In the future, humanity has fallen under the iron fist of supressive military rule. Below their feet, the free world thrives in artifical cities under holographic skies. Are you an opressor or a freedom fighter?
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Lillithia Wolf

You don’t have to use this but do give us a good idea of your character.



Species: (or if hybrid or gifted, list the animals your character is crossed with)

Rank/ position:


Hair: (or fur)

Skin: (Or fur)

Height and weight:

Other: (scars, birthmarks, tattoos, piercings, etc, any sort of identifying mark or detail that doesn’t fit in the other categories)

Possessions: (what they’re wearing, what they keep with them such as weapons. There are things like laser rifles and such but they’re about equal to today’s firearms. Obviously a pistol can’t do the same damage as a 50 cal, keep that in mind.)






Bio: (You don’t have to write a novel but give a good background.Please avoid too many orphaned emotionally damaged characters.)

4/29/2009 #1
William McKinney

Name: Lucy

Age: 18

Species: Genetically engineered human

Rank/ position:

Eyes: Green

Hair: white

Skin: White

Height and weight: 5' 7''

Other: she has multiple scars on her arms from an unknown experience, all she remembers of it is that it was an incredibly terrible expeirance

Possessions: She's always wearing some sort of dark colored tank top under a black jacket. she has a combat knife in a sheath on her leg and carries a small 9mm handgun.

Faction:A mercenary, though not technically one of the mercenaries whom work for lady nightmare.

Strengths: she's stronger than she looks, a fine fighter with a knife and not a half bad shot.

Weaknesses: she extremely untrusting of people she doesn't know, and is sometimes too stubborn for her own good.

Personality: Stubborn, strong willed and completely loyal to her friends.

Powers:Far stronger than a normal human, the results of genetic engineering. she cannot remeber where she came from or any memories besides waking up in the tunnel.

Bio: Lucy doesn't know where she was born, who her parents are, or if they are still alive. two years before the current time she woke up in an empty tunnel with no memories whatsoever, the only things she had were her knife, a peice of paper with a mans name on it and an extremely deep seated hatred for the guardian for reasons unbeknown st to her.

5/1/2009 . Edited 7/22/2009 #2
Lillithia Wolf

Accepted! Now, for me to get around to puting up my characters. I do appologize, this is under construction and I'm not at my own computer at the time. 0_o

5/1/2009 #3
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Dmitri

Age: 211 (looks about twenty one, twenty five)

Species: Modified human

Rank/ position: Sniper

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

Skin: lightly tanned, white

Height and weight: 6’ 9”, 215 lbs

Build: Muscular but not overly so, also has much denser bones which add significantly to his weight but also, his bones are several times harder to break than any normal man’s

Other: Has many scars on his back and chest from shrapnel, average body temperature of 105° F

Possessions: Modified Dragunov sniper rifle, laser pistol, ammunition for both, body armor plates for vital areas. Arctic camouflage pants (digital), black combat boots, dark tshirt,

Faction: Mercenary

Strengths: Determination is certainly his strong point.

Weaknesses: His strategic tendencies sometimes slow him down, and sometimes his temper and greed get the best of him.

Personality: If sins and terrible deeds were dollars, he’d be rich. If ethics were dollars he’d have… one. Dmitri cares about two things. Himself and his close companion, Lillith. What he wants, he will take with little concern for who he hurts. He’s just disappointed if he doesn’t get enough of a challenge out of it. He’s strategic and usually tries to think things through before doing anything. As a sniper, his mentality became as such.

Powers: Super strength, twice as fast as any human, fast healing

Bio: The Russians and Americans began a top secret volunteer program to combat the Nazi program named the demon experiment. Born in 1923, he was modified at the age of 19. There was no time to create perfect assassins from scratch and train them from early childhood. They trained him as he went until well after the end of WWII. They then retired him. For his companion, the mute coyote hybrid Lillith, they were holding an auction. He was determined to save her so he paid most of his retirement pay on Lillith. After that, they simply left, no longer seen as necessary. He made it to Shadowgate and resided there until the present day. Now though, after finding they made him practically ageless (after all this time he barely looks out of his twenties, neither does Lillith) his creators are hunting him down with the aid of the Great Guardian and his army.

