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Star the Foxhound

Confederate Capital.

4/29/2009 #1
Uldaren Bardaniel

"Our whole army is now in Pennsylvania, north of the river. There were rumors that Richmond was threatened from all sides- Dix from Old Point, Getty from Hanover, Keyes from Bottom’s Ridge, and so on- and those we might be recalled. It turned out to be a Munchausen, and we are still to march forward. Every t***, t***, t*** is a thought, thought, thought of my darling, every halt a blessing invoked, every command a loving caress; and the thought of you and prayer for you make me strong, make me better, give me courage, give me faith. Now, my Carissima, let my soul speak to yours. Listen- listen- listen! You hear- I am answered!"


"Just as we three separated to go our different ways after silently clasping hands, our fears and prayers voiced in the “Good luck, old man,” a summons came from Old Peter and I immediately rode to the top of the ridge where he and Marse Robert were making a reconnaissance of Meade’s position. “Great God!” said Old Peter as I came up, “look at the insurmountable difficulties between our line and that of the Yankees- the steep hills, the tiers of artillery, the fences, the heavy skirmish line- and then we’ll have to fight our infantry against their batteries. Look at the ground we’ll have to charge over, nearly a mile of that open ground there under the rain of their canister and shrapnel.”

“The enemy is there, Gen. Longstreet, and I am going to strike him,” said Marse Robert in his firm, quiet, determined voice.

About 8 o’ clock I rode with them along our line of prostrate infantry. They had been told to lie down to prevent attracting attention, and though they had been forbidden to cheer, they voluntarily rose and lifted in reverential adoration their caps to our beloved commander as we rode slowly along. Oh, the responsibility for the lives of such men as these! Well, my darling, their fate and that of my beloved Southland will be settled ere your glorious brown eyes rest on these scraps of penciled paper- your Soldier’s last letter perhaps.

Our line of battle faces Cemetery Ridge. Our detachments have been thrown forward to support our artillery, which stretches over a mile along the crests of Oak Ridge and Seminary Ridge. The men are lying in the rear, my darling, and the hot July sun pours its scorching rays almost vertically down upon them. The suffering and waiting are almost unendurable. Now and then an olive branch of hope in the shape of a courier bearing a message revives them.

Well, my sweetheart, at 1 o’clock, the awful silence was broken by a cannon shot and then another, and then more than 100 guns shook the hills from crest to base, answered by more than another 100- the whole world a blazing volcano, the whole of heaven a thunderbolt- then darkness and absolute silence- then the grim and gruesome, low-spoken commands- then the forming of the attacking columns, the hurrying of the men to the positions assigned to them. My brave Virginians are to attack in front. Oh, may God in mercy help me as He never helped me before.

I have ridden up to Old Peter. I shall give him this letter to mail to you, and a package to give you if- Oh, my darling, do you feel the love of my heart, the prayer, as I write that fatal word- “if”?

Now, my darling, I go; but remember always that I love you with all my heart and soul, with every fiber of my being; that now and forever I am yours- yours, my beloved. It is almost 3 o’clock. My soul reaches out to yours- my prayers."


"It seems selfish and inhuman to speak of love- haunted as I am with the unnecessary sacrifice of the lives of my brave boys. I can’t think of anything but the desolate homes in Virginia and the unknown dead in Philadelphia. At the beginning of the fight I was so sanguine, so sure of success! Early in the morning I had been assured by Alexander that Gen. Lee had ordered that every brigade in his command was to charge Cemetery Hill; so I had no fear of not being supported. Alexander also assured me of the support of his artillery, which would move ahead of my division in the advance. He told me that he had borrowed seven 12-pound howitzers from Pendleton, Lee’s Chief of Artillery, which he had put in reserve to accompany me.

