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Terryll Preston
Is it me or do most Americans prefer endless amounts of action to a really good storyline? Does everything have to be so open and shut for us? I actually like it when a movie, book, television series, etc. has a good story to it instead of just mindless, and in most cases random, action sequences )read: [i]The Matrix[/i] sequels). Don't get me wrong, action is good. However, it's even better when tempered with a damn good storyline! I don't know, maybe I'm just a part of the minority here. Or maybe I've been watching too many foreign films as of late (mostly Japanese). And am I a hypocrite for liking [i]Cloverfield[/i] which was a little light on plot (unless, like me, you went to every available site on the Web to get the backstory for it!) and kind of heavy on the action (though, in [i]Cloverfield[/i]'s defense, it wasn't the same kind of mindless, imbecilic action that you'd find in the usual summer action movies...[i]Rambo[/i] anyone?)? But still, I rather liked it and can't wait until it's released on DVD. But anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way I do about how we Americans view movies and how we rate them based on how much action they have. I mean, I actually LIKED Ang Lee's interpretation of the Hulk in his movie version of it. And I was a fan of the comic (especially when Peter David was doing the writing for it!)! Does that make me a bad person...LOL! And after seeing the trailer for yet another version of the Hulk (this time, [i]The Incredible Hulk[/i] which is supposed to follow closer to the television series which I didn't particular like), I'm really hoping it's not just another brainless action vehicle to line Marvel's pockets with money. Man, am I the only one who fears this 'new' remake??? Am I the only one who fears for storytelling, in general, in movies today???
3/23/2008 #1

I feel similar, but not all the same. I like stories that i can follow, or simple belive in. so i don't watch or read much action packed, gun shooting races. When i watch something like that i get bored and often just start calling out "you know they just tie a string to his butt and float him in the air? He doesn't really fly..." and my sister or father will go "shut up, you'll ruin the story!"

I often come across chapters in stories where the author just decided to fill it in with action. there is not point, no importantce- just two characters deciding to use atomic bombs.

thanks for the interesting topic

Amelia Rose [just browsing some forums]

6/1/2008 #2
I don't like action movies much. Though sometimes books have great plots that need a lot of action for them to work. Take the Maximum Ride series. If they weren't always fighting Itex the plot would be 6 kids with wings sitting in a house BORING.
1/2/2013 #3
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