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They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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Kira walked over and hugged Kyou. "And it's that attitude that makes you so wonderful Kyou," Kira told him, then she let go and smiled at him. "If you ask me, Wil-E.'s just jelous," she whispered.

Wil-E.'s ear's twitched and he rolled his eyes. "You just make sure Kira comes back out in one piece bannana breath," he said.

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Kyou smiled warmly at Kira after she released him from the hug, and turned towards Wil-E. "Don't worry. I'm a husky, so I'm loyal to anyone I befriend. It's natural for a dog, so don't expect me to leave her behind." He looked at his task force he was assigned to, and looked at each of them individually rather than scanning them, "Or anyone for that matter."

Sora stood a distance back and watched closely, yep. He was definitely right about his earlier presumption. They may be friends now, but the way they act, they're borderline on a relationship.

(Gah, I was expecting this to be longer, but...)

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((What do you mean?))

Wil-E. nodded. "Good."

Kira smiled again. "There your pride is saved now don't bring it up again, Wil-E." she told the coyote.

((Sorry for the short reply don't know what else to say. Sora could make a joke I suppouse))

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((I was just expecting a bit longer of a post, that's all.))

Sora sighed, this was all to serious for his taste. He made himself an illusion of Wil-E, and walked over to Kyou. "I'm Wil-E. and I'm waay to protective of Kira. I insult Kyou because he's to close to her all the time. The way she acts around Kyou makes me want to gut him." Sora in his disguise began making gutting motions with his hands, "Not to mention the fact he's going to spending time with her. I'm afraid that she'll forget about me and move on. Because I'm like the over protective brother!" And just like he did with Erowin, he stood triumphantly, smirking.

Once again, Sora had forgotten Kira's warning about Wil-E's. little temper problem.

((Generally when he does this, it's showing what I get out of the character's personality that he's immitating.))

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(lol that was good))

Wil-E. stood looking down at the fox. An illusion of Sora appeared before the smirking fox. "I'm sora and I'm going to be killed," it informed the fox in a high pitched squeeky voice. Wil-E. turned into a large scally lizard with a whip like tail and teeth the size of sora's hands. It was twice as long as Sora was tall, no including the tail. The creature glared down at the fox. For the record, this isn't some illusion, it told the fox.

Kira sighed. "The fox has a death wish. He really does. Do I always have to run damage control?"

7/28/2009 #65

Sora felt some sweat decide to trickle down the side of his face a bit, he watched the illusion of himself appear, and when the lizard-like creature appeared, Sora removed his illusion and decided it would be best to move out of range of his teeth. "Nice trick. Mind showing me that one sometime?" He laughed nervously, he had really done it this time...

Kyou blinked a few times and turned to look at Kira, "Do you know what he meant by that? I mean I understood that Wil-E. is a bit protective of you, but I didn't really understand the rest of it..."

((Naivety to the point where it might actually be considered cute... I am turning into a girl as we speak.))

7/28/2009 #66

((*Falls over on the floor laughing*))

Kira rolled her eyes at Kyou. "Just ignore him, he's an idiot." Se pointed to the snarling Wil-E. to accentuate that point. Only idiots made him mad. She looked at the cowed fox and sighed. "I guess I have to save him."

Wil-E. growled and took a step forward.

Kira walked up and patted the lizard on the nose. "Okay big boy you made your point. We need him alive for the battle."

Wil-E. growled again.

Kira sighed. "Okay here, how about you eat him afterward, will that work?"

The coyote in lizard form stopped and thought it over. Fine. He changed back into his normal form and sat back down. "He's not worth the indegestion anyway."

Kira looked back at the fox. "Do that again and next time I'll let him eat you."

7/28/2009 #67
Jade Lin Zheng

Erowin finally caught up with Reedak who was sitting in the sand. Coming up behind her she sighed, "You know you were in the wrong, right, Reedak? You let your pride take control again and almost set this mission to fail. You have to make up with Kira and at least apologize to Wil-E." Reedak didn't bother turning around, "I just don't understand why he puts down Kyou. Any fool could tell that his confidence in his ablity is already low, and if that thing lowers it anymore he'll be practically useless for the battle. I just don't want an innocent to die because someone else was an idiot."

