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Doc: If you wear orange, I'll AK you. To the point where you cannot be revived.

Re: Cosplay: Okay. You see? Isky wants some live-action roleplay now. We all need to meet, dress up, and 'act out' a scene. And then ASPLODE because it was so amazing.

Re: Fanfic: I annihilated it. I've realized that I'm not much of a "fanfiction" type of girl. I like reading it, but writing it takes up too much of my life lol.

8/25/2010 #31
Psycho Paradox

Doc: If you wear orange, I'll AK you. To the point where you cannot be revived.

Sorry babe, but my hairs orange. AK me anyways, that's hot.

Re: Cosplay: Okay. You see? Isky wants some live-action roleplay now. We all need to meet, dress up, and 'act out' a scene. And then ASPLODE because it was so amazing.

If i show up and there's no Orgy, i'm gunna be PISSED.

8/25/2010 #32

"I saw Lilly and asked her to dance. She asked me to die." "MY MUM WAS AWESOME."



-AK's Harry's freaking face off-

8/26/2010 #33

"I asked her to dance. She asked me to die." OH MY GOD, CAPELY! -tackle hugs him- -flicks wand and AK's Potter-

8/26/2010 #34

-watches Potter smolder into nothingness- Hmmm. -thumbs up-

8/26/2010 #35

I can't decide whether I dislike Potter Sr. or Potter Jr. more...

8/27/2010 #36

Potter JR. at least has SOME redeeming qualities. And Lilly's eyes. So...him. I like him better.

8/28/2010 #37

Harry isn't my favorite character, but I like him well enough. Him and Snape are both asses to each other. :P They're much more likable when not in the other's presence.

James just seems kind of like a bastard. It's like Rowling didn't care if the readers liked him or not.

8/28/2010 #38

Harry has Lily's eyes. Fine, Potter Sr. sucks more, then.

8/29/2010 #39

I agree completely, Cyne. About Snape and Harry, AND James. What a complete jerkface. :(

8/29/2010 #40

I know! I remember reading it and thinking, "Why would she make the main character's father such an asshat when he's supposed to be admirable?"

8/29/2010 #41

James Potter *AK'ed, in the ass, with a rake, for pulling down Capely's pants* [Capely approves of this kill most abundantly].

8/29/2010 #42

My question: WHY THE HELL DID LILY MARRY HIM?!?!?!?!

8/29/2010 #43

Why the hell did Lily marry him? I KNOW, RIGHT? WTF WAS SHE THINKING? "Oh, there's a dead-sexy man named Snape who loves me with a fire like I've never seen, but no, I think I'll go for the douchebag instead." Angst.Angst.Angst. -headdesk's multiple times- EFF YOU, LILY EVANS! You let go of the best thing ever.

8/30/2010 #44

well, in JKR's defense, it would have been boring in James was a perfect role model. He was just a stupid teenager. But she said he matured a lot before Lily married him. However, I do agree that his treatment of Snape was inexcusable.

And lol, Isca, you should be glad Lily let him go--now he's all yours!

But I call young Sirius Black 3

8/30/2010 #45

-puts her hand over Capely's heart- MINE! -glares at anyone who dares to oppose The Iskinator-

8/30/2010 #46

*puts on wicked shades to avoid the GLARE*

8/30/2010 #47


-Capely saunters into the boudoir- "Hey Bibs."

-Isky glares at him; daggers shoot out of her eyes and pin Capely to the wall- "Don't 'Hey Bibs' me, you billowing berk. I know you've just come from Fragile's room."

-Capely turns ghostly white- "How -gulps- how did you know that?"

"So you *did* just come from Fragile's room." -Isky's face turns a lovely scarlet colour- "I knew it."

-Capely struggles with the daggers, but they're unrelenting- "Fine. I...I tucked her in. But Iss.key, you don't think that Fragile and I were..."

"Shagging? Doing the horizontal tango? Making a green beam banana sundae? " -Isky jumps off of the bed, flailing- "Well what the Hell am I *supposed* to think, hmm?"

