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Creeping Collarbones


Will you be seeing Vampires Suck?

8/5/2010 #31
skyward squidly squee

This forum is somehow still messin' up a ton. :P Like, multiple times posts have been missing for me, and when I refresh the page even more go missing. 8P Also, like seven posts must have been missing for Fragile when she posted.

x3 -- Squid's an innie. -- I love your question, too. 8--awr.

Vampires Suck? If I get the chance, I guess. 8P

Now ANSWER MY LAST QUESTION. (Really, I don't understand how my questions are always skipped.) -sighs before skipping off through the meadow-

8/5/2010 #32

FP doesn't LIKE me anymore. *pouts*

Goth subculture is either really fasinating or really annoying. (see the hordes of Hot Topic shoppers. *AK's*) If people are geniune and present themselves in an unpretentious way, then I'm all for it, (as I am with most subcultures.) I'm more of a punk kind of girl myself, though.

Now...hmmm...what's the last lie you told?

8/5/2010 #33
Creeping Collarbones

That I was fine. "How are you?" "Fine thanks." But really, I'm mentally punching everyone in the face.

Edited because WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH FP? Answer that. xD

8/5/2010 . Edited 8/5/2010 #34
skyward squidly squee


What would you call the happiest period of your life?

8/5/2010 #35

Women do not have "happy" periods. We generally want to vomit, cry, eat junk food, and kick people's face in. [I know what you really meant, and I will say: age 17.]

And guess what, kids? Isky is an outie. OH BURN. ISKY IS BOSS.

Seriously, though, if you met Isky in real life, would you: shake her hand, smile at her, nod at her, bow at her, other?

8/5/2010 #36
skyward squidly squee

I would be like, "Are you ready to show me how a Slytherin hugs?" and then go all Hufflepuff. Unless I was very intimidated, which is just as likely.

How do I get rid of the images? xO

8/5/2010 #37

-OT- Darling. You *doubt* that you would find Isky intimidating? -raises wand- -OT-

8/5/2010 #38

Stick your head in a bucket of ice water, and eat a corndog. That should do it.

If we were all in high school(I DUB THOU FP HIGH) what clique would you put yourself in and why?

8/7/2010 #39
skyward squidly squee


What quantity of happiness do you hold in regard to the existence of awrawr?

8/7/2010 #40

If this question is the level of my happiness regarding the phrase "awrawr" it has always made me think of a happy beastie having it's belly scratched. And this face! :3

Would Squid be ok with me calling him the Prince of Denmark from now on??

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #41

I dub Squid "The Dane." Simply because that is hot.

Also, in this little FP HIGH of ours, I would be Grandmaster Isky. But that's entirely obvious.

For those in high school, how's it going so far, loves?

8/7/2010 #42
skyward squidly squee

Oh oh oh deeeear. =o

Well, my new school year has yet to start, and I have yet to decide what school to take to learning at.

Oh, Squid would be very okay.

How green is your grass?

8/7/2010 #43
Creeping Collarbones

Green like any other grass. (:

If you were to get a tattoo what would be of/say? Or if you have a tattoo what is it?

8/7/2010 #44

I would get a butterfly, but that's too overdone by skanks who get them as a tramp stamp. However, butterflies are the symbol of Psyche from greek myth, and thus of a soul. I like to visualize my soul as a butterfly when i think about it, and i find them beautiful. Maybe i'd get a faerie, perhaps as only a silhouette. As for where, probably the inside of my wrist or on my shoulder.

But i'd never get a permanent tattoo, so it doesnt really matter.

What piercings do you have and what (if any) piercings skeeve you out?

8/9/2010 #45

"Skeeve." That is a term I haven't heard. I'm assuming you meant 'which piercings bother you?' I only have my ears pierced once and desire no more; I'd say genital piercings sound frightening to me. -grimace-

Who is your favourite character from The Lord of the Rings and why?

8/11/2010 #46

Aragorn because he's dead sexy. (for an older guy. If you read the time lines in the appendix of the books, he's actually like almost 90 or something when the series starts, but I think their life-spans are extra-long or something). I also like Arwen, but she doesn't actually do all that much.

I feel like answering Quid's question from like a week ago that never got answered: Get the Emilie Autumn book! Do it. And tell me how it is. It sounds really interesting, but seems like such a hassle to buy.

In conversations, to you prefer to talk more or listen?

8/12/2010 #47

Listen. I find listening to others more amusing that actually participating in their conversations [unless the conversation is stimulating, of course].

If someone was following you in a dark alley, what would you do?

8/12/2010 #48
skyward squidly squee

[OT] I give up on this forum. I typed up this big message before Isca's, and it disappeared. :| [/OT]

8/12/2010 #49

I would call my friend and tell him to rush over with his throwing knives. And maybe while I was on the phone, I'd try to get someone to stay on the phone and talk with me so that I would feel less alone and so my stalker would know that someone knows where I am and there would be a witness of sorts. Then I would walk quickly, but not run, out of there and go into the first safe-looking place I see.

What would you do if there was a robber in your house?

8/14/2010 #50

Kill them, most likely.

Oh, funny story: there was a robber who tried to break in through our back-door a few years ago. It was one of those retardedly hot summer nights, so I was sleeping on the couch downstairs because it was cooler on that floor. Anyways, it was pitch black, and I woke up, looked at the sliding door, and there was a man standing there, dressed in black, a knife in his hand. So, Isky ran to the kitchen, found a BIGGER knife than his, walked back to the back door with a cocky look on her face, and told the guy to GTFO before she opened the door and butchered him. He ran off. ISKY FOR THE WIN! [That is a true story. I kid you not. My parents ran into the room right when I was telling the guy off. Ahahaha. xD]

8/15/2010 #51

Silly robber. Everyone knows that guns are the way to go. :P Those robbers are gutless wimps. If they have a close-range weapon, they scram as soon as they encounter resistance.

Since Isky forgot to ask a question, I'll do one: Have you seen Inception yet?

8/15/2010 #52

No, I haven't. Was it as mind-blowing as people claimed it to be?

Are you familiar with the 13th century poet Rumi? "That's how you came here, like a star without a name."

8/20/2010 #53

I'm not, but the quote is beautiful.

Do you knit?? Or watch Grey's Anatomy??

(Inception=TOTAL TRIP. And the actors themselves aren't exactly hard to look at. *Arthur cough cough*)

8/21/2010 #54

I neither knit nor watch Grey's Anatomy, I'm sorry to say. :P

Isky: I don't know if it was "mind-blowing," but Inception was pretty awesome. The plotline was original and engaging. And I really liked the interactions between characters.

fragile: I am completely with you there. Arthur was dead sexy.

I'm rewatching the movie tomorrow with my little sister. I don't know how much of it she'll understand, haha.

What's your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

8/21/2010 #55

That cookie dough stuff. I don't know, doods, but that stuff is GASMIC.

8/21/2010 #56
Psycho Paradox

Isky didn't provide a question.

Should i kill myself now because she didn't give me a question? D:

8/23/2010 #57

Doc, is that you? -tackle hug-

8/24/2010 #58
Psycho Paradox

*falls over*


8/24/2010 #59

Err, thanks?

-slaps you- Where the hell have you been, hmm?

8/24/2010 #60
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