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skyward squidly squee

Mmhmm. Squeekers and squawkers, hark! Much awesome Ness of this forum will find its way here.

After this is posted, I'll continue to edit it and add MOAR. And feel free to comment on the glory of our collective awesome Ness, or to suggest a quote of awesome Ness you did not find among those here.

Community Terms -------

"[AK]= Avada Kedavra. A term coined by Isky. Derivatives- AK'd, AKed, AK-ed." - as described by Cyne

"Hex no!" - Yes. Dis kid just created it. But it should be used. Use it. Or it will use you. [see above]

Cyne -------

"*Kneels* 'All that is good and Snapely, may you bless Isky with the gift of excelling in all her classes, potions or otherwise, and provide her with plentiful glaring prowess (and nightshade), to intimidate or eliminate those who may stand in her way.'"

"Because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter.'"

""Dude, I think that poodle pissed on it..."

"Especially since I play the clarinet. (Too bad, no rocking out for me...)"

"Every time Snape scowls, a flower withers." -Cyne

"God has a mangina." - Talking about what Doc would say should he participate in the "Religions" thread.

"He is a lovable jerk. I personally prefer the term Lovable Bastard." - Referring to Snape (who else?)

"I confess I feel kinda perverted after sayng that."

"I confess I have changed from feeling dorky to feeling stalker-ish."

"I confess that I should create an entire undead army from the members of this forum." - Cyne. I forgot about this. But you and I. ... Yes.

"I confess that Inky and I are totally cool."

"I don't know why, but the icon doesn't really help..."

"I would be like *bitchslap*or *punch* and kick him where the sun don't shine." - .....

"Me: That pretty much means you're emotionally constipated. Dylan: *Coughs awkwardly*"

"My anger is passionate, but it doesn't usually last very long. :P AK-ing them isn't neccesarry."

"Teehee. I feel evil."

"That'll give him something to tell his friends at school, no?" - Cyne is creepy with her Snapely, cool ways. Also noteworthy is her use of the word 'poop' earlier in that post.

"The green beam of death."

"The most chat-gasmic chat ever gasmed."

"The Tubage of the You-age has been blocked?!"

"You get ten thousand yays! :D"

"You should invite people over to your house for tea and say: 'Oh, and by the way, you don't have to worry about the nightshade - I keep the bezoars in the pantry.'" - To Isky, and it is indeed awesome.

"Woah. The smiley's mouth opens and closes. *Delayed reaction*"

Doc -------

"and he's like "real friends kiss" so i'm like "oh, really?""

"and i confess, their fear make me happy and giggly."

"and i confess once again, i wanna sleep with her rofl"

"Because Sex can be mysterious, but knowing more about ones "sex-ee" [LOL] comes first =P"

"Daddy. not Daddio because i will like...own you =X"

"How do you feel about full frontal nudity?"

"I'll kill you with lovey dovey goodness ;D"

"I confes 3 hours's finished and just as sickening as weird as ever." - xD OMF-- I know it's about a poem, but yeeeyee.. DOC! DOC! DOC! What have you done to me?

"I confess *glomps*"

"I confess because that it's because it makes your butt bigger and doc likes big butts"

"i confess do it."

"I confess i'm a sexy bitch."

"I confess i had a HUUUUGGGEEE nerdgasm today at the store."

"I confess i had the overwhelming urge to remain naked so i am..."

"I confess i know she wants me"

"I confess i lov you too Squid :P"

"I confess i love nerdgasms xD"


"i confess i lurves yew."

"i confess i stole like 50 bumper stickers from my familys campground and i've been stick them on things. Benches, peoples' mailboxes, etc =D"

"I confess i tossed that mofo =D" - kiiiiitteeen =333 mofo x3

"I confess i wanna nom all these pistachios now."

"i confess im sweaty"

"I confess squid better recognize ;)"

"i confess that's kinda hot"

"I confess this girl is making me go O_O sometimes."

"I confess this has to continue. xD"


"I confess you can help make babies too =O"

"I confess you can make almost any noun a verb by adding the suffix -gasm."

"I said MOTHERFUCKIN' heartattack"

"Iconfess i'm going to feed you bacon."

"I don't particularily think you all want to be informed on this, lol"

"Long story short, i scared 2 teenage idiots by singing in german and coincidently going the same way home. =D"


"On another forum i use i flirt with everyone just cuz it's the internet so it's lolworthy."