[To be continued...]

8/30/2010 #48

-Fragile runs in breathlessly, (in jammies, no less)carrying quilt and pillows-



Snape: -chuckles-

Isky:-whirls in state of fury- DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED, YOU.

Snape: -cowers sexily-

F: Ummmmmm....well....I thought we could all build a blanket fort and talk about our feelings. You know. Get some closure.

*Isky and Snape exchanges looks translated into "Oh my God. She's seriously going all Hufflepuff on us?"

*awkward silence*

To be continued further.

8/30/2010 #49
skyward squidly squee

Oh my geez. Squid can't lie. That is the most adorable thing ever.

Neeeedz huuugz or Squeed will daiiiiii~! :O


8/30/2010 #50

-HuggletackEx-AsPLOSIONMuhmnphnnarwawr- WHOOT.

8/30/2010 #51

[Sidenote: why the shit haven't we written "scenes" back and forth before? HELL-OH?! -flail-]

-glances at Isky- Capely: She's holding a quilt, Iss.key. A green one.

-crosses her arms- Isky: Hmph.

Fragile: Erm, blanket fort?

-Isky and Capely exchange looks: If you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you-

-Isky waves her hand and the daggers that were pinning Capely down disappear-

-Capely offers a small smile to Fragile; she accepts-

-Isky didn't see the exchange as she was too busy snatching the quilt from Fragile's hands and throwing it over two wingback chairs-

-The fort is magical, and is thus, much larger than it appears- Isky: Get in here, you dunderheads.

8/31/2010 #52

*I'm really not sure. I was thinking the same bloody thing.*

-group huddles beneath magical fort 'o goodness-



F: -looking a little baffled- Quite honestly, I didn't think you'd both AGREED. I didn't plan anything after this point.

Isky: All action and no plan, eh? TYPICIAL Gryffindor. Should've figured.

Snape: That sounds about right.

F: -blushes- SNAPE!

*Isky implodes in a rage of green beam madness.* SEVERUS SNAPE, YOU HAVE BREATHED YOUR LAST.

-Doc walks in carrying chocolate frosting and aromatic candles- Oh God. This is really bad timing.


8/31/2010 #53

My thoughts on Doc's first words: "You need something to relax you, Iskeh-bby?" -Eyebrow waggle-

Snape: ... -Arches an eyebrow- -Turns questioning stare onto Isky-

Isky: -Shoots death glare at Doc- Erm...


Cynny: I think this is the part where you say, "I can explain, honey."

Isky: But I can't.

Cynny: Oh. Right.

Doc: I'm all for sharing. -Winks-

Cynny: We all know there's nothing better than enraged, foursome sexy times.

Snape: -Looking simultaneously horrified and furious- Get out of this room, you gutter-minded cretins!

8/31/2010 #54

-Isky has a solution to all of this: AK's Doc, sends Fragile and Cyne back to their rooms, and obliviates Capely-

9/1/2010 #55

New Potter Puppet Pals video:

9/1/2010 #56
Psycho Paradox

-Isky has a solution to all of this: AK's Doc, sends Fragile and Cyne back to their rooms, and obliviates Capely-

I just wanted to dance. :(

9/1/2010 #57

-goes to room, sit on bed, and pouts- Hmmmmm. -thinking- Might as well not waste the opportunity. -builds blanket fort and sits inside it all alone-

9/2/2010 #58

-gets rid of Doc's body- -revives Capely-

Capely: -all adorable and confuzzled- Wha...what happened?

Isky: -eating a strawberry- Hmm? Oh, you blacked out, dear. Quite unusual.

-Capely props himself on his elbows, sexy-like-

-Isky grabs another strawberry and feeds it to Capely-

Isky: Feeling better? -smirk-

Capely: Mmm hmm. -green beams in the pants-

9/2/2010 #59

That little convo effectively AK'd the rest of conversation. D:

9/5/2010 #60
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