that the whole fight happened because Reedak came to kyou's defense right? Also Wil-E.'s not in the group. See either the OCC or the carnivor lands))

Kira smiled at Kyou. "Yeah he'd deserve it. You might want to explain this understanding to Reedak though." Kira sighed. "I hope this doesn't effect the group..." Her ears pulled back against her head and her tail drooped.

7/28/2009 #59

((Oh, forgot that minor detail.))

He looked at Kira questioningly, "There's nothing really to explain. I heal, cast protection charms, and I can boost certian traits for a short amount of time." He rubbed the back of his head, grinning sheepishly, "All at the expense of not being able to cast a measly fireball without it blowing up in my face.." He took out his rapier, "But, at least I'm a decent fencer..."

7/28/2009 #60
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