"Squid, i ain't got a fuckin clue what you wrote there buddy =("

"thank god i can multi task well."

"they're both easy =P"

"TPAM and i both love everyone. -- This is why we often have orgies. -- What?" - Okay, love. You now officially scare the crap out of me. :)

"TPAM is my sweetheart and i love HER for it! =D TPATPAM is just jealous because she's watching two lovers kiss in a tree. Which is kind of stalkerish, but i don't mind because i've always wanted my own stalker."

"Well, i do enjoy teh breeze. I confess when i move out and live alone, i'm going to try and find a person who always enjoys being we can hang out naked all the time."

"Well, i don't mean to sound so...full of myself, but it holds truth."

Dreaming -------

"Aww, fragile, I feel like we're family, too. One happy, insane, virtual internet family. Especially with that marriage coming up, lol."

"I confess I am also a fan of the word nerdgasm."

"I confess i am going to try and drag Harry potter into my SAT essay somehow."

"I confess i woke up at 1:30 this afternoon and have proceeded to ignore my to-do list and do nothing useful since."

"i confess I've been wanting to say "i confess" in real life now, too." - Heh. :) i'm sure you're not the only one from this forum suffering from that. ^^

"[little rinky-dink one-liners]"

"Oh, but I like your name, Psycho."

"So that should explain a few things."

"That's pretty funny that it censored "cocks". See how modern use fo the english language has ruined perfectly good words! yeesh."

"They should have actually made it blood flavored."

Fragile -------

"*gaps* DOC! I'm a MARRIED WOMAN! The only babies I will be making are fragile/squidy ones. ;)"

"*giant group tackle*"

"(This is getting WEIRD.)"

"(Poor Isca. My vagina aches for you. OUCH! 400?!)" - Kind of scared and disturbed me, but here it is. Due in part to the blessings of Doc and Isky.

"And middle school I right?"

"I also ALSO confess I swear I will write a confess of Squid-like proportions."

"I also confess I am enjoying the awkwardness."

"I also confess that I am holding back major confessions because, um, do you lovely internet people really want to hear about my silly navel-grazing? I think not."

"I confess... I'M BACK!!!!" - Glorious moment


"I confess I like you guys better than most people I know IRL."

"I confess I'm confused and a little offended."


"I confess that on Christmas my slightly drunk uncle gave me, my sister, and my other girl cousins a "don't have sex speach" that birthed this beautiful quote: "You'll get fucked and then you'll BE fucked!" - ... .... .....

"I confess this is a VERY AWKWARD FORUM."

"Pointless much?"

"Pshh. THAT'S a relief. Seriously. I was having a hard time talking to any of my guy friends without feeling awkward...."

"What kind of "friend"? ;)" - gasps- Fragile! ;D

Isky -------



"Ah, I pulled some mumbo-jumbo out of my ass, like "Dying doesn't have to be the answer.""

"And if the Dark Lord has a cold, he says, "Get me some nasonex, you swine!"

"But, hey, we're all big softies underneath the scowls, and the billowing robes, and the acerbic comments. like a coconut: hard on the outside & soft on the inside."

"Cyne, I confess that I would like to give you a virtual Spock-five because you put the KOOL in kool-aid."

"doc is rubbing off on you. /// (oh god, that sounded wrong" - the power of Doc"

"Don't ask me to elaborate or I'll go all Snapesque on you :P."

"Every time Snape laughs, a Hufflepuff dies."

""Happy brithday to Sna--" *falls down dead* Snape: Hah! Take that you dunderhead. *looks around* *steals a piece of cake when no one's watching* / "All in a day's work.""

"Hey, being a purple-flying-turtle-of-karma is hard work :P."

"Hey hey hey, squiddly kid, how come I got a " :/ " and everyone else gets a smiley?"

"Hmm, true. Me? Naked? Strange thought." - First of all, omglolotherdumbchatspeaklawl:3. Secondly: PP, I don't think it would work out between you two--this quote alone is evidence enough. ;P

"Hoorah! Your dad fixed the toilet. Nice."

"Horny?" - One-word post. From Isky. Surprise. Oh, and she was asking about me. Right after she asked if I was wearing a ...

"I'd be like the bomber of brilliance."

"I'd get an arm-full-of-squid before I had even entered the room."

