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10/17/2009 #1

A father's son joined the little league football team at his school, and he really wanted his son to do his best out on the field. So he told his son, "If you do really great out there note: there's a bun of football talk there, but I forget what it was and if your team wins, I will get you whatever you want."

So the boy agrees, and he becomes the star of the his little league football team, and his team won. Afterward the boy's father says, "Ok, you did what I asked, now what do you want?"

"All I want is 10 pink ping pong balls," says the little boy. The father is surprised, but agrees happily, because he figured he'd have to spend a lot more money.

They go through the same exact thing every year, and every year the boy asks for the same thing, and always gets it. When he enters middle school, he signs up to join the football team, and his father made him the same offer: "Just make sure you win this year and I will give you whatever you want."

The boy did exactly as his father asked, and the father told him, "Very good, now what do you want?"

"I want 100 pink ping pong balls," the boy said, and so his father gives him the 1000 pink ping pong balls.

The same thing happens every year he was in middle school. When the boy got into high school, he signed up for football, his dad made the same offer. The boy always won the games, and he always had his father give him 1000 pink ping pong balls. By then the boy had gotten so good at football, that he got into college on a sports-based scholarship.

When the boy got into college, his father made him the same offer, "If you win this game, I will get you whatever you want."

The boy won, and asked his dad for 10,000 pink ping pong balls, and so the father got him the 10,000 pink ping pong balls. The same thing happened every year the boy was in college.

The boy graduated college and got into professional football playing. The father made him the same offer before every game, and every time he won a game he asked for a million pink ping pong balls, and the father always got him a million pink ping pong balls.

One night a few years later, the boy was hit by a drunk driver and was sent to the hospital. He was in really bad shape, and his father came, and said, "Whatever you want, I will get you immediately."

The boy asked, "All I want is for all of my pink ping pong balls to be with me."

So the father has all of his son's pink ping pong balls sent to the hospital. They had to move him into a bigger room, and all of the pink ping pong balls he had accumulated over the years--billions, maybe even trillions of them--were taking up a whole floor of the hospital.

The father had always been curious as to why his son always asked him for a bunch of pink ping pong balls, but had never said anything. Finally, he gave into his curiosity and said, "Son, all these years, I've offered to get you whatever you want as long as you win the football games, and you've always done what I've asked. But you could have asked for anything else--a house, a car, anything---and yet you always asked for pink ping pong balls. Why is that?"

His son opened his mouth and died.

8/25/2010 #2
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