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Post your dreams here and we'll try to interpret them. :)

5/22/2009 #1

My sister keeps on having dreams she's pregnant. (Before we jump to conclusions, she's not sexual active, lol.) Does it mean anything??

7/24/2010 #2

Pregnancy: Some aspect of yourself is growing/developing. It may, in contrast, represent the 'birth' of a new idea/life path/goal.

I had a dream that I sneezed out black ink. Let's psychoanalyze that, shall we? :P

Sneezing: You are anticipating something.

Ink: You will be slandered by a rival.

-head desk-

7/25/2010 #3
skyward squidly squee

@ sneezing ink: or perhaps--something squidly in nature?

7/25/2010 #4

*AK's Isky's enemies*

Oh wait. Isky HAS no enemies. BECAUSE SHE ALREADY AK'D THEM.


7/25/2010 #5

-slythergrin- You know me well, Fragile. xD

7/26/2010 #6

I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I kept finding feathers. I've read that feathers are signs from angels and I think that might be true, so in my dream I was happy to find them but didn't know what they were supposed to mean. I think I found 3 feathers--they were all dark brown and white, like 2 feathers I really have found this summer. One was really big, the other really small, and I can't really remember the other one (if I'm right and there was a third one). I actually have found feathers like that this summer...but in my dream they weren't the same feathers. I found one in a narrow hallway, but I don't remember the other 2. (Most of my dreams I find kind of hard to remember or explain---does that mean anything?)

7/26/2010 #7

WFW: If you find it difficult to remember your dreams, that's simply because you're having them in an REM sleep stage that is NOT the one you're having right before you wake up. So, if you're in stage 4 REM sleep at 3am, but then you're in stage 4 REM sleep again at 7am, then when you wake up, it will be hard for you to remember the dream you had at 3am. Anyway, that was a long explanation for: no, it doesn't mean anything.

Feathers: Realization of goals and aspirations. Success in the future. Making new friends. Comfort/warmth/peace.

7/27/2010 #8
skyward squidly squee

OKAY! I had an awesome dream. And I'll see how much of it I can remember. xD

It was a crazy dream within a dream thing. See. I kind of knew I was dreaming, but when I thought I was awake, I was actually still dreaming. So--dreaming of dreaming, and it was an intense dream.

I was at the public high school I used to go to. And knowing I was dreaming and not waking up, I decided to look for a certain person, because I could say and do things without consequence. It was funny, because this redhead [girl] randomly started following me for a little bit. And she would walk just into the door of a classroom like I did with me, and when I walked out ,every time she said, "[No/Nope]." 8D Anyways, I never found who I was looking for. And I ended up in some basement or boiler room I'm not sure exists. There was a rat I found and grabbed, and I tried to squeeze it to death [things I would never do in real life, or consciously in a dream], but I couldn't manage it somehow. So I let it go, or it escaped. And then GILES from BUFFY was there somehow. Either he was there talking, or he was with my sleeping body talking into my dreams. And he told me the great danger the rat [and its friends] posed. Either per his suggestion or my own idea, I started searching for a hammer. With which to kill the rat. And again, I didn't find what I was looking for. I woke up at some point, but I'm not sure when. And that's about as much as I remember of it.

7/27/2010 #9

I had a dream last night that my jaw was clenched really really tight and I couldn't get it unclenched. In my dream I could really feel it, too.

7/29/2010 #10
skyward squidly squee

Reverse Beartrap, honey.

The key--is in the stomach of your dead cellmate.

7/29/2010 #11
skyward squidly squee

Also, I found a blue jay feather while mowing my grandmother's lawn the afternoon before the night I saw The Silence Of The Lambs.

7/29/2010 #12

That's cool. xD

7/29/2010 #13

Dream: a lot of big spiders were in the house, and I was afraid they were poisonous. (I have a huge fear of poisonous spiders...)

8/14/2010 #14

SPIDER: There is some force in your life trying to protect you from your secret self-destructive thoughts/behaviour. OR there is an overbearing mother-figure in your life. OR you're feeling entangled in a relationship.

8/15/2010 #15

I confess I dreamed I found out my father had raped me as a little girl, more than once, with my mother's permission. She was trying to tell me it was a "Christian" thing to do. Which, honestly, makes no sense.

8/21/2010 #16

Erm. That's effed-up, Fragile lol. What a nightmare. -owls you a Dreamless Sleep Potion-

8/21/2010 #17

-takes and gulps- Thanks. I would hope that doesn't have an entry in your dream interpretation book. -pops pills into oblivion-

8/21/2010 #18

I had a dream my mom poisoned my dad. What does that mean??

9/17/2010 #19

Mother: The nurturing aspect of yourself. Comfort. Guidance. Seeking individuality.

Father: Authority. Protection. A desire to be more independent.

Poison: Something in your life is causing you sickness/distress. You need to be 'cleansed.' The ingestion of poison suggests that you are introducing something into your life that is undesired (i.e. it's causing negative feelings to unfold).

9/18/2010 #20

Is there any significance in dreaming in black and white? this has never happened to me, but my best friend says she dreams like this all the time.

10/9/2010 #21

Actually, I'm pretty sure that only a small percentage of people dream only in black-and-white.

Black and white: depression, sadness, you have two opposing thoughts troubling your mind, you need to be more objective.

10/10/2010 #22

Oh dear. I hope this isn't what this means for her! Thanks, Iskie, for the ever wise interpretation.

10/11/2010 #23

Iskie. I like that. It looks like a kind of PIE.

10/12/2010 #24
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