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Uldaren Bardaniel

"Sometimes..." Jakes answered. "I don't want to worry her too much. But I do write letters when I can."

8/19/2009 #451

Dillon nodded. "I try to write Penny letters, but I can never seem to get five minute's quiet out here."

8/19/2009 #452
Uldaren Bardaniel

"And a lot of the time they don't seem to make it through." Jake nodded. "I'm just glad I can write letters. I never liked going to school, but I guess I had to." He smirked.

8/19/2009 #453

"Oh, neither did I," Dillon said in a knowing tone. "I barely made it through my first year of it! Pa made me keep going, though. Said he wanted me to have a better life than a farmers."

(That's all for now; be back later!)

8/19/2009 . Edited 8/19/2009 #454
Uldaren Bardaniel

Jake grinned. "Pa said almost exactly the same thing to me. "

8/19/2009 #455

"What's your Pa like?" Dillon asked.

8/19/2009 #456
Uldaren Bardaniel

Jake frowned slightly. "Well, he's... I guess you could say he's kind of stern. We don't always see eye to eye, but he looks out for me as best he can. We're all we've got here now, so we've got to look out for each other."

((Maybe we should move to the road now...))

8/19/2009 #457

"If that ain't a true statement," Dillon joked, shaking his head and smiling lightly. "Brothers in arms, out here."

((Okay, to The Road; you post first))

8/19/2009 #458

((This thread looks quite dead to me. Can' it!))

Gregory patted Scarlet as she slowed to a halt. She was breathing hard after the workout they had just completed, but Gregory was proud of her. He swiftly dismounted and untacked her.

1/26/2010 #459
Uldaren Bardaniel

December 25, 1863

Late Afternoon

Jake finished rechinking their cabin wall, looked over to his father, who was similarly busy.

Ben shifted slightly after a moment, motioned to Jake. “Boy, c’mere.”

Jake stepped forward quietly. “Yes, sir?” he asked cautiously.

“Well, uh..” Ben cleared his throat, shifted again before looking at him. “I just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas, I guess... And give you this.” He drew his hand out of his pocket, placing a heavy watch in his son’s hand. “Belonged to my pa before it belonged to me. And now it’s yours.”

Jake’s eyes were wide. “But I thought this was s’posed to go to-”

“David,” his father finished. “Well, the way I see it, my pa was the youngest in his family. I’m the youngest of four brothers and he gave it to me. And you’re the youngest in our family, so now it’s yours.”

Jake swallowed hard; he couldn’t remember ever getting something like this from his father. But the gift itself wasn’t what mattered to the teen. It was the sign that his father actually cared, despite his usual indifferent attitude towards Jake. If Ben had allowed it, Jake would have hugged him. Instead, Jake just smiled quickly. “Thank you, sir,” he said softly.

Ben smiled slightly. “You’re almost a man now,” he commented. “Growin’ too fast for my likin’, if you ask me.” Then the brief display of sentiment was gone. “Go on now,” Ben gestured. “Christmas only comes once a year.” He turned away and went back across camp.

Jake watched him the whole way before looking down at the watch and carefully slipping it into his pocket.

1/28/2010 #460
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Hey." Kip, warm and comfortably full for what felt like the first time in his life, had decided to wander about the camp a bit.

1/28/2010 #461
Uldaren Bardaniel

Jake whipped around in surprise. "Hey, Kip," he said quietly, a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.

1/28/2010 #462
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Something funny?" Kip noted the watch, smiled slightly.

1/28/2010 #463
Uldaren Bardaniel

"Well..." Jake looked at the watch again, still smiling. "Not funny exactly, but... right."

1/28/2010 #464
SnowClaw of Windclan

"It's nice." Kip gestured to the watch.

1/28/2010 #465
Uldaren Bardaniel

"It was my pa's," Jake said. "And before that, it was his pa's. I always thought he'd give it to my brother David, but he gave it to me instead."

1/28/2010 #466
SnowClaw of Windclan

Kip smiled slightly. "That's great, Jake..." The issue of Harman was still on his mind, but he would settle it later.

1/28/2010 #467
Star the Foxhound

February 6, 1864

Colonel Oliver Bryson looked up at the gray winter sky, his hands in his pockets. It was morning, and he hadn't been awake for very long. It was also a day that he had kept in the back of his mind for a while. His fingers curled around the wooden flute that he had slide into his pocket when he'd gotten up. He'd been teaching himself how to play more songs other then just "Jine the Cavalry" and had learned Rock of Ages, and Bonnie Blue Flag.

