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This probably should have been created a long time ago, but it's finally here. This forum has so many Snape-esque matters and going-ons that I thought: why not create a thread for it? And thus Spreading the Snape was born.

This is where you can post everything and anything related to Snape, whether it be ramblings, proper use of Snapeliness (i.e. AK, AVS, Death Glare, flower-withering-scowl, billowing, ect), Snapely happenings (someone said/did something Snape-esque ), or something else. Newly-invented Snape words/phrases/terms can be posted as well.

Have fun spreading the Snape around! :)

3/3/2010 . Edited by Isca, 3/3/2010 #1

*Isky approves of this thread like a boss*

7/15/2010 #2
Psycho Paradox

*overthrows isky by because she's "the boss" *

7/15/2010 #3

*AK's Doc for his insubordinance*

7/15/2010 #4

*Tosses Doc's corpse into The River, where it is eaten by a dead fish carcass*

7/15/2010 #5

+ 10 points to myself for the Manchester reference. XD

7/15/2010 #6

+1 point to Isky for noticing the MO reference.

7/15/2010 #7

Hell yeah.

7/15/2010 #8

-Capely walks out of the bathroom, a black towel wrapped around his waist; he notices Isky lying in bed, the laptop beside her; she's smirking-

Isky: Oh, this is good.

-Capely tightens the grip around his towel- Capely: Iss.key, you post anything about this on the Forum, and I shall hex you into oblivion. -glare-

-Isky posts about it on the Forum- -Isky is hexed into oblivion-

-Several hours later: Isky and Capely, in bed-

Isky: Are you mad at me?

Capely: -snorts- No.

Isky: Why did you forgive me so easily?

Capely: Because I had already sought my revenge.

Isky: What do you mean?

Capely: You didn't tell the others that we had *both* just come out of the shower... -smirks-

Isky: Well obviously, or they would have thought I was randy.

Capely: You *were* randy.

Isky: Hmph.

Capely: -evil grin- You *do* realize that I have this conversation on auto-record.

-Isky jolts up in bed- Isky: What?!

7/16/2010 #9

Dude! Isky (finally) has a account! :D I've had one there for a while, but I haven't posted anything since November. Now I pretty much cringe whenever I read one of my stories, haha. :P

8/20/2010 #10

@Isky: Done and done. WRITE MORE I'M HOOKED.

8/21/2010 #11

My loves! Thank you for reading/reviewing. -huggles-

8/21/2010 #12

-shnuggles- I figured I owed you a review or million since you've reviewed EVERY FREAKING POEM OF MINE. 3

8/21/2010 #13


Go watch this Snape/Bella video. I'm not a fan of the pairing, but the song choice made me LOL:

8/21/2010 #14

Honestly. I think spreading the Snape sounds rather nasty. That would include blowing him up! (And spreading the bits)

8/22/2010 #15

Are you criticizing Cynny's taste in thread names? -Crosses arms-

8/22/2010 #16

I'm sorry, WHAT?!

Blowing. Snape. Up.

Spreading. His. Bits.

That's absurd. [:P]

8/22/2010 #17

Well... maybe I just have a rather creepy mind and takes things a little too litteral sometimes...

8/22/2010 #18

I honestly thought "spreading the Snape" sounded like an STD....not hating, Cynne, love. :|

8/23/2010 #19

Ahahaha! That thought occurred to me while I was making the thread. No hating taken. XD

Wifew: No worries, I kid. ^^

8/23/2010 #20

And I'm pretty sure most of us here wouldn't mind to catch a spot of Snape ourselves.... *waggles eyebrows* :)

8/23/2010 #21
Psycho Paradox

8/23/2010 #22

Fragile: Sign me up for a Snape STD.

Doc: I love you for posting that video. "Button, oh button, where hast though fled? Did thee tarry too long amongst fabric and thread?" xD

8/24/2010 #23
Psycho Paradox

"I hope you find your button, Snape!"

"Me too, orange one, me too."

8/24/2010 #24

And that, my friends, is how Squid developed his love for Ron Weasley [his beloved Orange One].

8/24/2010 #25
Psycho Paradox

Isky loves Ron more.

*dresses up in dress robes*


8/24/2010 #26

Isky dislikes Orange One.

And if you're going to dress up in robes, Doc, they better be billowing black ones.

8/24/2010 #27

Methinks I see some Cosplay in our collective futures?? O_O

(Have you written anymore for your Snape fanfic, Isca??)

8/24/2010 #28
skyward squidly squee

Isky posted a third chapter, and when I went to read it I found that her account had been AK-ed. o-o What happened, Isky?

8/25/2010 #29
Psycho Paradox

And if you're going to dress up in robes, Doc, they better be billowing black ones.

How about i wear orange, you kidnap me and punish me for wearing my colors. :O

Methinks I see some Cosplay in our collective futures?? O_O

Should i dress up too?

8/25/2010 #30
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