Erowin pulled Reedak to her feet and set her down as she began dusting the sand off her body, "If you can't apologize to Wil-E, then at least make you sure you befriend Kira. You're on the same team and I don't want you guys to have any problems during the battle just because of personal problems." Reedak eventually nodded reluctantly and grunted, "I'll go apologize to Kira, but I still want that fight against Wil-E!" Reedak stalked back to the group leaving Erowin to stand there and stare up at the just past noon sun. "We'll have to get leaving soon, I can't let them have enough time to get into fights."

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((Wil-E. will be Sora's primary target for embarassing in a large group. As pranksters never really fear for their own safety. Just whatever will give them the most amusement.))

Kyou shrugged, and looked at Wil-E. as he changed out of his form, and back to his coyote self. What was the point of getting so worked up over a joke? It was actually funny, most of the soldiers had to refrain from laughing as to avoid the wraith of Wil-E.

Sora, turned to Kira and gave her a hug. "Thank you! You really saved me this time!" He rubbed his head against her arm, not caring how stupid he looked. She had postponed his death, even if it were only for a day. However, he could probably make himself an illusion and slip by unnoticed later to save his skin.

7/28/2009 #69

Kira pushed the fox off her. "Don't push it." She walked over and stood next to Kyou. "Honestly the idiots we have to work with eh?" She told the husky monky.

Wil-E. was glaring at him from his seated position.

7/28/2009 #70
Jade Lin Zheng

"Hi, Kira. I'm apologizing for upsetting you, but I won't apologize to him until he proves that he deserves it... Sorry." Reedak mumbled the apology, but it was still loud enough for everyone to hear. Erowin came up from behind and watched to see how things would proceed.

7/28/2009 #71

Sora smirked as he was pushed off. The moment was almost to good to pass up. However, he had gotten on Wil-E's. badside already, so he decided not to push his luck by turning into Kyou and hugging her again.

Kyou shook his head, "While he does use his illusions for mostly pranking, he's really good at doing physical appearances. He mimiced Wil-E really well." He then took a moment to pause and think his next words over carefully, "Although it was good, you're right, he could've done it without telling the truth about Wil-E's. behaviour." He looked at Kira, "Wouldn't you agree?"

Sora was doing everything in his power to not take advantage of the situation, as Wil-E's. temper was a bit bad, and the glaring he recieved only made him want to stay in place more.

7/28/2009 #72

((I think I love Sora. he and Finnagan should hang out sometime))

Kira flashed an inviting smile at Reedak. "It's okay," she told Reedak. She whistled. "Hey Willy! Get over here and apologize you big moron."

"Why in the nine hells do I listen to this girl?" Wil-E. muttered even as he stood and walked over to Reedak.

"Because you're full of marshmellows on the inside despite the crunchy exterior," Kira replied sweetly. She smacked him on the back of the head to remind him what he should be doing.

"I was just joking around," Wil-E. said complying with the wolf-falcon. "And Bannana breath knows I don't mean it, so you can stop getting all bent out of shape about it."

Kira hit him again.

"And I'm sorry," Wil-E. muttered. He glared at Kira. "There you happy now?"

Kira smiled. "Very now go back and stay quiet."

Still grumbing in defiance he did just that.

((She has him well trained.))

7/28/2009 #73
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak smirked, "Good, but I still want that fight went we get back, coyote."

7/28/2009 #74

((I got something..))

As Wil-E. turned around, Sora finally couldn't resist himself. In front if Wil-E, he created a copy of Wil-E., Kyou, and Kira in a chibi-like appearance. It should little speech bubbles of Kira bossing Wil-E. around, and on occasion, a speech bubble with Kyou and Kira with a heart around them. And whenever he'd shake his head, chibi Kira would slap chibi Wily-E. afterwards, chibi Wil-E. would agree to whatever she said. Of course, chibi Kyou was off in the corner with a bunch of question marks around his head.

Kyou looked at the strange picture in front of him. "What kind of illusion is that, Sora?" He asked, completely ignoring everything but the illlusionary style he did.

7/28/2009 #75

Kira smiled. "Give him a couple good wacks from me but don't kill him. He's useful," Kira stated. "You have no idea how hard it is to find a shape shifter these days."

7/28/2009 #76

She noticed the illusion and walked over and smacked the fox so hard that she forced him to the ground. "STOP IT OR I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF YOU FLUFFY TAILED MORON!"

7/28/2009 #77
Jade Lin Zheng

((Hey, if everybody is online we can move out now.))

