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What inspired your pen name? Do you have any favorite names? Having trouble naming a character? Would you change yours if you could? Discuss.

11/8/2009 #1
May Elizabeth

May Elizabeth is my middle name. Classy. xD

7/15/2010 #2

It *is* classy.

Isca is *technically* just another version of my name lol.

7/15/2010 #3
Psycho Paradox

Das blutendes Herz - Exactly what i am.

7/16/2010 #4

And what does your name mean, Doc? I'm too lazy to go look up a translation.

I don't feel like retelling the story of my name story unless anyone really wants to know.

What do you think of the name Everett? There is a woman in my neighborhood whose two little sons are named Emerson and Everett (Emmie and Evvy for short) and i think those are like the two most classy names ever...

7/27/2010 #5
skyward squidly squee

I like the name Everett, DE.

7/27/2010 #6

"Emerson" reminds me of the band "Emerson, Lake, and Palmer." I don't like the name, to be honest. I do, however, think that "Everett" is a very sexy name!

7/27/2010 #7

I changed my user for the first time, time to explain.

"fragilepoetics" was just a spur of the moment thing. To quote Bleach, "Complicated things are usually fragile. That's just how it is." At the time I joined up on here I was feeling fragile and vulnerable and things were nothing if not complicated. I wanted to be "thatfragilecapricorn" (it's from a song, and has my zodiac sign) but I decided against it for some reason. I had to change it because for a while now I haven't been the girl who started posting her thoughts on here. I've undergone such a tremendous change that I felt I was misrepresenting myself. So it changed.

"mydarkesthour" is a phrase I love, and a homage to time I joined FP. It was my darkest hour, then, and now I've come out on top, but it deserves to be remembered. Also, it sounds like something from a comic book, and reminds me of Batman, one of my heroes. So. Yesh.

8/26/2010 #8

ImagingThings: Well... I tried out bunch of names, all taken... then I thought, "Hey! I imagine things = ImagingThings!"

All that was at FF... and I just figured that since the two sites are sister-sites I'd just use the same...

8/27/2010 #9
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