In the morning, I rode with him while he, by Longstreet’s orders, selected the salient angle of the wood in which my line was formed, which line was just on the left of his seventy-five guns. At a quarter to 3 o’clock, when his written order to make the charge was handed to me, and dear Old Peter, after reading it in sorrow and fear, reluctantly bowed his head in assent, I obeyed, leading my three brigades straight on the enemy’s front. You never saw anything like it. They moved across that field of death as a battalion marches forward in line of battle upon drill, each commander in front of his command, leading and cheering on his men. Two lines of the enemy’s infantry were driven back; two lines of guns were taken- and no support came. Pendleton, without Alexander’s knowledge, had sent four of the guns which he had loaned him to some other part of the field, and the three other guns could not be found. The two brigades which were to have followed me had, poor fellows, been seriously engaged in the fights of two previous days. Both of their commanding officers had been killed, and while they had been replaced by gallant, competent officers, these new leaders were unknown to the men.

Ah, if I had only had my other two brigades a different story would have been flashed to the world. It was too late to retreat and to go on was death or capture. Poor old D*** Garnett did not dismount, as did the others of us, and he was killed instantly, falling from his horse. Kemper was desperately wounded, was brought from the field and subsequently taken prisoner. Poor old Lewis Armistead, God bless him, was wounded at the head of his command, after planting the flag of Virginia within the enemy’s lines. Seven of my Colonels were killed and one was mortally wounded. Nine of my Lieutenant Colonels were wounded and three Lieutenant Colonels were killed. Only one field officer of my whole command, Col. Cabell, was unhurt, and the loss of my company officers was in proportion. I wonder, my dear, if in the light of the Great Eternity we shall any of us feel this was for the best and shall have learned to say: “Thy will be done.” No castles to-day, sweetheart. No the bricks of happiness and the mortar of love must lie untouched in this lowering gloom. Pray, dear, for the sorrowing ones."


Sallie laid down the three letters, pressing a hand to her mouth, helpless tears welling in her eyes from where she sat in her parlor. How could this have happened, so much to have gone wrong for her beloved and the men serving under him?

((These are actual letters written by George. XD Sorry it's so long... 0.o'))

10/26/2009 . Edited 10/26/2009 #2
SnowClaw of Windclan

Charlotte Fontaine set about to pay a call on Miss Corbell after she had heard the news, her sympathies extended to the other, therefore prepared herself and stepped into the family's carraige, lifting her skirts as she was helped in by one of the family's hands. She eventually arrived and gently knocked on the door, pulling her pale blue shawl further over her shoulders. "Hello? Is Miss Sallie here?"

10/28/2009 #3
Uldaren Bardaniel

Sallie looked up from the settee, quickly composing herself and going to open the door. "Miss Fontaine! Won't you come in?" She stepped aside to allow the other woman to enter the parlor.

10/28/2009 #4
SnowClaw of Windclan

Charlotte smiled gently and entered the room. She looked around for a moment, then her eyes caught a glimpse of the letter. "George wrote you, Sallie?" she smiled gently.

10/28/2009 #5
Uldaren Bardaniel

She bit her lip slightly, nodded wordlessly, recalling what she'd read from the letters of the past few days.

10/28/2009 #6
SnowClaw of Windclan

Charlotte put a white-gloved hand to her mouth, nodded. "I...I don't really understand much 'bout this war, but..." She looked down. "I sure am sorry."

10/28/2009 #7
Uldaren Bardaniel

"He lost almost half his forces," Sallie whispered. "Half...." She shook her head sorrowfully.

10/28/2009 #8
SnowClaw of Windclan

Charlotte nodded gently. "I hope they'll be allright. They...they have to pull through."

10/28/2009 #9
Uldaren Bardaniel

Sallie nodded again. "We must have faith that they shall make it. My George has stated he has every faith in General Lee. Those brave men will make it through."

10/28/2009 #10
SnowClaw of Windclan

She nodded gently. "They will. I...I know they will." She would have taken a deeper breath had her corset not been as tight as it was, for she, at the age of sixteen and the prime age at which young women were courted, had all the intention of appearing beautiful, even if it meant discomfort. Charlotte sighed lightly and looked down, frowning. "Miss Cathleen is getting married.", she said, "Are you intending on coming, Sallie?"

