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Are you intrested in discussions and maybe even debates with other enlightened minds? Warning: People who think, learn, and grow come here. Everyone welcome from all faiths, spiritualities, and even non-faith.
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May Elizabeth

Welcome to The Enlightened Mind Cafe!

My goal in creating this forum is to encourage discussion/debates between people of all kinds of faiths/non-faiths, so that we can finally break down the walls of our differences and find our similarities. So pull up a seat, put up your feet, and chat at your leisure with some coffee in hand.

General Guidelines/Rules:

1. Be respectful. Don't flame, it's counterproductive if you are looking to have a true discussion about anything. Not only do you make yourself out to be a jerk, but you undermine your own position, by appearing to be afraid to be wrong, forcing you to attack others. Hearts and minds can only ever be changed or informed when civility and a sincere search for the truth are staples on both sides. Don't preach (there is a big difference between discussion/teaching/debating and preaching). If someone angers you, I suggest you walk away for 5 to 10 minutes, and then try to discuss the issue calmly and rationally. If there is still an issue contact one of the moderators and we'll try to work something out.

2. Respect people's personal boundaries. I do believe that boundaries should be tested and expanded, but only if the individual chooses so. If someone says they don't want to talk about a topic/issue anymore, or tells you that they're uncomfortable with the topic, leave them be.

3. The moderators will do their best to check on all forum activity. I'm not here to censor people (the exact opposite, really), but if I find you harassing/flaming/preaching, I will politely, but firmly, tell you that you're crossing the line, and need to stop. Feel free to speak your mind, but watch the way you do it. Be respectful!

4. This forum is not for your personal missionary trip. That's not to say that people can't convert to different things if it's their own choice, but I don't want guilt-induced, forced conversions. I personally find that extremely offensive and disrespectful. I will definitely tell you to stop if I see that happening. Nothing personal. Assume that everyone here holds their faith (or non-faith) just as strongly as you do. I made this forum so we can all learn from each other and respect each other, not to cause anymore feuds.

Brightest Blessings! Follow your bliss where ever it takes you, and do so with passion and joy. Is the journey diminished any by not knowing the destination?

4/22/2009 . Edited by scarlet stars, 4/24/2009 #1
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