A small smile crossed his face and he turned and started walking across the camp until he reached Stuart's tent. "Happy Birthday sir!"

2/6/2010 . Edited 2/6/2010 #468

He looked up, smiled. "Good morning, Oliver. Well thank you. I cold birthday, if I say so myself." He rubbed his gloved hands together, trying to get warmth. It had been a cold winter, very difficult for the men. He smile up at Oliver again, motioned for the boy to come in.

2/6/2010 . Edited 2/6/2010 #469
Star the Foxhound

Stepping into the tent, Oliver smiled faintly. "It has been very cold," he agreed, pulling the flute from his pocket and holding it for a moment as he looked at Stuart. "I'd like to play for you sir."

He took off his gloves and rubbed his hands together before lifting the flute to this month and starting to play a song he knew Stuart enjoyed. That was why he had learned it. Rock of Ages.

2/6/2010 #470

He nodded, swayed along as the music played. When Oliver had finished, Stuart smiled. "Thank you, Oliver. That was beautiful. It was very good, very nice." He nodded, patted the boy on the back.

2/6/2010 #471
Star the Foxhound

"Thank you sir, I'm glad you liked it." Oliver smiled as he slide the flute away again. It was the only thing he had to give him. While he did have some money, he was saving it because he realized that he was going to need to have something saved up if he wanted to survive once the war ended.

2/6/2010 #472

"I enjoyed it quite a bit, Oliver," he smiled, nodded. He looked over, patted on the seat next to him. "Please, take a seat. We'll talk for a minute."

2/6/2010 #473
Star the Foxhound

Oliver sat down. "Yes sir."

He waited for Stuart to continue.

2/6/2010 #474

"How have you been, Oliver? Has the world been treating you well?" He didn't want to directly mention it at first, was trying to get the boy to talk about Geneveive. It was the only true issue that Oliver didn't seem to understand, and Stuart saw it as his own need to help him with it.

2/6/2010 #475
Star the Foxhound

"Yes sir." Oliver nodded. He hadn't seen Genevieve for a little while. "I've been getting by. How have you been sir?"

2/6/2010 #476

"I've been well, sir, very well. As I said, cold, but good. Thank you for asking, Oliver." He smiled, nodded at the officer.

2/6/2010 #477
SnowClaw of Windclan

A.P. Hill groaned when Tucker nudged his flank to wake him up. "Seargeant...Let me rest..."

Tucker was persistent. "You need to get up, Sir," he said quietly, smiling again, "Here, drink this..." Ambrose reached for the cup that Tucker held out for him, felt the milky liquid sting his throat. He grimaced and the aide looked away for a moment before turning back to him. "Sorry, sir, I tried to dilute it with a bit of milk..." I can tell. Not very good milk, though.

He sat up, running a hand through his hair, knowing that there was a thin frame of time before he would begin to become a home for the aches and pains that came to him later every day. In that frame he intended on visiting Jeb, noting that it was his birthday. Dismissing Tucker, he put on his coat and started for the other general's tent. He paused when he reached the entrance. "General Stuart, do you have a moment?"

2/7/2010 . Edited 2/7/2010 #478
Uldaren Bardaniel

February 2, 1864

"...These are orders for you to be transferred to a command under General Breckenridge, sir." A small bundle of papers was laid on the field desk.

"Transferred?" Nolan exclaimed, rising. "What do you mean?"

The messenger only gestured helplessly. Nolan pressed his lips together for a moment, then flung his empty tin mug across the tent with a clatter. "God damn it!" he swore loudly.

"Major, please, it's not my decision. I'm only the messenger."

Nolan ran a weary hand over his face. The man was right, of course... He turned back to the courier and nodded. "When do they want me, then?"

"The, ah, the message didn't say, sir. Could be anything from a few weeks to a few months..."

"Damn," Nolan repeated, but with less venom and more weary resignation. "Very well. If you find out more, inform me. Thank you, Lieutenant." The courier saluted and he returned the gesture. "Dismissed."

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #479
SnowClaw of Windclan

Kip quietly ran a hand through his hair, getting up and shaking his head slightly before starting out to get coffee. He hadn't realized how much he had changed---it had come on slowly, as Maury had taught him what he himself had been taught, the dark circles beginning to appear around his eyes, the weary sallowness of face, and now Kip, as good as a doctor now, seemed to carry the appearance that was rite of passage.

He smiled tiredly when he saw Jake. "Morning."

3/31/2010 #480
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