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May Elizabeth

Feel free to talk about body mods (tattoos, piercings, tribal scarification) here. Either things you already have and things you want. Even your own opinion on body mods. :)

9/17/2010 #1

I'm a ridiculous fan of font tattoos, simple word ones. I want the line "whatever they sing is better than to know" from an e e cummings poem somewhere, and an abstract compass rose, with the letters of the directions maybe on my back.

I'm also thinking about piercings...maybe an industral, and if I had better lips, a labret. (But alas!! Mine are tiny. :O )

What do you guys think of back lacing? Face tattoos?

9/17/2010 #2
May Elizabeth

Um, ya'll know I love body mods on myself and others.

What I have:

The last one isn't finished, some of the lines need thickening and it needs to be more detailed.

As for piercings I have two holes in each ear that are gauged to 12/16. I need to take pics of that. LOL

What I Want:

Four small daisies and a rose on my right clavicle-shoulder: the four daisies are for my bro, mom, aunt, and grandma. The rose stands for my childhood love (her middle name is Rose).

A tribal raven on my left shoulder blade.

A tribal phoenix on my right shoulder blade.

For piercings:


Vertical Labret:


I want to gauge the first hole in each ear to a 10/16:

EDIT: FRAGILE: I LOVE your tat ideas. Vertical Labrets are hard to pull off, i would say spider bites for thin lips.

9/17/2010 . Edited 9/17/2010 #3
skyward squidly squee

Hm. Tattoos. One of my cousins has asked me to design one for them. I've considered tattoos for myself but have no idea what I want. I'm also going to mention seeing someone with a Mushroomhead tattoo at Walmart. 8P My grandma once asked my thoughts on tattoos and we discussed them for a while; she said tiny, meaningful ones might be okay (the example she gave was the tattoo one of my other cousins got on her ankle for my grandma's late husband, our grandpa) but that, y'know, bigger ones were--I don't know, but I got that she didn't like them. I kind of feel like tattoos could be an outer expression of something inside us people wouldn't see otherwise. Thinking of this, I remember this amazing one I saw a picture of on dA; with the tattoo it was like someone's arm had been sown shut but was pulled open a little, and there were butterflies and all kinds of exploding awesome-ness leaking out. :3

Hn. Piercings. I've considered them as well. Mostly snake bites or a tongue piercing. xp I'm just as likely to not get one, though. I don't have anything against most, but I also don't understand getting a lot of the piercings people get. 8P

Back lacing? What is that? And face tattoos. Well, what exactly do you mean by that, either? I'm just thinking of Emilie Autumn's little red heart--make up, not a tattoo. And I think that's awesome; I kind of want to get the stuff to do little purple teardrops. (Can you guess why?)

9/17/2010 #4
May Elizabeth

Squidy: you are awesome. Someone has a mushroomhead tattoo? as in the band? That's epic.

9/17/2010 #5

Isky has a secret desire to undergo scarification. I'd like get "Arise" over my heart (because, you know, it would literally be 'arising' lol).

9/18/2010 #6
May Elizabeth

I love that idea, Isky. lol

9/19/2010 #7

That IS a really cool idea. How do they do scarification?

I think the most beautiful tattoo I've ever seen was a woman who had her lover's name raised on her neck in braille, because he was blind and so he could read it. It blew my mind.

9/19/2010 #8

Fragile: That sounds like scarification to me lol. If he could read it with his hands, if it was 'raised,' then she had to have had some kind of scarification done (which just means that you cut or brand something into your flesh, and when it heals, your flesh is scarred/raised). I realize I just explained that horribly, so:

9/19/2010 #9

That sounds about right. And super icky. My body hurts thinking about it. But it still sounds cool.

9/19/2010 #10

I have one thing to say about gaged ear-piercings: If they flap around when you walk, talk, etc, THEY"RE TOO BIG! In my opinion. I just think it looks silly.

I like looking at other people's tattoos, but would never get one myself. I prefer a few isolated symbols over sleeves or really big ones. My lyrical poetry teacher last year told us he had a pheonix tattooed on his chest because his best friend died and had had the same tattoo. I think that is really sweet and symbolic, how he is saying his friend is born again from the flames of death through his memory of him.

I've seen back-lacing a few times and i just think it looks icky. Plus, isn't it uncomfortable when you lean back against something?

I think a lip ring or an eyebrow ring can look really good on some people, and multiple ear piercings is fine, but much more than that and i find it distracting and unattractive.

9/20/2010 #11
May Elizabeth

The thing with gauging is that it has to be done slowly and correctly, if not you can tear the holes which can cause scarring and your ears will not ever be the same again. Even if you gauge them hugely if you take them out, your ear holes will (eventually, depending on how big the gauge is) go down to 16/16 (which is regular earring size).

Dreaming: I LOVE your teacher's tattoo. It has such meaning of remembrance.

Scarification is also another thing I would like to try. When I get married I would like to have my wife's name scarred somewhere on my body.

Body mods to me are a work of art. To me it's beautiful. I can understand not getting carried away with it, and not everyone can handle certain piercings (I HATE monroes on people who cannot pull them off).

9/27/2010 #12

"When I get married, I would like to have my wife's name scarred somewhere on my body." THAT. (I think that's brilliant, love.)

9/27/2010 #13
Creeping Collarbones

I love font tattoos so much. I don't think I'd ever get one.

Lately, I've been thinking about getting my lip pierced, but my mom would flip out if I even asked.

9/27/2010 #14

CC: If you don't want to upset your mom, then you can always wait a few years, and get your lip pierced then.

9/28/2010 #15

Today in the locker room, the girl changing across from me started talking about wanting to get her nipples pierced. It skeeved me out. Especially since we used to be best friends in 4th and 5th grade, and I still sometimes think about her how she was back then--still cute and innocent. I wonder what happened.

I'm kind of opposed to nipple-piercing in general. Especially for girls. I mean, most of the time you're just going to look silly if there's lumps in your shirt. And ouch!

10/1/2010 #16
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