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Conversation Prompts: hair styles, shopping, clothing, fake tanning, shoes, jewelry, your Halloween costume, make-up, corsets, glasses, models, piercings, tattoos, etc.

10/17/2009 #1

You know what Isky likes? Shoes.

7/15/2010 #2
May Elizabeth

May likes corsets, tattoos, latex, and stockings. And women in menswear. ^.^






7/15/2010 #3

So, I am going to buy myself a legit corset some time in the immediate near future. How much money do you think is too much to spend on a corset?

8/12/2010 #4

Corsets are hundreds of dollars, aren't they?

8/12/2010 #5

Yup. The very cheapest I found for an over-bust was $150. I've seen quite a few for almost $300. I had been aiming to keep it under $200, but if only the plain boring one are that cheap, I might go a little over to get a really nice one.

I usually dont spend a lot of money on myself, so I want to splurge on this one thing before I become a broke college kid. But I'm a bit afraid of making a rash purchase or getting jipped.

8/14/2010 #6

Lyllyth: Are you going to a store to purchase it or ordering it online? If the latter, you have a greater chance of getting jipped (and it's probably best to try on a corset before you buy it in canse it looks good on the rack but is unappealing on the body lol).

8/15/2010 #7

Yeah, that's the big thing. I hate buying things online. So I never do it. My goal is to try one on at a Renaissance Faire, figure out what I want, and come back another day with money. If the Ren faire corsets are too expensive though, I may resort to buying them online, but I have the business cards of guys I've tried corsets from in the past.

8/16/2010 #8

Hmm... am I the only one around here who prefer clothes I can move, and breath, in?

8/16/2010 #9

Probably. Honestly, i often pick beauty over comfort. But that's mostly for special occasions. On normal days i get a lot less use out of the psuedo-corset i made in fashion design than i thought i would because i never really feel like wearing it. I often wich the clothes i admire were more practical.

8/17/2010 #10

Well... I guess I do pic looks over comfort sometimes... but, well... guess my style just is rather relaxed and comfortable...

8/17/2010 #11
Creeping Collarbones

Lyllyth: My friend went to Renaissance Faire and tried a corset on. Now she's saving up her money to buy this whole outfit that'll be a few hundred dollars. Haha.

I kind of dress for comfort. I could live in hoodies and skinny jeans. And cardigans. I love cardigans! I usually wear loose fitting shirts. I like that boho look. I've also made it my life mission to find cute old, vintage jewelry. I was going through my grandma's jewelry the other day, and she has so much. I found so many cute things!

That was a pointless ramble, but I really like talking about clothes and stuff. xD

What's one piece of clothing you couldn't live without?

8/17/2010 #12

Long swishy skirts. They just make me happy ^.^

8/19/2010 #13

T-shirts and tops. Coz if I hadn't those things I'd A: Walk around in my bra... B: Be rather cold in winter...

8/20/2010 #14

So I'm kinda sad 'cause I didn't buy my corset. I found some that were real cheap--only $150. But I just didnt find the one that made me go "oh my god, I have to have this!" Oh well, maybe next time.

8/24/2010 #15

I'm sorry you didn't get a corset, Lyl.

8/24/2010 #16
skyward squidly squee

I confess I now kind of want a corset. ...

8/25/2010 #17

what do you all think about leather?

On an unrelated note, the lady at the corset shop was talking about how somebody should invent a modern-day, more comfortable version of the corset that replaces bras as the undergarment of choice because bras give us bad posture by putting weight on our shoulders and making us slouch. i thought that was interesting.

8/25/2010 #18

Squid: Do you remember that SYTYCD routine that I showed you where the MEN were wearing mini-corsets? Hottest. Thing. Ever.

8/25/2010 #19
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