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Play as a Union or Confederate soldier, doctor, nurse or civilian in the war over states rights and preserving the Union. All are welcome.
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Uldaren Bardaniel

My friends:

Years have passed since we began this endeavour, nervous and uncertain, frightened that we would not adequately portray those whose legacies we sought to honor by the founding of these halls. Our journey together has ben long, our bonds forged by time and trials, leaving them set deeper and tougher than the sinews beneath our skin.

But time, while aiding and strengthening us, has also proved our foe more than once. We have grown and learned of hardships here, argued, wept, parted in anger and misunderstanding- but we always came back to each other. And while our bonds to one another remain, the forum itself has withered. Its halls have stood empty for long months now, inviting only troublemakers and spammers. This is by no fault of ours- time has intervened and we are swept along in its wake.

As one of the founders here, I held out hope it could be revived. This forum was our second home, where we could escape our troubles and know the embrace of our comrades alongside a roaring fire- comrades who in time, became family.

Those whose writings grace these halls will never be forgotten, their names held dear to us all. Star the Foxhound, Nurfhurdur, Snowclaw of Windclan, rayney, Draseria, lilkorea, fizzlebitz56, Gabriela O'Keif, DelliSanti96, writingbythepower, Leon Trotsky, and Lee's ghost reborn- we thank you.

I now employ my old rank of Brigadier in one last act- to lock and seal this forum, for its protection from spammers, and for memory's sake. If any object, I will hear them out; I have made wrong decisions before. But if any visitors wish to revive this place, they only need message us. We will listen. If you come here with a love of history, and an open heart, you will always be made welcome.

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