"I "esploded" all over your room. That's pretty epic. :D"

"I bet you they set up a death eater carnival every year and Voldemort gets to be the guy in the DUNK TANK. DUNK-THE-DARK-LORD."

"I confess that an army of Isky's sounds pretty awesome to me. :P"

"I confess that I'm going to show up to your online wedding in full Slytherin regalia and fuggin' rock that joint. Hells yeah, m'lady. ;)"

"I confess that I even have hand gestures to go with my *error error* spiel."

"I confess that I got teary-eyed just thinking about Snape's death scene. If Isky had anything to do with it, she would have AK-ed Nagini, AK-ed the Dark Lord, shoved a bezoar down Snape's throat, healed his neck wound, given him a blood-replenishing potion, and hugged the Hell out of the old git until he made some acerbic comment."

"I confess that I had a dream about Snape AGAIN. What's that, like the 100th time now lol? My poor subconscious is obsessed, I see."

"I confess that I had a dream that I was pregnant."

"I confess that I just ate a slice of apple pie. Yup, my life's complete lol."

"I confess that I think it's funny that I probably hit myself during the night and didn't even feel it."

"I confess that I think it's weird (in a funny sort of way) that our toilets are broken at the same time, Squid."

"I confess that some lady asked me if I had a boyfriend yet and it pissed me off."

"I confess that the first thought that entered my mind after reading Squid's post was: "What? You grew some lady-parts?" And then I laughed-out-loud."

"I confess that there was some guy on the bus this morning wearing black leather gloves and I thought that was hot. :P"

"I confess that there's a spider in the corner of the room. To kill, or not to kill, that is the question. *Throws psychology textbook across the room and prays it finds its target*" - Isky, you are to be loved.

"I don't bruise easily either, so when I do, it's epic lol."

"I like fridays that are the 13th. They always seem to be decent days for me lol."

"I like the idea that "Isky" is a synonym for "Ghost." Tres cool."

"I missed you like a button misses a robe."

"I pray that, just once in his life, he did something wild. He rode a tilt-a-whirl. He ate cotton candy. He rented a stupid movie. He LAUGHED."

"I wonder how many buttons are actually on Snape's robes and how fast he can button up his robes in the morning (probably a world record). I bet he sleeps in them. I bet he sleeps standing up. Or upside down, like a bat. Or in a coffin, listening to his mp3 player until the wee hours of the morning."

"If you don't stand for a Slytherin lady, you'll get AKed (or at least your balls hexed off)." - Isky: did I just say that? :S / docccccccccc

"Is it bad that I burst out laughing? I had the best visual lol."

"It's totally been Ak-ed by now."

"LOL. (The fact that that made me "lol" just saved you from being AK-ed). :P" - Squid stayed not dead

"LOL! You should combine that into one long word: hey-isky-mclibin-geebers. That'd be a pretty awesome 'surprised' reaction."


"Okay. Try not to laugh at me too much. I have this irrational fear of dying from not pooping." - We're trying, Isca, we're trying. :)

"OMG DUDE: I think red-heads are hot too."

"Remember, if you can't impress them with your intelligence, dazzle them with your bullsh*t." - Advice for Cyne

"Right, well, Isky confesses that she's now going to go sulk in a corner... (jk) :P"


"snape + a rubber duckie = priceless"

"Snape bringing sexy back? lol He never LOST it."

"Snape's hair is greasy, right? I bet that was a lie. He was probably a hair model in the summertime or something (took a potion that made his hair all sexified)."

"So, in this army of the undead, can I be the SORCERESS?" - YES!

"Squid, I just had a thought... What would happen if Snape & Isky / MARRIED / that'd be like / DOUBLE / the doom. Isky shall organize a dance."

""This is goodbye, then." God, I got all teary-eyed at that. How sentimental of me. :)"

"We can have like a funeral casket slumber party"

"Wearing a kilt?"

"Witches as in bitches. DUH."

"WORLD DOMINATION / ! / Isky the Imperatrix Mundi / (empress of the world) / and her squiddly advisor."

"Yeah, I just keep having this image of a giant squid going into a medical tent for an examination by Doc. It's not pretty."


"You have my permission to get jiggy. ;)"

Krystle -------

"((Annie: Have fun getting to know the greek god in your dorm ;), I mean that in the platonic sense."

