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5/22/2009 #1

Which do you prefer: werewolves, zombies, or vampires?

7/15/2010 #2
Creeping Collarbones

I've always liked werewolves since Remus. Haha. xD

And I think zombies are pretty interesting. If anyone knows any good zombie fiction, let me know. :D

I used to like vampirs, but Twilight is ruining them. I like the old vampire stories where they're scary not sexy and sparkly.

I'm going to with werewolves. You?

7/17/2010 #3
skyward squidly squee

ZOMBIES! And only zombies.

Creeping. omfg. Two zombie stories for you to check out. On my profile, go to my favorite stories and filter by Words; it'll be the one at the top. And the Re-Deads, which is mine, and also the one you would find at the top of my stories list if you filtered by word. Mine only has the first three chapters, though; I'm rewriting/continuing it. Here, Have A Zombie, the other story, is completed.

Also, I think the scary vampires were also supposed to be sexy; weird sex appeal is a vampire trademark.

:O Werewolves is your choice. I must admit I am quite appalled. :]

7/17/2010 #4
Creeping Collarbones

ZOMBIES! And only zombies.

Shocker. :D And yay! I'll go check the stories out! Thanks. xD

I like werewolves. :p

7/17/2010 #5
Psycho Paradox


This character is reported by Anatole Le Braz, writer and legends collector in the 19th century. Here is what he wrote about the Ankou in his best-seller "The Legend of the Death":

The Ankou is the henchman of the Death (oberour ar maro). The last dead of the year, in each parish, becomes the Ankou of this parish for all the following year. When it has been, in a year, more death than usual, one says about the Ankou:- War ma fé, heman zo eun Anko drouk. ("on my faith, this one is a nasty Ankou")

There are many tales involving Ankou, who appears as a man or skeleton wearing a cloak and wielding a scythe, often atop a cart for collecting the dead. According to some he was the first child of Adam and Eve. Other versions have it that the Ankou is the first dead person of the year (though he is always depicted as adult, and male), charged with collecting the others before he can go to the afterlife.

One says that there were three drunk friends walking home one night, when they came across an old man on a rickety cart. Two of the men started shouting at Ankou, and then throwing stones, when they broke the axle on his cart they ran off.

The third friend felt bad, and so wanting to help Ankou, first found a branch to replace the broken axle, and then gave Ankou his shoe-laces to tie it to the cart with. The next morning, the two friends who were throwing stones at Ankou were dead, while the one who stayed to help only had his hair turned white. He would never speak in detail about how it happened.

Ankou is king of the dead, and his subjects have their own particular paths along which their sacred processions move.[

7/17/2010 #6
Creeping Collarbones

Yeah. Alien abductions. They said it's like all true and the evidence is real or something like that, and to believe what you want. It's pretty wierd. The creepiest part was the womans face. Lol.

7/18/2010 #7

My favorite mythical creatures are vampires and i wish everyone would stop associating them with Twilight. There are plenty of other vampire novels out there! In my opinion, if one book has to pop into everyone's head whne they think vampires, I'd rather it be Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat or Queen of the Damned than Twilight.

For me, werewolves are too animalistic. They lack the control and sophisticism i admire in vampires.

Zombies are just gross, festering, decomposing, ucky.

Vampires are suve, dark, sexy, arrogant, and aristocratic. And the part that a lot of squeeling Twilight fans forget, vampires are dangerous and that is all part of the allure. There is a cold, heartless part of them that allows them to kill without remorse. And the risk of that part of them emerging is part of what makes them so thrilling.

7/27/2010 #8

"Vampires are suave, dark, sexy, arrogant, and aristocratic." ...Capely? xD You basically just described half the things I look for in a man. Ahah.

7/27/2010 #9
skyward squidly squee

"Zombies are just gross, festering, decomposing, ucky." This ... very upsetting and otherwise distressing. D:

7/27/2010 #10
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