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Star the Foxhound

Headquarters for the Confederate army...

7/16/2010 #1
Star the Foxhound

May 3, 1864

Early Afternoon

General Lo Armistead didn't usually spend too much time around the headquarters. Usually it was more the higher ranking generals who spent the most time there, and Lee's staff, people who had business with Lee. He didn't really have business there, was standing outside of the headquarters as people came and went. From what they all could tell, there was going to be a big battle soon, and he knew that he wouldn't be going with them. Pickett's Division was ordered to guard Richmond. Even almost a year after the fatal charge, they had not regained full strength and were still trying to recover. Armistead wondered if they ever would.

A courier rode into the headquarters and he looked up, noticing the blue uniform, the white cloth tied around his arm. "I'm looking for General Armistead."

"You've found him," Armistead said, stepping to the horse's side and ignoring some of the looks he got from the other officers. Some knew of his friendship with Hancock and did not approve.

"I was instructed to deliver this to you," The courier stated, handing over a letter, "It's for a man under your command, Curtis. The sender could not give the last name but knew he served under you."

Armistead nodded. "Yes, I know him. Thank you, you may go."

The courier saluted before riding off, and Armistead mounted his horse and rode towards their camp on the outskirts of Richmond. He had a letter to deliver to Major Curtis Williams.

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