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Possible topics for discussion include: Psychopathology, Organized/Disorganized Crime, Serial Killers, Victimology, Penology, Criminal Law, Ethics, Genocide, Mass Extermination, Theft, Torture, Weapon Possession, Abuse, Vandalism, Terrorism, Racial Profiling, Psychological/Criminal Profiling, Robbery, Pyromania, Polygraph Tests, Modus Operandi, Murder/Manslaughter, Identity Theft, Kidnapping, Forensics, Drug Possession, Necrophilia, Cannibalism, etc.

Note: The nature of the discussions will obviously be mature and slightly morbid, disturbing, or graphic, so please know that we're not here to say things like, "Oh hey, guess what, I want to be a serial killer," or anything like that.

5/22/2009 #1

Does anyone watch Criminal Minds or CSI?

7/15/2010 #2

I watch Criminal Minds! :D I really like Reid. He's so adorable in his own unique way- it's amusing. And I was saddened when Gideon left. He was a good character.

7/15/2010 #3

Cyne! -flail- I totally agree with you. I'm sad that Gideon left. Reid is probably my favourite character. I'm jealous of his photographic memory lol. I like Hotch too, though; he's suave. ;)

7/16/2010 #4

I love crime shows. My favorite is Bones.

7/16/2010 #5

WFW: Yes! :D I adore Bones. I hate the way Brennan and Booth keep dancing around each other, though. :P I will patiently wait for the next season and hope they finally get together.

If you want to watch something light-hearted every once in a while, Psych is great for that.

7/16/2010 #6

OMG I freaking LOVE Psych!!! Do you think Shawn is cute? That's a part of why I love the show (I confess). But yeah, it's super-funny. Did you see the new one that came out like yesterday, I think?

7/16/2010 #7

I don't have cable, so I watch the shows online. I'm actually just about to watch that episode, haha. ^^

Shawn is freaking hilarious and he acts like a little kid. I love him. But sometimes I want to smack some sense into him. :P

7/16/2010 #8

I am now officially addicted to crime shows. My favorites are Bones and NCIS, though I still dont know all the characters' names yet.

I love when they banter and discuss their personal lives over dead bodies. It makes any awkward conversation ten times funnier.

Would you want a job like that, investigating crime scenes?

7/27/2010 #9

Another good lighter criminal show is The Good Guys--it's SO hilarious.

7/27/2010 #10

DE: I almost went into Criminology; it fascinates me, but I'd rather approach it from a more psychological POV, than a scientific one, so being a CSI probably wouldn't work out for me. A criminal profiler, though? That I could do. xD

7/27/2010 #11
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