5/2/2009 #4
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Geist

Age: 218 (born 1916)

Species: Genetically engineered human

Rank/ position: Assassin

Eyes: grey

Hair: white

Skin: snowy pale

Height and weight: 6’2”, 147 lbs

Other: has two sets of DNA. When she was created, she had a twin brother but because they were not separated she absorbed him while they were still being grown in a tank. The skin on her back looks like someone dragged their finger up her spine, creating raised upside down V’s in a neat row. Though entirely female, she has a second set of DNA. Her body looks almost too perfect. Undeniably, she is beautiful but just the same, she is a perfect killer.

Possessions: Her entirely black attire contrasts starkly with her pale skin. They are simple items, likely not the most form flattering she could wear but on the same note they aren’t baggy or ugly. She wears a simple long sleeved shirt, black pants and a long trench coat that comes barely within an inch of the ground. On various parts it has hidden pockets she tailored herself. Within these she has various items to aid in her trade, murder for the highest bidder. Assassinations. Her combat boots and gloves have nano-velcro-like material where they would most be in contact with surfaces, mimicking the natural abilities of her hands and feet. Her palms and the bottoms of her feet are gecko-esquely sticky due to a lot of microscopic hairs/barbs.

Among these items are two 9mm pistols, eighteen throwing knives, four daggers and yet more blades. A serrated hunting knife is tucked into each of her combat boots, making two for those challenged with mathematics.

Faction: assassin

Strengths: Protective and stubborn, she will defend what she values even if she could die. The things she values are few. Her money and her three children. Aside from that…

Weaknesses: She is greedy, probably her greatest downfall. She holds grudges for as long as she can remember and is slow to forgive.

Personality: She is deceptive, and a rather twisted soul. She is bloodthirsty, conniving, and when she wants something she will kill any in her way. It doesn’t matter who gets in her way or who’s hurt as long as it isn’t her or her little family. She is selfish and cares for very few. She has been known to tear off a man’s arm and bite into it like a piece of chicken.

Powers: Phasing (walking through walls), limited regenerative abilities, heightened senses, stronger than average, hands and feet are ‘sticky’ like a gecko’s

Bio: Under physical technicalities she is only twenty two but until recently she was cryo-frozen in an attempt to seal her away from humanity. She was part of an experiment in the year 2010 to try and bring what this organization had tried twice before. It was named the Valkyrie Project meant to create the perfect humans. Failing when they changed the test subject’s genes to make them Aryan they renamed the project and changed the objectives, thus the beginning of the Demon project. Since the experiments produced almost albino qualities in their subjects they were regarded as monstrosities, abominations. They called these creations Demons and trained them as assassins, trying to rebound from their failure. Instead, these creatures, not quite human turned on their creators, causing them to lose before they could really even begin. Many high ranking personnel in the organization died not at the hands of enemy soldiers but the five surviving Demons as did anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths in the dark. They had a taste for flesh, particularly human. Rarely did they ever need fed, the fed themselves quite well. Geist was hidden in the basement of a Medical Anomalies museum with her remaining “siblings”. Three others were dissected and destroyed. Now her and her “brother” are the last in existence. But of course, who loosed them on the world once more? In 2049 six Human rights activists broke in and freed the two siblings after discovering them and trying to pry them from the museum’s grasp legally since before the war. The Demons rewarded them by killing the thieves and vanishing. Each went their separate ways.

Living in Shadowgate, she has a soft life craved by many. She lives in a mansion, has personal guards, maids, and many more. Her three children, her twin boys she never asked for and her adopted daughter are well cared for. There’s one other she treats almost as an adopted son, but she does not consider him a son.

5/2/2009 #5
Lillithia Wolf


Age: 211 (looks twenty, just really small)

Species: shape-shifter (gifted)

Rank/ position: none

Eyes: yellow

Hair: dusty tan

Skin: lightly tanned, Caucasian

Height and weight: 4’11”, 93 lbs

Other: Has long tan coyote ears and tail, mute

Possessions: Wears a little blue skirt to better accommodate her tail. Has a little sky-blue t-shirt, just loose enough that she doesn’t have to take it off when she shifts to her coyote form. Thus the skirt too. She wears no shoes, just little black socks.

Faction: none, just stays at Dmitri’s side

Strengths: Loyal and friendly to the one person she trusts.

Weaknesses: Shy, mute

Personality: In more ways than the obvious, she is a quiet little girl. She’s not very trusting of others

Powers: Shapeshifting, telepathy

Bio: She served side by side with Dmitri, often sneaking in closer than he could get to the enemy and communicating with him on missions. They were a flawless team and grew close. However, though they are the same age, he would never even consider do anything to her and she knows this. They’re too close, too mentally intertwined.

