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Let's get to know one another better, shall we? Answer as many or as few of the below questions as you'd like. :)

1. "Which is more important: intelligence or common sense?"

2. "What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young?"

3. "If you could do something dangerous (just once, with no risk) what would you do?"

4. "What's better: to know or be known?"

5. "What's the hardest thing you've ever done?"

6. "What's the most hours you've studied for a test?"

7. "What song best represents your life?"

8. "What's your family known for?"

9. "What Halloween costumes do you remember from your childhood?"

10. "What are the foods you remember eating the most from childhood?"

11. "What's your favourite family tradition?"

12. "Would you rather live for a week in the past or the future?"

13. "What family or school rule would you most like to change?"

14. "What's the best birthday party you can imagine?"

15. "Could you get straight A's next year if you were offered one million dollars?"

16. "For which store would you like to win unlimited free shopping?"

17. "What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble?"

18. "What was your strangest date ever?"

19. "What fashion from another period would you love to wear?"

20. "What gift would you love to receive from the man/woman in your life?"

21. "What's your most meaningful family heirloom?"

22. "What's the most impressive meal you've ever cooked?"

23. "How has your idea of God changed since you were a child?"

24. "If you knew you were going to die in five years, how would you change your life?"

25. "Is it more difficult for you to speak kindly or honestly?"

26. "Do your dreams sometimes guide you?"

27. "(Think of a book) What one question would you like to ask your favourite character?"

28. " (Think of a book) What alternative title would you give this book?"

29. "What do you like to ponder while gazing at the clouds?"

30. "Did you ever try to sell lemonade as a kid?"

31. "Are intelligence, looks, or humour more important in a romantic partner?"

32. "If you could be romantically connected with any celebrity, who would it be?"

33. "What's the worst pick up line you've ever heard?"

34. "Who have you lost touch with that you'd like to contact?"

35. "What item did you spend too much money on last year?"

36. "Where would you like to go on vacation this year?"

37. "What trip would you most like to take in your lifetime?"

38. "Would you rather travel by train, car, plane, or ship?"

39. "What do you miss the most about home when you're away?"

40. "Would you rather see a movie, a parade, or a magic show?"

41. "What makes you feel better when you're sick?"

42. "What's your favourite board game?"

43. "What object would you like to be able to draw really well?"

44. "If you could be a superhero, which special power would you choose to have?"

45. "What's the most beautiful place you've ever seen?"

46. "If you could excel at any competitive sport, which would you choose?"

47. "Are you a spiritual person?"

48. "Where is your dream home located and what does it look like?"

49. "Who are your closest friends and what do you most enjoy about them?"

50. "If you could appoint a board of directors to help you run your life, who would you choose and why?"

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