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WFW: Erm, I'm DEFINITELY not okay with that. Why can't your parents just take it to a pound? [If they *do* kill it, and you tell us about it, can you put a "warning" before the post or something? Because I may very well cry.]

Squid: Okay. I'm not going to lie. Clarice = Isky. RIGHT? Right. People will say we're in love. You need to go watch "Hannibal" now. And I can't even tell you how much I love you for liking that movie. :D

7/28/2010 #91
skyward squidly squee

I confess that when the Senator's daughter called Precious "ya little shit" I immediately thought of Draco. Which I find is appropriate--as Draco = Precious. :3


7/28/2010 . Edited 7/28/2010 #92

"Precious, you little shit." Ahah. "It puts the lotion on its skin." Btw, I love that Hannibal TALKED Miggs into choking on his own tongue for you-know-whating on Clarice. And when their fingers touched...*green beam glory*

7/28/2010 #93

I hate thriller/horror movies, but now I'm tempted to watch Silence of the Lambs. :P Tell me, how high is the creepiness factor?

7/28/2010 #94
skyward squidly squee

Well, my grandmother is a frail 70+-year-old woman, and she loves the movie. :3

It's ... Well, I wasn't ever really creeped out. ... I'm not really good at judging how others will receive things, though.


7/28/2010 #95
skyward squidly squee

[ ]

7/28/2010 #96
skyward squidly squee

I confess I feel like none of you give a crap about me.

7/28/2010 #97

Why?? I give a crap about you!!! :)))

7/29/2010 #98
Creeping Collarbones

I confess I feel like none of you give a crap about me.

From what I can tell, all of you guys have pretty good friendship and people care about you!

I confess I want to take part in this forum more! Cos ya'lls is pretty cool.

Silence of the Lambs! I haven't watched that in forever! I need to watch in, now.

7/29/2010 #99

Cyne: It's a psychological thriller. If you like serial killer stuff, you'll enjoy it. It's not a 'horror' flick.

Squid: Love, why do you say that? I care about you. And [considering I'm a Slytherin bitch] I don't say that easily.

7/29/2010 #100

I confess. I have. I have confessed and I continue to. You know what I'm talking about, someone.

Mea culpa.

7/30/2010 #101
skyward squidly squee

I confess, everyone.

I confess, you.

I confess, and I can only believe.

&& your fault?

&& my problem.

7/30/2010 #102

Ditto, man. (What?)

7/31/2010 #103
skyward squidly squee


Original thought helps.

Wifew. You have to know--

[I confess] I like not making sense. It comes naturally to me.

Edit: Wifewifewifewifew. Ewww. waitingforwhatever. I just noticed my nickname for you--whif ew--has 'wife' in it. This shall not stand!


7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #104
Creeping Collarbones

I confess that reminded of that Selena Gomez song they always play on the radio. "It comes naturally, ooh it comes naturally." *AKs radio*

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #105

Isky confesses that she made-up the word "Hitlarian" (i.e. Adolf Hitler-esque) to rhyme with Librarian. And that makes her +1 karmic point cooler. [Also, Isky just noticed that her ankle is bleeding. Schwa?]

7/31/2010 #106
skyward squidly squee

Let it bleed.

And take the red for what it's worth.

Watch the fire.

Fill your lungs with smoke for the last time.

7/31/2010 #107

Why would you think we don't give a crap about you, Squiddy? :O We're all one big awesomely beastish slightly-screwed-up family here. :3 And we LURRVVVEEEEE each other.

I confess it's good to be back.

7/31/2010 #108

@Squid: The Used? (wild guessing sounds familiar though)

I confess it's good to HAVE Cyne back. (Where ya been, Cyne??)

7/31/2010 #109

Cyne, you mofo, I missed you like a button misses a robe. xD

7/31/2010 #110

Also, I confess that the RPG thread was working the other day. If it still works, GO THERE NOW, and RP something. xD

7/31/2010 #111

I was up in Georgia with my family. Hotel internet connection was less than ideal. :P But yah. I have returned, and now I must get around to working on my questions...