5/2/2009 #6
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Darren

Age: 19

Species: Raven winged avian/ deathling

Rank/ position: none

Eyes: brown

Hair: dark brown, a bit past his shoulders

Skin: deathly pale

Height and weight: 5’11


Possessions: He’s usually seen in a green t-shirt covered in black tribals and blue jeans. He usually wears combat boots as they protect his ankles better when landing.

Faction: Iltewolf

Strengths: Essentially dead, he cannot feel pain so he can push himself physically harder than he could when he was alive. If touching the object, he can read data from various electronics.

Weaknesses: He has to feed or waste away, if he becomes bones there will be no way to reverse it and the nanobots keeping him moving, keeping his memories alive will move on to a new host. Also, since he is an organic computer, large amounts of electricity cause him agony

Personality:Perhaps he’s a bit dark and brooding but otherwise, he’s still a good guy. He’s protective and once he has his mind set to a task he will complete it.

Bio: He had normal parents, a normal life until he was orphaned. He found his way at the age of five to the doorstep of the assassin, Geist. She allowed him a place to stay and gave him food but generally left him to his own devices. Then the night came where the mercenary, Dmitri broke in. He left trying to keep his intestines in the gaping slash in his belly. Geist was not easy prey. Nine months later he was sort of an older brother to two twin boys. He earned his keep from the day of their birth by babysitting, caring and playing with the children as they grew. As much as their mother tried to keep them distant, the boys and Darren grew close and certainly saw him as their brother.

Now, he serves a master he hates to protect those he loves from the long reaching arm of the military faction.

5/2/2009 #7
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Wraith a.k.a. Markus

Age: 218

Gender: male

Height: 7’ 2”, athletic build

Weight: 230 lbs

Eye color: grayish blue, pupils dilate like a cat’s

Hair color: white, just above his ears

Skin tone: snowy pale

Possesions: Grey parka, green t-shirt, black pants, black waterproof and insulated leather boots, six pistols, six daggers, six knives. One M16A2 rifle.

M16A2 assault rifle:

Primary function: Infantry weapon Manufacturer: Colt Manufacturing Length: 39.63 inches Weight: about 7.5 lbs Bore diameter: 5.56mm Maximum range :3,600 meters

Maximum effective range: Area target: 2,624.8 feet (800 meters) Point target: 1,804.5 feet (550 meters) Muzzle velocity: 2,800 feet (853 meters) per second Rate of fire: Cyclic: 800 rounds per minute Sustained: 12-15 rounds per minute Semiautomatic: 45 rounds per minute Burst: 90 rounds per minute Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Strengths/Abilities: Phasing (walking through walls), limited regenerative abilities, heightened senses, stronger than average

Weaknesses: fast metabolism, false right kneecap

Character traits: He is much more mentally stable than his sister Geist but he still has his problems. One of the largest differences between him and his siblings, is that unlike his siblings, he would not eat human flesh. He would drink human blood (and only if it‘s certain to be free of disease) but would not kill them as food. He did not like hurting people but killed when he had to then buried the bodies.

Background: In 2010 he was created in the same experiment as his surviving siblings. One couldn’t exactly view eight out of over three hundred alive as a success but the scientists seemed to. One of the eight died of a heart complication, the other was ‘euthanized’ for attacking a scientist. He did not share their blood lust, instead, he viewed it as medicine, using packaged bags of blood to replenish and heal himself when animal flesh was not enough. Rarely did they ever need fed, the fed themselves quite well. He caught rats, rabbits, foxes and anything else he could catch. He refused to be like the others.

His main issue though, is he chews on things when he is nervous.

5/2/2009 #8
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Stephen


Species: modified human

Rank/ position: assassin in training

Eyes: grey-blue

Hair: white

Skin: snowy pale

Height and weight: 5’11, 157 lbs

Other: Like his brother, he has many scars, most from sliding down the banisters, riding a sled down the stairs, climbing trees, rough-housing and other such boyish things.

Possessions: Simple black shirt and pants, an assortment of knives and daggers, two pistols

Faction: assassin

Strengths: Loyal, stubborn, stronger than he looks

Weaknesses: Being more stubborn than a mule isn’t always a good thing. He’s broken bones, and yet will try again and again until he accomplishes what he wants. Perhaps he’s a bit spoiled but not very. Most times, if he wanted something on a silver platter, he had to work for it, earn it or get it himself. Nonetheless, he’s never known hardship past being grounded. Sometimes over confidant.