"HP fanfic is beyond guilty pleasure for me now, I confess. :P"

"I confess that I am waay too happy to have a character named after me in Pancake's zombie story. :D"

Lyllyth -------

"I confess I cried during the kiss scene of a zombie novel. Yes, I got teary-eyed for zombie romance. But it was so sweet! You know a book is well-written when you can care that much about a zombie. (btw, I'm talking about Daniel Waters' Generation Dead and Kiss of Life if you're interested. Real cute stories and surprisingly deep)" - This just had to go on here; it was begging me.

"I confess I still havent solidified my plans for today, and this "winging it" thing kinda makes me antsy."

"I confess i totally dont get the game Call of Duty 4." - I'm srs still loll'ing at this. But when you said you were sick of playing SSB at parties? HEX no! :)

"I confess i yell at underclassmen who attempt to grow beards because they look silly. 9th and 10th graders don't understand that a fuzzy chin isnt a beard." - Lyl, you totally win with this! And my brother is so guilty; he will not shave.

"I'm ashamed that I have the shortest section."

"[squidlyisms] (awesome things that Squid says)" - as described by Lyllyth herself

Squid -------

"-face without description- Yay for a lack of adverbs!"


"-imagines walking into The Exchange, shouting, "Haha! Deerhunter, yes!" and facepalming-"

"(None of mine were sexual, either! To clarify.)" xD

"(WHOA! He's never labeled the insane, random stuff he's said before!!! What in fudge-michael's house is going onn!?!twelve!)"

"& I confess I has a spoon in my pocket."

". Doc. Is. ... Another House entirely. "outside the castle"" -- Which is no fair. Because I said he was another house entirely. And Isky said, outside the castle. This awesome was a joint effort. I blame Cyne.

":/ Aww, PP. I confess that although I just laugh-yawned at that I'm pretty upset. .... oo -shiny eyes, yo-"

";P I confess that maybe you are a punk, but I'd never say you were."

"xD ... I confess this is random, but the image of Isky headdesking makes me want to watch poorly-animated anime. Huh. 8P"

"Ahh... I had imagined it meant gnawing on bellybuttons. x3"

"AiI cOnFeSs AiI aM pSyChO pArAdOx AnD aIi ArE tEh CaPs MaStEr!!! =X" - My best impression of our grand lover Doc.

"All of this just spewed from my fingers. Like magical stars, nukahs. And I'm stopping here."

"Am I included in this? ... =D"

"And Cynny... We're cool, right? --- And I'll totally be in your army. -nods- Once I make pirate zombie status, I'ma totally call you up."

"And I feel like I've given y'all enough personal informationn you could easily murder me with itttt all. =D"

"And I'm saying goodbye to all the friends I didn't have until that part of the dream."

"[...] and I'm still not completely sure how to most ... err, umm, .... squeeze the awesomeness through my body from my brain to my hand an onto theeeee word format people can recognize."

"And Idk. I guess things are chaos."

"And now, here you are, erefdouafhy! The ironies! They never stop!! :]"

"And that I've never stared at Haley Pifer's "boobs" or will ever "go and smoke weed some time.""

"And, well, that turned into Flinny."

"Annnnd. I confess I'll be back soon but have to go to actually eat the source of what has made me plug my nose for the last half hour."

"Anyone else - is to Participate -- as Isky -- is to Dominate."


"Attention, World. This is the news from Meeesta Lovegood. And we'd like to tell you that people in KENYA are still, years later, in fear of a return of the asplosions caused by an announced engagement."

"Because of my irrational fear that the dividers would spontaneously ... re-divide the room and .. divide parts of me. :D"

""Because you're not a lady, Margaret?" HUFFLEPUFF"

"Bring on the death stick. For the love of everything."

"But don't tell him that, gawsh! x3"

"Butter's never an option, by the way."

[capeliness] - describing Snape, demanding from Isky a space in the hall

"D'aw! I hate meltings of my vocabulary. =|"

"Don't be jealous, though--they're not very big and I don't really use them."

"Ever'body like, hey, I'm you lovamain, and they like, errrrr, ker-noes."

[flow'ry ghost madre] - referingto Isky, and suggested for this space by Isky

"For duh'z (as in, of course)."


