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They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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Kyou watched, for a second, facinated by the showing of affection. However, he stopped staring when he realized that it was rude to intrude on such a private matter, and turned his back to give them their alone time. Even Kyou knew this much about personal lives.

Sora on the other hand, made a gagging noise. Using his illusionary magic, he made a curtain appear around them. "If you're going to do that, make sure we can't see it." He said, entirely disguisted. "I swear, emotional people these days..." That gave him an idea, and he made one appear around Kyou and Kira. "You all might need one too. So here you go!"

7/28/2009 #91

"Ew. Kissing. This is about the time my mom would make me cover my eyes." Hali looked at the pair from a child's point of view. Then remembered Soren and covered his eyes with her hands. "You definetly don't want to look at this."

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Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak inhaled sharply when Milennel marked her shoulder and cracked open an eye, "Damn right, I'd kick your a** even for just considering it. I'm a fighter, and you can't keep a fighter from a fight, it just doesn't make sense." Reedak decided to turn the tables and ran her hand along his spine as she ground into him. Oh yes, she knew his weak spots really well.

Soren nodded and hid behind Hali as he peeked out and said, "I-I can't heal either, but my magic makes me r-r-really weak against w-water." Soren still wanted to comfort the other mage even with Hali's hands around his eyes.

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Sora went wide eyed, and stared at the curtain Reedak was in. "They aren't going to try... What I think they're going to try... are they?" He turned to Wil-E. hoping for a real response from him. He wasn't worried about what everyone else had to say, but the scene that was unfolding behind that curtain he put up.

7/28/2009 #94

He grit his teeth, stifling the urge to jump her. Milennel sighed into her skin after a great pause. His hands had gone under her top and he had to forcibly remove them, straining at the edge of his control. "You. Are. Going to be. The Death of me." He joked.


"But your talent is special in its own way and my magic is weak against light." Hali told him gently. "And this is the Desert they aren't going to find any- oh... Oh... There's the oasis. But its a bit further on so it shouldn't be a problem." she paused and blinked.

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Wil-E. just smirked at the fox's destress. "They're adults and the battle hasn't started. They're allowed." Wil-E. said pointedly.

Kira disrupted the curtain around her and Kyou and kicked the fox again. "Oh stop it!"

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Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak grinned smugly, "But at least you know you'll die happy." Reedak nipped at his chest, aiming to get a rise out of him. This was still her most favourite thing to do. Tease Milennel until his control snapped, but so far his control had bent but not snapped.

Soren looked up to where he thought Hali was and asked, "But being w-weak against light m-magic doesn't affect y-y-you. I can't s-swim because of it."

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Sora got up and ran a distance away from Kira. "Why do you always abuse you me!?" He pointed, and shouted at her. However, he saw a teasing moment appear, "And why are you so flustered about it? You could've just walked out of it casually, but noooo! You had to get out and kick me! Why, might I ask?"

Kyou stepped out of the curtain, then back in. He touched the curtain, and even sniffed it. "What a great illusion. It not only looks like a curtain, but it smells and feels like one too." He muttered, completely ignoring Sora and Kira's heated debate. He turned to face everyone that had given him compliments earlier, "And thanks. I'll do what I can to help you all. Leave it to me, I'll make sure everyone comes home alive." He smiled at everyone, doing his best to ignore what was going on behind the other curtain.

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Milennel jumped up his wings keeping him in the air, he's broken out in cold sweat at her touch. "Reedak! I'm doing my best here!" he protested.

((Darn... gtg... !!!))

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Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak stared at Milennel with big puppy eyes, hoping he would come back down to comfort her and then she could pounce. Reedak fake sniffed and even made her eyes water a bit as her bottom lip trembled.

((I gotta go, too. I'll be back on later though.))

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Wil-E. smirked. "At least we're keeping moral up." He commented.

A dagger appeared in Kira's hand and she twirled it glaring at the fox. "You're really becoming a neusance."

7/28/2009 #101

((I'm really beginning to wonder if Kira is easily worked up, or if she's trying to hide it.))

Sora's eye twitched for a second, and turned into a carbon copy of Kyou. "Would you really hurt me, Kira?" He asked, refusing to let go of the disguise."I'll love you forever if you just let Sora live!"

7/28/2009 #102

((You hit her button she's worked up))

Kira growled. It was getting harder to hold herself back. He was needed for the mission but...

Wil-E. picked up a stone and threw it at Sora's head. "Don't get her worked up, those daggers are poisoned."

7/28/2009 #103

((Ah, alright.))

Sora sighed. This wasn't the reaction he wanted. Not at all. He sat down in the ground and shifted out of Kyou's disguise. "So I was wrong then?" He shouted into the air. He put his head to rest in his hand. To be so wrong about that... he was almost sure there was a connection... oh well. He'd check after the mission.

7/28/2009 #104

Wil-E. chuckled.

Kira shifted her glare to him and flipped the dagger in her hand. The coyote shut up.

