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December 21st, 2012 will mark the resetting of the Mayan calendar to a new Baktun cycle. The Mayans believed that this would cause a transition from one world age to another. Others predict that this is 'Doomsday,' 'Armageddon,' or the 'Apocalypse.' Some 'New Age' beliefs suggest that crop circles, alien abductions, and psychic abilities can all be linked to ancient contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, and that this date marks a positive shift to a time when the increased 'cosmic energy' will enhance human abilities. Others believe that Planet X/Nibiru will pass by Earth, cause a pole shift, and subsequently cause the end of civilization. What are your personal beliefs about this date? Will it bring about disaster or prosperity? Is it all just a hoax/scam? What do you think will happen around the world on this date? Will people react the same way that they did for the Y2K scare in 2000?

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