Reedak smirked, "I'll be sure to play around with him a bit." Reedak left the group for Milennel's comfort, grabbing and hugging him tightly before he could have the chance to protest.

7/28/2009 #78

Sora rubbed his check where he had been drilled, leaving a burning red mark on his cheeck that was a bright, bright red. "Why? I'm only calling them as I see them." He rubbed his cheek harder and turned around, sitting cross legged. He stuck his lips out and pouted. "Women are so controling..." He muttered.

Kyou looked over Kira's shoulder at poor Sora who was hurting from the slap he'd recieved. "Why? It was a really good illusion. I'd never seen an illusion quite like that one before. So, why'd you hit him, Kira?"

Sora nodded, "Yeah, why?" He smirked, hoping to see some reaction in her that might help prove his theory correct. despite the earlier failed attempt.

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #79

"Because I felt like it," Kira said hitting the fox again. "Just leave it alone Kyou," she told him.

Wil-E. smirked at the fox.

7/28/2009 #80

Sora rubbed his head, this time, not willing to give up on his theory so easily because he actually had an audience. "Are you sure there isn't another reason why? Perhaps a certain someone seeing a few chat bubbles?" He looked at Kyou, who just blinked and stared questioningly at Sora.

Kyou shrugged, not quite getting the reference towards himself. "I really don't understand what you're getting at. She had a lot of chat bubbles above her head, I believe there was one of me in there with a heart around me... That just symblozies friends right?"

((Clueless Kyou... He's never taken a step outside his home... lol))

7/28/2009 #81

Kira smiled and put an arm around him. "Yes, yes it does." This time she covertly kicked Sora. "Anyway, this is Reedak, she's gonna be on our team Kyou."

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #82
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak simply nodded to him again before nuzzling her face into Milennel's chest. She didn't feel like meeting anymore people.

7/28/2009 #83

((Is Sora's theory right? Because if it's not, I'll make him give up on it.))

Kyou, just like a dog, had a short attention span, and completely forgot about Sora and his illusion to greet Reedak. "Nice to meet you, obviously, you already know who I am. And just like Wil-E. says, I'm a healer. Just turn to me and I'll patch you up. Anything from a measly scrape, to a gash running down your arm."

Sora huffed angerily as Kira kicked him. This was obviously child abuse.

7/28/2009 #84

Milennel watched Reedak's retreating back and smiled softly. She was everything he wanted... But was she the one? He rubbed her back, liking her closeness. "I'll be waiting Reedak. Come back safe..." he whispered, knowing she'd hear. "It kind of scares me to know that you'll be in danger so far from me."

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #85
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak planted her chin on his chest so that she could look up at him, "Don't worry about me, I'm only going to be going up against foot soldiers. You'll be fighting against the Shadow so I think I should be the one who's worried."

7/28/2009 #86

Kira grinned, her ear's twitching and easily heard Milennel's words. "Don't worry Milennel, Kyou's an expert healer and I'll be there too." Why couldn't the stupid fox comment on that obvious romance?

7/28/2009 #87

((They're too open about it. It's only funny if you can get at least one party flustered about it.))

Kyou nodded, going with her words of kindness towards his healing abilities. He didn't think he was worthy of such praise. Most experts could revive the dead, he however, could only heal near fatal wounds. "You give me too much credit." He stated, smiling still ever so carefree.

Sora sighed, he wouldn't give up on his theory quite yet. The way she acted whenever he brought Kyou up in that light was a bit much for a friend to fret over. He'd try again later.

7/28/2009 #88

"But even they could have strong fighters hidden among them. And they far outnumber us any day." Milennel bent to capture her lips in a fierce kiss, wanting her whole body on alert, hands cupping her butt. He teased and tormented her cavern, licking and sucking before marking her other shoulder. "I have a feeling that if i asked to you to simply stay home and wait for me, you'd kick my a**." he nibbled her jaw.


Hali looked to Kyou. "She's right you know. My magic couldn't mend a bruise on your skin. Your really going to help in this fight."

7/28/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #89

((Darn it I want some one to yell "Get a room!" but I don't want to start another argument))

Kira patted Kyou on the back. "You've saved my butt before, remember? You'll be great." She pointedly ignored the dragon and polar bear.

Wil-E. rolled his eyes at the two, but kept silent.

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