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They live in societies... Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Each filled a human-like entities with animal tails and other appendages befitting their mythical counterparts. Dragons, unicorns, gryffins and more. RPG.
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A tall castle rises near the single oasis. Many march outside guarding the dark foreboding place. Screams can be heard inside and the shadows reside here. The Queen is kept at the bottom of the castle.

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/28/2009 #1

Lelaunt was eager to get to the castle, thus zooming ahead, past everyone. When he realised he went too far, Lelaunt halted in mid air, waiting for the rest to catch up, impatiently.

7/29/2009 #2

Hali looked up at him from her place on the ground, she panted with the effort to keep up. Unlike the rest she was a spell caster and physically weaker. "C-cant you slow down a bit... I-I can't f-fly..." she pressed a hand to her chest to stem a racing heart.

7/29/2009 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

Ki'hin came up from behind the unicorn-girl and scooped her up onto her back. "You'd think a unicorn would at least be able to run! Don't worry about it now, we just have to get to the castle!" Ki'hin galloped faster, her scaley hide being able to support the weight of her passengers with ease. Dusk clambered onto Ki'hin's neck, placing her head onto Ki'hin's. Sren glanced back to smile at his new friends before tightening his hold on Ki'hin's stomach with his legs. For someone with hooves, Ki'hin was suprisingly able to cross over it with as little dificulty as if she were walking on solid ground.

((Sorry, gotta go. I have a dentist's appointment.))

7/29/2009 #4

((Wil.E and Sora have to stay with the outside attack force. Everyone else goes into the castle before splitting up into their groups.))

"I-It's very d-difficult to run in a c-cloak." Hali told her. "I-It keeps t-tripping me up." she could see the sewer entrance to the far left. "W-We have to go down that passage. I-Its the passage with the least guards. There are only 3 guards there. You have to take them out fast."

7/29/2009 #5

Sora's jog came to a stop, and Kyou stopped to check on him. "Sora, you alright?"

Sora nodded, "Perfectly fine, however, my task is to stay here with the shapeshifter. You need to hurry and get into the castle. You wouldn't want to be late for Kira now, would you?" He asked, stretching out casually. "Don't just stand here, Kyou, get moving."

Kyou nodded, he then proceeded further towards the castle, eventually catching everyone else. He didn't know the current situation, so he'd stick as far back as he could, but still be withing a good distant to heal anyone, if necessary.

((Bah, not very flashy, but, my characters won't do anything flashy until someone gets hurt, or the outside illusion begins.))

7/29/2009 #6

Lizern stood in a huff with the other flight dragons. Staying outside sucked. Why did Milennel get to go inside? He was a gladiator- well... He was a gladiator in training... But come on! It wasn't as if he were that weak! A flight dragon of all things...

7/29/2009 #7

((Okay I'm here))

Kira flew low over the ground and soon caught up with her group. She did a little back flip to land properly. "The enemies looking for dragons. Best to fly low," she explained to those staring at her.

Wil-E. landed in the sand next to Sora and changed back to his normal self. "So Fox, how do you thikn we should start? With a bang or something a little more mundane?" He cracked his knuckles.

7/29/2009 #8

Sora smirked and laced his hands behind his head, "I was thinking we scare the s**t out of them. You know, make it look like we got an insane amount of troops getting ready to storm them. However, I like your idea of the explosion better. Too bad we gotta wait for them to give us the signal. I'm itching to try out my illusions in combat."

Kyou saw Kira fly over him at a low altitude, then to land in a sort of show-offy way. Kyou didn't mind though, that's what made Kira, Kira. Still, Kyou did not have the strength of a fighter, so he had to stay back and admire her at a distance. Hopefully, they could take the 3 guards ahead down without him having to heal anyone.

7/29/2009 #9

Wil-E. grinned. "You know if you knew when to keep your mouth shut. I might actually end up liking you," he told the fox. "How about both? An explosion and when the 'dust' clears a charging army appears out of nowhere. That would work really well I think."


((Is that a suggestion to kill some guards?))

"Alright hang on a second," Kira muttered. She closed her eyes and chanted something, her hand holding a pendant she wore around her neck. It was usually masked by the collar and it's red tassles but she had taken that off. She never wore identification on a job. Her form began to look less substancial, like a mirrage or and image in a cloudy mirror. The air about her became heavy dampening sound around her. She smiled. "Assassin's cloak, I can't cast it on everyone though," she mouthed. The magic would not let her voice be heard. She was good at mouthing though. She'd had a lot of practice.

7/29/2009 #10

((It is.))

Kyou followed behind, at the speed they were going, they'd need to take the guards out quick. They'd also need to make their way through the sewers. Once they were safely inside, they'd then divide off into their assault teams. That's when he'd need to be ready to use his magic the most.

Meanwhile Sora smirked, "That idea sounds great. And what do you mean 'if I knew when to keep my mouth shut?'. I just try to lighten up the mood, that's all. It just so happened that you and Kira were prime targets."

