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Star the Foxhound

Where all the fighting will take place.

4/29/2009 #1
Star the Foxhound

General Buford's Federal Calvary

June 30, 1863

They rode through a field, then along a pathway, trees on either side, John Buford riding in front of his men like usual. It had stopped raining, something that all of them could be glad about. Riding in the rain was never fun.

When they reached the spot were the ground opened out into a field, Buford pulled in the reins, the rest of his men stopping behind him. It was lovely ground, prefect ground for a fight...

He raised the field glasses to his eyes, looked out over the field, could see confederate infantry. Beside him Gamble spoke. "No sign of Calvery, not a lick sir. That's strange Infantry moving alone in enemy countryside, very strange sir."

Buford lowered the field glasses nodded and put his pipe back in his mouth. "It is that."

"What do you make of that?" It was Gamble again.

"He's headed this way," Buford said, shifting slightly on the saddle, "Lee's turned, that's the main body."

6/25/2009 #2

Devin reined in beside the commanding General, silently listening as columns of infantry moved on the roads below them. It was a humbling sight, no mere raiding party.

He leaned back in the saddle, maybe they'd caught them this time.

6/25/2009 #3
Star the Foxhound

Gamble spoke beside him. "I could have sworn he was headed for Harrisburg."

"You would." Buford removed the pipe from his mouth. "That's too many troops to be a raiding party. There's power behind it."

"Sir? Do you want to fight it, it's such lovely ground. The best damn ground I've seen all day."

"It is that." Buford agreed with him. It was lovely ground, very good ground to have a fight. He looked out over the ground again, the pipe once again in his mouth as he scanned the landscape through his field glasses for a moment. "We'll move both brigades into town. That'll make the good citizens happy. Let's go down and have a look."

Gamble said sir again, then Buford gave the order for them to move out again, to head into the town for a short while and take a look around the ground.

6/25/2009 #4

He scanned the ground surrounding them as they came off the ridge, "Sir, I've not seen ground like this for quite some time. You think we'll move in quick enough to get it before them Rebs?"

It was perfect, they'd finally have a standing chance.

6/25/2009 . Edited 6/25/2009 #5
Star the Foxhound

"Yes, I think so. They won't be here until morning." Buford lead the way towards the town.

6/25/2009 #6

They passed a Seminary, he glanced at the tall spires. Noticed a cupola at the top of the main building.

6/25/2009 #7
Star the Foxhound

They went through the town, some of the citizens happy to see them, others annoyed that they had not been there a few days earlier. Then they rode back out to the fields and the open ground.

Buford stopped his horse and dismounted, looking out across the ground.

6/25/2009 #8

He dismounted and followed Buford, throwing the reins to an aid and, striding out to a stone wall, he paused and surveyed the fields.

6/25/2009 . Edited 6/25/2009 #9
Star the Foxhound

Buford walked beside him, stopping in front of a fence. "I know what's going to happen here in the morning."

6/25/2009 #10

"Sir?" He rested his hands on his belt, looking out over the ground.

6/25/2009 #11
Star the Foxhound

"The whole damn reb armys going to be here. They'll move right through the town and occupy those hills and when our people get here Lee will have the high ground and there'll be the devil to pay. The high ground!"

Buford walked a few feet as he spoke, a bit closer to the fence. "Meade will come in slowly, cautiously, new to command. But they'll be on his back from Washington, wires hot with messages: attack, attack. So he will set up a right around these hills and when Lee's nicely dug in behind fat rocks on the high ground, Meade will finally attack if he can coordinate the army, straight up the hillside, out in the open in that gorgeous field of fire. And we will attack valiantly and be butchered valiantly, and afterward men in tall hats and gold watches will thumb their chest and say what a brave charge it was."