"[green lights flash everywhere]" - refering to all the AK-ing

"Hee! =D! *huggleschmocks!* You must have caught my happy disease! -- I'm so happy for your happiness. :)"

"Hehe. Hm. ... Drunk? ... Pretty? ... Insanely awesome: awesome in a way that involves being very, very insane? ... It sounds like an adjective. xD ... How about: [Noun] a ghostly wind that smells of flowers? Ahh. I could think about this for days. :D"

""Hi. I'm Dergle McSpirky The Black Dragon Of Snape-liness. Not shapeliness--I'm lumpy, but it suits me, being a dragon and all. My hobbies include being black, Snape-like, and disturbingly perky. I also have an orange pet kitten named Fritters. And I do, on occasion, sing opera like a viking woman--mainly when I'm feeling rather epic, or if I just witnessed the tragic death of some sort of monkey, and in that case it would be in its red-cap-wearing honor. I'm in an odd mood today; I feel like brooding for hours on end. However, I might just fly to Dreamland, have myself some cooked Wigglytuff, golf with the legendary super puff Kirby, and dance hypnotically. If you're wondering: yes, I am carnivorous. But I do, on occasion, indulge in the consuming of Ivysaur flowers. I'm sure this would sadden the lovely Isky, for the petals giving her the beloved nickname "flowa ghost mommy" come from these flowers, and her Squid kid happens to be one of the species Ivysaur. ... I don't know what to say, now; should I apologize? ... Well, at least she knows her ghost powers are feeding her Snapely dragon, and are also bringing joy to at least one of the dwindling Ivysaur race. Perhaps she would like to know other things. I'm not sure, though. She happens to have exams coming up, and I don't know if feeding her more fantastical, dergled information is the best thing to do right now. I guess I should just send her the love and good wishes of myself and all the other dragons and Snape-like creatures. Consider them sent. I await your appreciation.""

"Hm. I'd bet there isn't much you could say that would be scarring to me. xp. And according to a country song I don't either know the name of or really like that is supposedly the song of me and my cousin: "We're all a little bit disturbed," though I might be paraphrasing."

"How do you even imagine DOC? Like. He's like gangsta/pirate/cowboy/vietnamese/mexican/whitekid/partkitten/purrrrradox."

"I admit [confess] that so far it has been a lot less painful than Madonna."

"I confess :) :D :3 :D :] :A :3 :D :=) (runny nose? o-o) =3D (moostache) huh huh huh"

"I confess BRAINS. Hello! BRAINS. We have them! So does he. So does your jiadhulfgb MOM. And you probably do, but let's not make assumptions. So shut up, seriously. There's no point in dedicating your weekend to coming up with a pointless dialogue made to tear someone apart and put right in front of their face where they won't even read it but everyone else will ans be torn apart in their stead. Honestly. You just freaking murdered me. ... GOSH!" - mofo-kin hater :|

"I confess I adore dorkery in general, and I happen to think geeky glasses are hot."

"I confess I am going to make a nice, long, happy post just for you."

"I confess I am now not wearing my mom's winter coat backwards, and that is because I am now not wearing my mom's winter coat at all, and that is because it is not snowing in my bedroom."

"I confess I am Squid. ----- And I'm a little sore right now, so you're gonna hafta wait if you wanna hear me roar. K? :]"

"I confess I do enough embarrassing things on a regular basis that none of them really end up sticking out. Well--not many."

"I confess I feel I must reiterate the fact that I believe the act of wearing clothes is crucially important."


"I confess I find it very ironic that we're saying we're good at keeping secrets in a thread full of confessed secrets."

"I confess I have a ceiling. And Isky's spirit exploded from my chandelier, showering white sparks all over it for an instant, and that it was in fact a bit awesome."

"I confess I have the best sense of paranoia ever--it's priceless, really."

"I confess I lub Psycho. :)"

"I confess I say grammatically incorrect things all the time just for fun."

"I CONFESS I SHALL NOW EXPLAIN MY THOUGHT On THE USAGE OF '-EWD'. MMKAY: '-ewd' would be used in something that feels really, really good. Like, if someone mentions something you've never heard of that sounds really obscure, you might say, "Is that fewd?" [food] You see what I'm saying. Obviously--I mean, you're reading it [duh DUH]." - Dis fewd tace gewd.