7/29/2009 #11

Kira stopped the group just shy of the guards, all of them hiding behind a small ridge of sand. "Let me handle this," she said. It was a logical choice. They didn't want to alert the rest of the group with a burst of noisy fighting. She had faith in all of them to do it quick but this had to be quiet too. "Wait 'til they're dead," she told them. Without another order she began cawling the rest of the distance to the guards, her wings pressed against her back. With her magical cloak she seemed just a shimmering patch of heat against the desert floor or a shadow cast by and uneven section of the sand. Less than five feet from her target her hand came up and flicked three daggers in quick succession. They plunged on target into the guards throats, cutting their volcal cords so they couldn't make much noise. The poison in the knives already going to work traveling swiftly to the brain and heart to kill them. Kira sprang forward and used her hands and wings to make their fall as quiet as possible. She propped them up back to back. As if the lazy things had fallen asleep, removed the daggers and cut their throats just to make sure the job was done. She signaled for the others to come then.


Wil-E. shurgged. "You do realize we're about to be the epicenter of a battle and battles get messy. People die. Don't push your luck too far, fox."

7/29/2009 #12

Sora closed his eyes and yawned. After the yawn, he looked over at Wil-E. "You've had one change of heart. Last I checked, you wanted me dead." He then looked over at the castle, the words of dying playing in his mind. "And me? Die? Only in your wildest dreams. I'm not going to die so quickly. Not after what I discovered prior to this, anyway."

Kyou nodded, and watched her stealthily kill the guards without them making so mach as a peep to tell other guards something was about to happen. When she gave the all clear, he stayed back to ensure everyone kept going.

((Can't do much else til someone gets back.))

7/29/2009 #13

((Well Wil-E. is in a chatty mood for a change))

"You're starting to remind me of the past," Wil-E. muttered. Actually the fox was making him think of himself back in the Wolf Kingdom. He'd thought he was indestructable. That nothing would ever effect him, then...well he didn't want to remember that. "Also if you're talking about Kira and Kyou, forget it. Bannana breath is thicker than the horn of a Rhino and the skull of and Ox combined. All you'll do is get Kira mad at you. She maybe happy go luck most of the time, but you don't want to see her really mad."

7/29/2009 #14

((Heh, you seem to have finally caught Kyou's naivety. j/k XD))

"The past?" Sora questioned, "That's not worth mentioning, all that matters is the present." And of course he knew Kira would get mad at him. That was a given, when he teased people about their love life, he always ended up either getting hurt, or a close encounter. "I can deal with Kira's bad side. However, getting Kyou on the same page as her is going to take time. Because, like you said, he's thick skulled and completely clueless about that side of his mind. Makes me wonder if his trip through puberty got distorted and that part of maturing got left out."

7/29/2009 #15

Hali covered her eyes as Kira poisoned the guards. She may be a Dark mage... But death was still death.

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #16

"Last I'd heard of him, he wasn't allowed out of the house. I'm surprised his father let him leave, much less get caught up in a war," Wil-E. said. "And when you're old like me the past ceeps creeping up on you and poking you in the back." he chuckled. "I'd love to see you corrupt Kyou, then maybe Kira would listen to me about how much of a useless idiot he is. Never much liked dogs or monkey's but both..." He shook his head. "Also you haven't seen Kira's bad side. If you'd gone in their with them you might've gotten the chance. It's almost like she has two personalities. I suppouse it's a result of her life." Wil-E. looked out at the castle through clouded eyes, but suddenly shook his head. "Now's not the time to really discuss them though. I suppouse. When are they going to give the signal?"

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #17

Sora laughed, "Not allowed to leave the house? What a sheltered guy. And what do you mean 'corrupt Kira'? There are many types of ways I can corrupt him, but, I need you to be specific here." Sora was positive he could corrupt Kyou's mindset on Kira. It could even probably be done with one illusion and about an hour of time. No matter how sheltered he was, Kyou was still a guy after all. For the last sentence, Sora just shrugged, "Who knows. And why is this a bad time? No better time like the present. As you might not always have the future."

7/29/2009 #18

Wil-E. chuckled. "I suppouse that's true. Also I'm not giving you tips on how to destroy bannana breath. Kira would skin me alive. He's a child at heart and I think Kira finds that comforting. Growing up in the carnivor lands she didn't get much of a chance at childhood." Wil-E. sighed. The girl was brilliant at her work, but he always felt a sad twinge knowing what she had had to give in order to be that good.

((Awe caring fatherly type isn't he?))

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #19

((Definitely the older brother type person in my opinion. As fathers don't insult their daughters friends.))

Sora smirked, "Are you suuure you can't slip me a detail on how you want him to be corrupted? Kira would never have to know, because I don't get caught easily on that, and Kyou is to nice of a person to rat me out." He sneaked up on Wil-E. and nudged him, "I know you want to give me the information to corrupt him. As it'll give you the chance you need to make sure the relationship doesn't evolve more than it has. You could even be too late, this mission is dangerous, like you said. And Kyou might even end up being the hero. Which just might make them cross that friends and lovers border."

((Sora is the schemeing type!))

