In the future, humanity has fallen under the iron fist of supressive military rule. Below their feet, the free world thrives in artifical cities under holographic skies. Are you an opressor or a freedom fighter?
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Lillithia Wolf

The year is 2134. The free world ended thirty four years ago. The great Guardian took over, promising peace in exchange for freedom and the war-torn world gladly traded, realizing too late their mistake. Now instead of countries, there is one government run by the Geneva Council, at the head of which is the Great Guardian himself. Certainly, he got the homeless off the streets and ensured equality for all, instead he made equality for none but it was how he did it. He put the homeless into labor camps where they lived. The homeless did the dirty, dangerous or just menial work no one else wanted to do. Then there were the Gold class citizens, the generals, military officers, scientists and others who aid the Great Guardian or have earned high status in the Great Guardian’s new world order. Some accepted this life. It isn’t a bad one, one where all is provided, where people become mindless drones who neither succeed nor fail. Where they are assigned lifetime occupations. They are assigned their homes. How many children they are allowed to have, how many pets, etc, every aspect is controlled with an iron military fist. The highest class can buy, sell and own anything they want, including gifted slaves commonly casually referred to as pets.

Above, on the surface of the earth or at least what is considered to be habitable, is covered with buildings, towering apartment complexes of a sort. These are sterile and sealed in. The air, for a number of reasons has been rendered unbreathable. There are no more plants or animals outside of zoos and labs. Scientists, deciding they wished to play god just as the Great Guardian did, began creating gifted and hybrids. Since most all wild things had mutated into horrible beasts or died they figured why not. They began far before the Great guardian or any of the destruction had come, in about 2082. Some of the gifted escaped and made it underground as did the Deathling, the first one. Lady Nightmare herself. Humanity tried to create a living AI, one that would be far more difficult for the enemy to take. After all, who would expect they would need a woman, not the ‘brains’ of every computer in an installation?

Over the years, Shadowgate was formed. The underground city is full of apartment-esque buildings under an artificial, holographic sky. It is a haven for Gifted. Humans are not allowed, even though Area 51, among other Tunnel Runner bases houses humans sympathetic to the gifted’s cause.

Shadowgate is self-sustaining. They have plant life, kept alive through artificial means. The scene is a lush paradise compared to the barren landscape above, where the humans live, where all plant and animal life has ceased in nature. At first, there was peace in Shadowgate. There was no Iltewolf army, only the royal family and their guards. Then came the Betrayal, the infamous Hangman’s Ridge incident. 8,635 Iltewolf soldiers, including the lead general were hung on one side of the canyon past the Crypts, after the queen was caught cheating on the king with the lead general, Gregory Istel. As revenge, the soldiers in turn murdered the same number of Iltekatze guards, citizens nobles and the king himself as revenge. Though they are at peace now, it is a tense one. The trench is a long gouge in a barren area of Shadowgate, believed to be cursed.

Before that is the Dog’s Den, a market for mercenaries and assassins. Then there, in the middle of Shadowgate lies a huge sprawling market for the average residents. It is alive with the dead cultures from above, from those of America to those of Zimbabwe. It is the liveliest area in the great subterranean city. Then there is the much quieter Temple district. Mercenaries and assassins are not allowed within, though there is much speculation as to why. After all, the Atlanteans that formed Shadowgate brought with them their gods, among which is a god of death and perhaps their version of Satan, a half goat god of murder and destruction, trickery and deception.

Of course, being told they aren’t allowed does stop most but not all. The temples cannot turn anyone away. Many go there to heal in safety then sneak away before the city officials catch them. What though, is hidden there?

Then there are the military and political centers of the city, mostly filled with barracks and council houses for the head factions, the Iltewolf and Iltekatze.

Here in the grand sprawling land of Shadowgate, there are opportunities to succeed or fail. To live in fame or infamy.

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