"I confess I would marry a zombie boy if her weren't too rotten or mindless. :]"

"I confess I'm going to be an incredible dork and list them all for you: my big green Cedar Point bear, Nate; another green teddy bear; a tiny, green teddy bear, which is my favoritest of all forevers and is named Tooceetoo; a brown teddy bear that is exactly like my middle green bear, except in color, that I admit I love tons more and still haven't named; my little ghosty snow bear whose name is Shivers; a tiny walrus whose name is Jolly; my little Aipom, which I've nicknamed Nathan; my little Turtwig, which I've nicknamed Hartwig; my little PACHIRISU; a little green sea turtle I might have named Marisa; a bigger turtle that's white with orange spots and a brown shell and nose; a little brown monkey that's ... just a monkey; my little penguin Keisha, and she's in love with my little brother...awkward, much?; a fuzzier little penguin with a pretty green scarf ... rawr, I'll have to give him a smexy name; my lil wolfy ... I believe I've named him White Fang after reading Jack London's book, which I loved; mai expensive tiger from the gift shop in the Australia Zoo, and I think I've named him Javen, but I'm not sure ... =O But I named my guitar Javen!! ... Oh, and I have an inflatable dolphin, and I named him Moises, because I won him at the IX Indoor Amusement Park the day I met Moises Arias there, but recently he's suffered a major case of deflation. D="

"I confess I'm hungry. :| And ... yogurt? Ice cream? NO HOT POCKETS?!@?!? TERGEDDY! ...."

"I confess I've taken Chuck Norris jokes and applied them to myself. Example: "Why does outer space exist? -- Because it was afraid to be on the same planet as Stephen Carey.""

"I confess my dad just fixed our broken toilet."

"I confess my fourteen-year-old brother makes out with our puppy."

"I confess my nine-and-ten-year-old siblings are at the other side screaming and being generally terrifying."

"I confess that a certain solitary grammar mistake is going to eat at my soul for .... ever."

"I confess that, the other night I was going to go on a huge stint of listening to Madonna songs, but it was just far too painful, and I only managed to listen to twelve songs."

"I confess that, yes, Emilie Autumn is ... yes."

"I confess that clothes are sexy. Yeah. Clothes. Wear 'em. =D"

"I confess that I don't even know who Jolly Roger is, but I believe he's a pirate, and he's shoppin' for a squid hat!"

"I confess that I feel at this moment that I am absolute wiin."

"I confess that I must've turned into a school girl. o__o"

"I confess that I'd like to make a request: don't call me a whore. :]"

"I confess that I'd pick Fragile to win over Isky in a pillow fight." - No offense to ye, Isky. It's just the AK is not allowed in the pillow fights. It wouldn't be fair. Althooooough ... Tha AK plus the pillows equals ... OMGOM the best violence ever.

"I confess that I'm almost in shock over that my brother just told me about how he punched a cute guy "in the balls" then flipped the guy over his shoulder. o.o" - waitwaitwaitwhat? So many muchez confusions. @.@ holy wat'zez.

"I confess that I'm an incomparably forgetful, stupid idiot and I just brought two frozen hot pockets into my room."

"I confess that a colossal octopus demon of FAIYER just exploded in ribbons of freaking GraffitiMcFireworks in the china town of my December Thursday."

"I confess that basically......undescribable-ness, ya drift?"

"I confess that dancing strangely is the Squiddy way."

"I confess that I drink too much Mountain Dew."

"I confess that I have a fuzzy blue something in my room. I don't know what to call it. o-o"

"I confess that I really want to lie and say that's the best non-sentence ever, but I'm sure I've done better. :3"

"I confess that I suppose it wouldn't hurt if I mentioned again that I like to be repetitive."

"I confess that I think it'd be awesome if CyneNoir posted a lot more. She's beans."

"I confess that I was shouting "GERMANS" earlier when watching a certain episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

"I confess that if you ever tell me shoes are the meaning of life I will scream in your face, because that's absofreakinglutely nonsensical."

"I confess that Isky is indeed an unspecified storage device freakin FLOWIN OVER with the most delicious awesome-ness you could ever freaking NOT IMAGINE and you would DIEEE!!!!!"

"I confess that it's my freaking soul!"

"I confess that it's so much more than I would have imagined, and that I absoplecomplutintonkletankedlonkinlationalitafully adooore it."

"I confess that I've already made a ton of confessions in threads besides this one already today, because I'm quirky like that."

"I confess that last night when I was using the computer, I was on playlist[dot]com and clicked play on a song I wanted to listen to, then clicked back to the tab with my email, and by the time the song started (my attention can be that short, honestly, I know, you can't believe it), yeah, like the parentheses told you, I forgot about the song, and when it started playing in my headphones, I didn't know what it was, and I thought there was a bomb falling into my dining room, and I made my dad laugh when I said, "Whoa! Holy crap! That scared the crap outta me!""