7/31/2010 #112
skyward squidly squee

@ Cyne: "Why would you think we don't give a crap about you, Squiddy? :O We're all one big awesomely beastish slightly-screwed-up family here. :3 And we LURRVVVEEEEE each other." Hm. Why would I think that? Well, first of all you all have to know I'm a little reluctant to believe I'm worth anything, due to my family environment and my childhood and so on; it's fun times. And when I mistakenly think the ones who matter most to me see me as worthless, I feel worthless to e'erboda. Also, Cyne, you've been in Georgia. Like ... like ... what was that about? You can't just go off to Georgia, do Georgia-appropriate things in Georgia, and just basically be in Georgia. It's unethical and you should know that, lover.

Oh my gosh. Lover might be my favorite term of endearment. Like: Last Christmas a bunch of family came over and I was almost getting all aggravated about something, and then I threw out this stupid comment and tagged 'lovers' on the end of it. The rest of the day went very well.


@ Fragile: Of cooooourse it's The Used. :3 In Love And Death feels like the epitome of my life at the moment, minus all the sexual allusions and such. :P "(wild guessing sounds familiar though)" I'mmmmm wondering what that means. :/


Sounds like "gorge your appetite." If you can make any sense out of that.

@ Isky: "I missed you like a button misses a robe." My galoshes, I love that. It's like you belong to and are a part of her.


I confess I'll be too saddened to post in the RPG thread again after my lengthy DRAKINATOR post was -- lost due to thread murrderrrrr.

I confess I helped pull weeds in the driveway today. It was this bending over, sitting down, twisting around, trying to dig the screwdriver far enough into the earth to -cracks up- .

I confess I drooooooove. To Walmart and back. With two screaming ladies in the car with me. On the way toooooo went pretty well. Then I bought Left 4 Dead for the PC along with two Alice In Wonderland folders. And on the way home, one of the women had a screaming fit and everyone was lucky there were no cars on the other side of the road when I freaked out and swerved.

I confess I'll be off to finish mowing the lawn for Butter [oh. DUBLE STOOF.] if it's not too dark.

This being giddy thing is good for me. :P

It works.

Also: do you have any idea how much inspiration and how many ideas you can get from simply looking through a dictionary? Yeah--especially if you're blue-ing out your favorite words and otherwise MARKINNITUP with a Sharpie.

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #113

I confess I live in Georgia, but I was born in California and lived there till I was 8, so I consider myself more Californian than Georgian. I want to go back there someday.

I confess I love The Used! My favorite line from that song is "put me out cause I'm on fucking fire!" That whole album was my favorite album back in Feb.

7/31/2010 #114
skyward squidly squee

@ wfw:-----

I confess I'm still mourning the loss of the nickname wifew. It was cute.

----- oh my geez! I love the album so much! Sound Effects And Overdramatics is one o' my toppp[four] favorite songs. AWRQAWRAWRQAWRAWR.

it's not me

buried wreckage my soul

it's not me

so who am I now?

7/31/2010 #115

You can call me wifew if you want.

"Light With a Sharpened Edge" is my second favorite song--"I Caught Fire" is my absolute favorite.

7/31/2010 #116

Squiddles, my little orange kabob, can you put the robe/button Isky-quote in the Hall of Awesome? xD

7/31/2010 #117
skyward squidly squee


oh. my. gosh.


I. love. this album.

I said my favorite. Beyond thattt? Probably Let It Bleed and then Lunacy Fringe. Love all of them, though.

I confess I'm not fishing the lawn for Butter. I'm starting over and mowing the whole lawn myself. And my mom's on the warpath, talking about grounding Butter [DUBLE STOOF] from the computer. So if you though you were seeing little of him now, look forward to seeing less.

Y'know. People are so adorable. [insert "random laughter at remembering something[ssss]"]

Gosh. I want to post that same quote from Light With A Sharpened Edge again. See how I am?

Little Boy: "This is delicious."

Boy's Mother: "Yummmm."

7/31/2010 #118
skyward squidly squee

Sure thing, maja. :]


7/31/2010 #119

Hey dood. Are you on FB chat? If so, hit a maja up with some love, yeah?

7/31/2010 #120
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