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He put his hand on the back of her head, holding her. The two had come a long way, and it almost didn't make sense to him. It all seemed so fast, but so right. He kissed her head, held her tightly. He loved her so much... she made him important, made he forget everything around him.

12/21/2009 #61
Star the Foxhound

When he kissed her head she smiled and stared up at him. There weren't any words to describe her feelings, but she was so happy, happier then she could remember being in a long time.

12/21/2009 #62

He looked down into eyes and just stared at her. He kissed her again, and it was perfect, again.

12/21/2009 #63
Star the Foxhound

She kissed him back, the same thought in her mind. Everything was perfect, more perfect then she ever could have dreamed of.

12/21/2009 #64

He held the kiss longer, wondering what their future was like. He opened his eyes and and stared at her face, hoping that she understood how much she meant to him. This girl had changed him forever, and he was willing to accept that whole-heartily.

12/21/2009 #65
Star the Foxhound

"Mommy!" Sunny ran into the room and Sally came after her, following the three year up and scooping the child up before he eyes landed on the sight before her and she gasped.

Staring at them, Sally's eyes widened. How could her cousin fall in over with a Rebel soldier? "Rose!"

12/21/2009 #66

Michael released his kiss and looked at Sally who had just entered. He then looked at Rose.

"Um... we can explain..."

12/21/2009 #67
Star the Foxhound

Sally stared at them. "I don't think I want to know. Rose, I'll talk to you later."

"Sally..." Rose started to try and explain but Sally held up one hand to silence her and left the room, carrying Sunny with her.

12/21/2009 #68

Michael looked at Rose.

"I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... I..."

Michael was stuttering, not sure what to say. He was embarrassed and shocked, and hoped that Rose wouldn't be mad at him.

12/21/2009 #69
Star the Foxhound

Rose shook her head and set a hand on one of his cheeks. "It's alright," She said softly, "Sally gets like that at times, for no reason. We won't let anything that she says affect us, because it isn't really important."

12/23/2009 #70

Michael nodded.

"Yeah, I don't think Sally likes me that much. I mean... not including what just happened. When I met her, she just seemed to... distance herself from me."

12/23/2009 #71
Star the Foxhound

"She does that to some people," Rose said, "I don't know why.... she has never explained her reasoning to me."

12/23/2009 #72

Michael nodded.

"Yeah. So... what do we do now?"

He was still embarrassed about what had happened, the entire situation making him rather uncomfortable.

12/23/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #73
Star the Foxhound

"We can pretend that nothing even happened," Rose said, "It doesn't really matter. Either way I'm not going to think about what she said."

12/24/2009 #74

He nodded, hoping that it would be that simple.

"But... she's your cousin, the only family member you have. And Sunny... they're too important in your life to just ignore. I want them to like me, because I love you."

12/24/2009 #75
Star the Foxhound

"Sunny likes you," Rose told him, "And Sally doesn't like many people, it's just the way she is. Perhaps she'll warm up to you, once she's gotten over her surprise."

12/24/2009 #76

He smiled.

"Yeah, that was quite a surprise. In reality, I probably would have reacted in the same way."

He actually gave a small laugh.

"I'm sure it was quite a shock. Caught me by surprise."

12/24/2009 #77
Star the Foxhound

Rose laughed as well. "Yes, I doubt she was expecting it. We just need to give her some time to calm down, and to get used to the fact. She's older then me, but I don't think she's ever been in love."

12/24/2009 #78

Michael stopped laughing. He suddenly felt very sorry for Sally.

"That's very sad. I've never felt like this before in my life, and it is the most wonderful thing ever."

He once again leaned in and kissed Rose, then leaned back and smiled at her.

12/24/2009 #79
Star the Foxhound

She kissed him back, then smiled faintly. "I know, it is such a beautiful feeling, more beautiful then anything else in the world. I hope that Sally will find someone, one of these days."

12/24/2009 #80

Michael nodded. He wanted Rose to be happy, and he wanted Sally and Sunny to like him. They were the most important people in her life, and that meant something to him.

"Yes, I have the feeling that she keeps mostly to herself. Does she go out at all, do anything outside of the house?"

12/24/2009 #81
Star the Foxhound

Rose shook her head. "Very rarely does she come out, she likes to stay home. That's why she hasn't meet anyone I think. It's like she expects someone to just show up on the doorstep."

12/24/2009 #82

Michael nodded, and then smiled.

"Yes. Although, that's just as likely as a soldier accidentally running into a beautiful young woman in the snow, isn't?"

12/24/2009 #83
Star the Foxhound

"You could say that," Rose said, also smiling, "But it's more likely, seeing as we'd both left the safety of whatever place we have to call home."

She didn't say house, because she knew that he was a soldier, and assumed that he'd be staying in the cabins with the army.

12/24/2009 #84

He laughed, acknowledging her reasoning.

"Yes, yes we did. I never was one for staying indoors. I always preferred being out in the wilderness, running around our farm. Going across the mountains, sleeping in the woods. It was so... peaceful."

He sighed as he thought about his family farm in the mountains of Tennessee. He missed it, missed the wide open space. The city had crowded him, make him fell confined. But, he thought as he looked at Rose, there are things outside that farm. Great, beautiful things.

12/24/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #85
Star the Foxhound

"That's a good thing then," Rose replied, smiling faintly, "Seeing as you will be spending a lot of times outdoors. Do you ever mind it at all? Not having a place to really go if it's snowy or rainy?"

12/28/2009 #86

"Well," he said sheepishly, "At times I do. Everybody in the camps misses a bed and a house. It goes along with missing everything from our homes. Family and friends, our own homes that we lived in, we all miss them somewhat. But, we strive through. That's about all we can do, I suppose."

He sighed, knowing that even in the short time he had been in the army some men had deserted. It was odd, knowing that men were willing to run, wondering if he would do just that on the battlefield.

12/28/2009 #87
Star the Foxhound

December 25, 1863

Rose woke up before everyone else and slipped down the stairs to the living room. It was cold in the house, and so the first thing she turned to do was build a fire in the small fireplace. She worked quickly, having become practiced in the act ever since they'd gotten the house and soon a soon fire was warming the room.

With the Yankee blockade, there wasn't very much money, or gifts to be found, but she had still managed it. Christmas was the time of giving, and she wanted to make her daughter happy, and those that she cared about. Having a small something for them was the least that she could do.

12/31/2009 #88

Michael arrived outside her house, looking at the door for a moment. He was nervous, incredibly nervous. But he wouldn't dare let that get him today. He reached up and knocked on the door.

12/31/2009 #89
Star the Foxhound

Hearing the knock, Rose moved towards the door, and opening it. She smiled when she saw the person standing on the other side and stepped aside to allow him to come. "Micheal! Come on in, out of the cold."

12/31/2009 . Edited 12/31/2009 #90
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