10/28/2009 #11
Uldaren Bardaniel

"Her beau has taken leave, then?" Sallie asked, looking up. "Of course I will come." She smiled. "When is the happy event scheduled?"

10/28/2009 #12
SnowClaw of Windclan

"Tomorrow. You haven't heard yet?" She smiled gently. Maybe, at the very least, some of her old beaux would be there.

10/28/2009 #13
Uldaren Bardaniel

"So soon?" Sallie asked. "Well, I suppose that makes sense... The army needs every man available... Especially now." She smiled quietly. "George did ask me, somewhat earlier... But we decided to wait in the end."

10/28/2009 #14
SnowClaw of Windclan

"To wait." She nodded, smiled gently and looked at her hands. "I was proposed to, once."

10/28/2009 #15
Uldaren Bardaniel

"Who was it, may I ask?" Sallie smiled.

10/28/2009 #16
SnowClaw of Windclan

She looked at her hands and bit her lip. "He was a Yankee. I said no." But was I right?

10/28/2009 #17
Uldaren Bardaniel

"A Yankee?" Sallie exclaimed, her brow creasing in surprise.

10/28/2009 #18
SnowClaw of Windclan

She nodded gently. "He..didn't have much manners. I don't hear from him." She closed her eyes for a moment.

10/28/2009 #19
Uldaren Bardaniel

"Well, that's just as well, I suppose," Sallie stated. "Those Yankees are nothing but trouble for our country." She nodded.

10/28/2009 #20
SnowClaw of Windclan

She nodded gently. "He serves with Buford, I thi-"

10/28/2009 #21
Uldaren Bardaniel

"Buford?" Sallie asked. "He was engaged at Gettysburg, I read."

10/28/2009 #22
SnowClaw of Windclan

She nodded, looking down again as she found her thoughts wandering back to him. Why a yankee, when there were so many loyal confederates all around her? It didn't make sense. "He was."

10/28/2009 #23
Star the Foxhound

Newly promoted Colonel Dave Evans sat upon his horse as he rode slowly along the streets of Richmond.The single eye he had left, hazel in color, drifted along the people, doing his best to ignore the stares he could feel on him.It was going to take him some time to get over the scars that lined the left side of his once handsome face.Just as he was adjusting to the lose of one eye.

10/30/2009 . Edited 10/30/2009 #24
SnowClaw of Windclan

Sophrona Fontaine watched the rider from where she sat on the sun dappled porch of the large home, her eyes widening when she saw the mutilated rider on the horse. The price their boys paid to defend the Confederacy, even if it meant their lives or their faces! Sophrona had always been so very impressed with them and their sacrifices. She picked up her laced skirts and got up, smoothing them down before she headed down the wooden steps and towards the dirt road where the rider trotted along in front of the plantation. "Sir, would you please come in? We've got plenty of water for you and your horse."

10/30/2009 #25
Star the Foxhound

Dave turned to look at her, nodding in greeting as he reined in his horse."That is very nice of ma'am.I appreciate the offer."

10/30/2009 #26
SnowClaw of Windclan

She smiled at him and fanned herself lightly. "Oh, it's no problem. I'm sure you've been tired, off protecting us.", Sophrona said fondly, opening the cast iron gate that closed off the winding road to the front of the home from the rest of the road. "I never did understand this war much but I sure am glad that our boys are out defending our cause."

10/30/2009 #27
Star the Foxhound

Dave nodded and rode through the gate before dismounting and smiling back at her."You're very polite," he said, "And you are right about our boys.There aren't better soldiers that ever have existed then they are."

His smile grew slightly and he held out one hand."Dave, Colonel Dave Evans."

10/30/2009 #28
SnowClaw of Windclan

Sophrona smiled politely and took his hand in a delicate, gloved grasp before returning her hand to her side. "Oh, you will have to explain that to me.", she said, smiling, "I'm afraid I don't really know very much about the military." She headed up the steps lightly and opened the door to the house.

10/30/2009 #29
Star the Foxhound

"It would be my pleasure to ma'am," Dave said, following her into the house.

10/30/2009 #30
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