He wasn't wrong... she's just not stupid, Wil-E. thought. The guy was actually rather amusing when he was teasing someone else.

7/28/2009 #105

Kyou perked his head up at the conversation going on a bit of a distance away. "What were you wrong about Sora?"

Sora looked up at Kyou, ready to say something. He looked over at Kira, and got a smug grin on his face. "Well, actually we were just dicussing something about you." He replied.

Kyou walked over to Sora and nodded, "Oh, about my healing magic, like everyone else?"

Sora shook his head, he'd be poisoned for sure, but that's why he got Kyou over here first. This would be his last try to get any information out of her. If he was getting it out of Kyou, he'd get a bunch of wrong and misguided info. "Yeah, about you and..." His eyes slid to look at Kira, he remained paused waiting for her response to the ultimatum.

(Need to mow the yard. Blasted thing. Another reason I wish my yard was emo... so it'd cut itself... lame joke you've probably heard a thousand times.)

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((Nope that was funny. and how exactly do you want her to react?))

Kira's eye twitched. He better not say it or she was really going to kill him this time.

7/28/2009 #107

(After this I really need to go mow, it might rain soon. And Sora is just after a hint, a small, measly hint just so he can confirm or if it's a bad assumption on his theory.)

Her eye twitched, he was going to either get a confirmation or he'd figure out he was wrong this whole time. "...Where talking about you and your relationship with a certain someone. That's all. You see I have this theory..." And that was all he was going to say, if this got more than a 'you're theory is wrong.' out of Kira, he'd assume his theory is right.

"Care to explain this theory?" Kyou asked, enticed to see that such a young person could develop a theory on the human relationships so quickly. What a shame Sora was an illusionist, he would've been a great researcher. ((I.E, Kyou has no clue what Sora is insinuating.)

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((Okay good))

Kira flushed bright red and only managed enough self control to throw a rock instead of a dagger.

((How's that?))

7/28/2009 #109

((Gah! Why am I still at my computer!?))

Sora smirked as the rock drilled him in the face, making his nose bleed as he fell on his back, sprawled about everywhere. He was dazed, and at least now he knew. It was worth the bloody nose.

Kyou went wide eyed, "Sora are you alright? That rock came outta no where!" Kyou began healing him slowly. "I think your nose is broken..."

7/28/2009 #110

Saticefied Kira stuck her tongue out at the fox. She'd do worse next time.

Wil-E. chuckled again.

7/28/2009 #111

((god, this is dragging too long. can we just get to the fight and go on to the next plot?))

Lelaunt sighed and looked at the place where his mother was kept captive. the water was rising, his mother might just drown... he wanted to stop this chatting and jump into action!

7/28/2009 #112

((I'm here waiting to move out. We just gotta wait for the General...))

7/28/2009 #113

Milennel's ears perked at the sound of Reedak's sniff. From his postion in the air he could see the watering of her eyes. Had he made her cry by backing off? Did she think he didn't want her? He glided down catiously and cupped her cheeks. "Reedak... Don't take this the wrong way. But this is neither the time nor place for what we have in mind." he pleaded with her with his eyes.

7/28/2009 #114
Jade Lin Zheng

Reedak looked at the ground, deciding that maybe Milennel was right... but she just wanted to be able to spend time with him before they went into battle... In case one of them didn't return...

((Srry, just came back from a Hawk Nelson Concert!))

7/28/2009 #115

((Horray the General's back. Now, where's Princey?))

Kira streached wanting to get herself loosened up before the action.

7/28/2009 #116

((Don't need to worry about the prince, all we need is the General to give the all clear.))

Kyou sat on a rock, practicing his white magic on a few dummies Sora had created for him. He mostly practiced barriers, as you can't heal illusions, but you can put stuff around them. He then proceeded to help calm everyones nerves with his white magic. The benefits to this magic type wasn't limited to just healing and barriers. It also had great effects on things outside of combat, too.

Sora, on the other hand, yawned. Sure, he had given a few dolls for Kyou to practice on, but those were no fun. Sora had absolutely nothing to do, even his orders were on the bottom of the list, given him even more time he needed to kill.

((And just as quickly as she appears... She's gone.))

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Jade Lin Zheng

((Eheh, sorry about that. I was playing mario kart wii with my sister.))

Erowin cleared her throat before announcing, "I believe that it may be time to move on to the Dead Lands. We move out now!"

((To the dead lands, or oasis castle, or fortress in the desert, whatever it's called.))

7/29/2009 #118

((Well terrrian isn't here anymore. He decided that since everything was so dead he was going to sleep))

7/29/2009 #119
Jade Lin Zheng

((I know, but I thought I'd give everyone a chance to show how they depart before anyone posted in the other topic. It got a little hectic last time. Also we can't really do anything without K.J controlling Albus and Corrie, so we'd have to wait for him to come back from his trip before starting the battle.))

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