He thumbed his chest as he said the last part, dust from the day on the road coming off and he took off his hat, ran a hand through his hair. "Devin, I've lead a soldiers life and I've never seen anything as brillantly clear as this. It's as if I can actually see the blue troops going up the long slope to the stony top, as if it were already done, already a memory, an odd, set, stony quality to it. It's as if tomorrow's already happened and there's nothing you can do about it, the way you sometimes feel before a foolish attack, knowing it will fail but you cannot stop it. You must even take part and help it fail!"

6/25/2009 #12

He sighed, understanding the General's point. He looked over the ground, they needed to hold it.

6/25/2009 #13
Star the Foxhound

Buford sighed. "We have 25 hundred men. It'll be coming at force. They'll be 20 thousand coming down that road in the morning. If we hold this ridge for a couple of hours we can keep them away. We'll block that road until the main body get here. We've got to deprive the enemy of the high ground!"

6/25/2009 #14

He nodded, expression grim, "They're more than ready sir, no doubt o' that."

"We'll surely hold off anything thrown at us."

6/25/2009 #15
Star the Foxhound

"That's a narrow road they'll be coming down. If we stack them up it will take them awhile to into postion." Buford turned to look more in Devin's direction. "Is Calef's battery up yet?"

6/25/2009 #16

"Sir his guns are deploying as we speak." He gestured out across the fields.

6/25/2009 #17
Star the Foxhound

Buford turned around to look at the other officers behind them. "How far back is Reynolds with the main force?"

6/25/2009 #18

Devin turned as well, listening to the man who spoke up. Holding a finished survey of the area.

"About 10 miles sir, not much more."

6/25/2009 #19
Star the Foxhound

A few minutes later, Gamble came riding up with one of the other officers. He'd gone to get a closer look earlier. Dismounting, he saluted Buford. "Sir, you're right. My scouts report the reb armys coming this way and that's for sure. They're all concentrating in this direction."

Buford turned to look at the field, sighing again. "We're gonna hold here in the morning. Long enough for Reynolds and the infantry to arrive. If we hang onto the high ground we have a good chance to win this fight that's coming." He turned to look at the officers. "Understood?"

6/25/2009 #20

There was a chorus of 'Yes sirs' from the surrounding group. They knew he was serious, there was no question.

6/25/2009 #21
Star the Foxhound

"Post the cannon along this road." Buford pointed in the direction of the road, "Chambersburg Pike. The rebs will hit us at dawn but I think we can hold them, at least two hours."

6/26/2009 #22

He studied the position Buford indicated, he turned his head back to the General. "Sir it would be just like Thoroughfare Gap, against Longstreet."

There was no way they could lose it.

6/27/2009 #23
Star the Foxhound

"And they never came, we held for nothing, for six hours," Gamble pointed out.

Buford turned around, looked back out across the field. "The rebs will hit us just about first light. Keep a clear eye!" He indicated his eye as he said the last part.

"We're have the picketts give us a good warning. Alright gentlemen," he said turning to look at his officers again, "Get posted."

6/27/2009 #24

He nodded, running back to where his men were. Mentally preparing himself for the coming battle.

6/27/2009 #25
Star the Foxhound

Buford walked away and mounted Gray Eagle, riding out a short ways along the stone wall.

6/27/2009 #26

Devin followed with his mare, silently praying she would cause no trouble for him.

"Going to be a tough fight sir."

6/27/2009 #27
Star the Foxhound

"Yes it will be," Buford replied, watching the men go to their posts. They were good men, they'd do well in the morning. It was their duty as soldiers, for all of them. "But we can hold them."

6/27/2009 #28

"Yes sir," He said with enthusiasm, he hadn't seen ground this good in a long time, at least ground they were holding at least.

6/27/2009 #29
Star the Foxhound

Buford turned Gray Eagle around, looked out in the other direction. It was very good ground, prefect ground for a fight, and they were going to hold it. Reynolds would be up with the infantry in the morning.

He glanced at Devin, then looked at Devin's horse. "Colonel, you have worked with the horse some right?"

6/27/2009 #30
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