"I confess that me has no mateys to parley with."

"I confess that mentioning sex after two people just confessed they've never kissed anyone ... is kind of bold." - docdocdocdocdocdocdocdocdocdocdocdoc it was doooooooc

"I confess that might be why I sometimes go on epic escapades of mindless random-ness."

"I confess that one of my pillows has a cover with moose on it. o-o" - I don't know why, but moose always make me laugh."

"I confess that that came straight from the soul. -nods for five minutes-"

"I confess that there was one song I heard on there that always scared the (HEY ISKY) "mclibin geebers" outta me. I mean, it seriously creeped mt out, and I got goosebumps and all that good stuff, and was always just waiting for my back to spontaneously break or something, or for knives to fly out of the ceiling into my eyes, whoa."

"I confess that zombies zombies zombies zombies zombies zombies zombies."

"I confess the freaking KITTEN is wearing a BEANIE hat."

"I confess there is now a happy camper humming as he walks in circles around a log cabin, daydreaming about making out with zombies!"

"I confess this is a list of some lists I want to make: List of places to put forks; List of things not to include in a scary movie if I ever made one; List of words I enjoy; Better list of lists to make;"

"I confess you may now beat me to a bloody pulp in a dark alley."

"I do confess that I am now royally ticked off and slightly murderous."

"I don't know why, but moose always make me laugh."

"I feel like we're the sowers of the world, making everything come together."


[Indeediously] - Yes?

"I occasionally notice how easy it would be to kill people and when I'd have a chance and that I just don't."

"I think she might have had a thing for Hagrid, though."

"I would mention that it's impossible for a human to sleep standing up, but I'd decided after your first comment there that Snape is super-powered."


"I've got to confess, though, I'm drawing a blank."


"Like, honestly. Watch some television."

"Like, I was going to start giving examples but thought against it."


"LOL! With all my misappropriation with confessions and threads, I thought incorrectly with my last confession that I was committing another act as a rebel."

"MAS.QUE.RAAAAADE. must expose his evil ways, yadda yadda yadda, Squid can't understand anythiiiiing, that us monsters are singiiiing .masquerade."

""Missy Iskerson is wah. She is wah of wah's," says Snape. Don't ask him what it means. You will be AK'ed in a public bathroom."

"'nerdgasm' - I confess that freakin' rocked my world!"

"Not that that's likely to have never been done before. -looks sideways-"

"O M G, wow, wow, okay, wow, o-o, omg, yeah, like I said, wow."

"Ohh. Gotsta be kerful wif da liddle ones. o.o"

"Ohh. What great descriptive powers you has, great Squiddosaur!"

"Or was it you DreamingEternal? I'm vague on what your reason would be, but I'm sure it's a good one."

"Rawr, who knew that'd be the sexiest thing you'd ever hear? -grins-"

"Room service: more pillows, please."


"Squid: *rolls on the floor laughing, even though the murdered one might have been his brother; can't tell with all the masks*"

"The Hufflepuff in me was appaled, but I think you'd love it."

"Then, like, my brother said something about dying, and everybody but me fell asleep."

"TPAM makes me think estranged strings of words sometimes."

"We have enough power to make The Boy Who Stayed Not Dead greener than a golf course."

"Well, you do have this quality of appearing epically untouchable in your elegant, eloquent ... mysteriousness." - ..... -- Isky

"Wow. That made me so happy."

[Y'all'll'all] - con-strange-traction for, you all will all

"Yay. More slight morbidity. :|"

"Yeahhh. I know what you mean, but I enjoy being somewhat spontaneous. So, yeah, I'ma go for it."


"You never cease to detonate me."

Stacy -------

"I am beginning to see shades of your strange ways showing through. :] But nevertheless, you amuse me."

"I confess that for years, whenever Ludacris would come into a song and say "LUDA!", I thought he said "LUNA!""


I CONFESS I must be easily impressed, so we'll have to narrow down the bits with moarmoarmoar awesome Ness than the others listed and underline them or something. xP. And yeah, feel free to still suggest a ton of R'Awce.

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May Elizabeth

I confess I love how epic I am to be listed here with my birth name....Everyone knows who I AM. xD

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skyward squidly squee

Would you prefer I changed that, hon?

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