7/29/2009 #20

Wil-E. growled. "You're pushing it fox. Kyou's just a little kid at heart. You know enough to ruin him," he told Sora. "I'll just say pay attention to those goggles Kyou always wears. Kira gave those to him when they first met six years ago. Don't ask me why goggles. I wasn't around that time. He's beaten the hell out of them but he still has them. If you don't know about that even dense Kyou will get suspicious."

((I don't know what to say so there))

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #21

((Your last sentence lost me... Up until then, I was starting to get an idea.))

Sora tapped his finger to his chin, trying to play connect the dots with what information he had. Something about his goggles was all important to both of them. And Sora was connecting the dots until Wil-E's. last sentence came about, then it was like someone took his pencil and scribbled everything out. "I was doing good up until your last sentence, care to clarify before I go and completely ruin their friendship?"

It didn't matter what Wil-E. said now anyway. Sora was going to tease Kyou and Kira (but mostly Kira), and if Wil-E. was as smart as Sora thought he was, he'd clarify before Sora went in and screwed everything up between those two.

7/29/2009 #22

Wil-E. rolled his eyes. "For if you impersonate Kira around Kyou of course. Do I have to spell it out for you? Those goggles mean a lot to them both and if you're going to pull this off you have to know about them."

((Sorry hadn't thought it was that strange I could get rid of it if you want))

7/29/2009 #23

((It's not, just the way you worded it the first time completely threw me off.))

A light went off in Sora's head, "Ah! I get it." He finished playing his little game of connect the dots, "So, if I impersonate any of them, I need to make sure I know everything about the goggles he wears." Suddenly an idea popped into his head he'd go through with afterwards. "So, you're saying if I impersonate one of them, like say, Kyou, and began using that as a conversation starter to help him 'admit his feelings' would I get a big reaction out of Kira?" So the goggles were the key to embarassing them... and the key to corrupting Kyou and fast forwarding him through the part of puberty he seemed to have skipped the first time around.

((Fu-fu-fu, you'll never guess what he's going to try! lol))

7/29/2009 #24

Wil-E. just smiled. "Yeah, most likely. By the way, this conversation never happened," he told the fox. Okay he did like the guy afterall. Kira deserved some teasing and she was immune to him now, or he was infected by her, one of the two. Besides if the fox did get caught....

Well that would just make it funnier.

((Hee hee hee))

7/29/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #25

Sora nodded, "What were we talking about?" He asked, then, decided to change the subject from teasing, straight towards the past. "So, you said the past keeps going up to you and poking you in the back. Care to explain a bit? Just skip the boring details, I'm still a teen and lack the long term commitment to these long stories." Well, if he was going to be working with the guy in a life and death situation, might as well get to know him. Sure, they got off to a rough start, thanks to his illusion of Wil-E., but, perhaps they could get along just fine. At least, until the fight was over.

But, Sora went back on the conversation they had just finished and had 'never had'. It'd only be a conversation they 'never had' until it was his skin that was getting ready to decorate Kira's wall. Then the conversation happened.

((I'm sorry, I had too. Though, Sora won't rat Wil-E. out so easily. Kira might show mercy, Wil-E. probably won't.))

7/29/2009 #26

((I expected it, so you're fine))

Wil-E. sighed. "Unfortunately that is a story full of long boring details. I've been through a lot of battles and surfice it to say other's haven't been as lucky. Old war veteran's problem, it's called guilt," he said. He didn't really want to talk about Tirnan. He hadn't even spoken that much about the whole thing to Kira or Idaten. He liked to keep those problems close to him. "Surfice it to say it makes me worry about that girl. Especially when she acts so goddamn care free." She really was too much like Tirnan. It worried him.

7/29/2009 #27

Sora nodded, and took a seat on the grass, his knee's at an angle and his hands wrapped around them to link together. "Sounds like a bad place to dwell in. Your past that is." Sora sighed, it was his turn. "Mine's probably about as boring as yours. I never knew my parents and was raised in an orphanage for starters. Only thing I got that is any link to them is the gold necklace I wear." He gestured toward the necklace that didn't extend past his collarbone. "I also got the s**t made fun outta me because of my different colored tail and ears. That's the reason I picked up illusionary magic. That's a brief summary, sort of like yours." He looked up at Wil-E. "And, you really need to chill about Kira. It's her way of coping with everything. Even I can see that, and I'm what? 30 years younger?"

7/29/2009 #28

Wil-E. snorted. "The blasted girl thinks she's indestructable." He looked down at the fox. "I've heard of some regions where black foxes are concidered lucky. They're a long way off from here though. I guess it's like Kira and her hybrid status. In some places it doesn't matter, but where she grew up..." Wil-E. sighed again thinking of Idaten's description of the girl when the lepord first picked up the girl. It was disgusting. "Well it mattered alot."

((I read up somewhere that in Japan black foxes are concidered lucky and so are white ones. So I had to put that in there))

7/29/2009 #29

Sora chuckled and looked back at the guarded castle, "Then you better hope they are lucky, as the battle we are about to find ourselves is my first, but it could be our last. So I sincerely hope I'm lucky, and debating whether I hope my luck rubs off on you."

((I think we should slow down, I'm running out of things to write.))

7/29/2009 #30
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