Personality: As has been mentioned, he can be a bit overconfident, something that, when combined with stubbornness has caused many a broken bone. He can’t be dissuaded easily even with the threat of pain or punishment, perhaps the only reason his mother never slaps him senseless.

Powers: Phasing (walking through walls), limited regenerative abilities, heightened senses, stronger than average, 'sticky' hands

Bio: He had and still has a good childhood, though now because he follows in his mother’s footsteps it is not as easy as it once was. Often he’ll even accompany his mother on jobs. When he’s behaved himself, he gets to do the killing, if not he just gets to watch. This has seemed to be his only sure motivation.

5/2/2009 . Edited 5/2/2009 #9
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Shawn

Age: 11

Species: modified human

Rank/ position: assassin in training

Eyes: pale blue

Hair: dusty brown

Skin: pale, but not as pale as his mother or brother

Height and weight: 5’11”, 155 lbs

Other: Like his brother, he has many scars, most from sliding down the banisters, riding a sled down the stairs, climbing trees, rough-housing and other such boyish things. He has one scar in particular above his left eye, following his eyebrow from a vase falling on his head.

Possessions: grey shirt, blue jeans, does not carry more than a knife and a pistol, keeps the rest of his weapons, more firearms and blades in his and his brother’s room.

Faction: assassin in training

Strengths: Though not as painfully stubborn as his brother Stephen, he is a determined young man.

Weaknesses: His abilities are weaker than his mother and twin brother

Personality: Less stubborn than his brother but far from easy going. He usually follows his brother’s lead. He is the less adventurous of the pair and would be more likely to nap than cause trouble.

Powers: sharper eyes than most, phasing, faster healing than his brother, ‘sticky’ hands, stronger than normal, faster than most

Bio: Like his brother he had a good childhood and still enjoys it while it lasts for a few years more. He has known neither need nor excess. What he needed has always been made available but not handed to him.

5/2/2009 #10
Lillithia Wolf

Name: Ginger

Age: 7

Species: Gifted

Rank/ position: none


Hair: redish brown, long, curly

Skin: lightly tanned, has freckles

Height and weight: 4'1", 65 lbs


Possessions: Usually wears a white dress that somehow remains immaculate no matter ho much she kneels in grass or plays in the sandbox, she always has a stuffed cat that she uses her powers on to make it walk, dance or play. She never wears shoes, just her flawless white dress

Faction: gifted

Strengths: even for her age, she is a telepathic and telekinetic prodigy

Weaknesses: Her sweet trusting nature is often her downfall, thus why her brothers are so protective of her even though she is not actually related to them. She also has a weakness for sweets

Personality: She is sweet and loving even after what she has been through. She is a very forgiving individual.

Powers: Telepathy and telekenisis

Bio: She was abandoned by her parents, left on the steps of a temple as an infant and lived in the temple district for a while. However, she would wander the city. She was perhaps nieve and still is, thus why the little girl wandered into the part of town where the killers for hire resided. There, she followed her nose to the manor Geist called home. She smelled her favorite thing and what she thereafter named for, gingerbread.

So, having never known any reason to fear anyone, she snuck in. After all, it was rather early in the morning and she didn't want to bother anyone. She didn't know she was breaking and entering, nor that she was stealing.

One of the chefs caught the little girl in the kitchen and brought her to Geist. There, he left the child at the mercy of the assassin. Ginger's sweet demeanor and fearlessness, perhaps cluelessness earned her a place in the assassin's heart.

Undeniably, she is the favorite. Geist spoils her, her brothers are her personal guards. No one is allowed to so much as look at the girl wrong, her brothers will... teach the offender a lesson they'll not soon forget.

5/6/2009 #11
William McKinney

Name: Alex

Age: 22

Species:genetically engineered humans

Rank/ position:

Eyes: yellow

Hair: Black

Skin: pale white

Height and weight: 6' 7'' 190lbs

Other: He has burns on his upper arms that are always covered in bandages, the burns refusing to go away no matter what he does to them, and he doesn't know how he got them.

Possessions: he wears a black suit, with a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses. in a shoulder holster he carries a glock 18 9mm select fire handgun. he also has a silver old rolex watch he recieved from someone he thinks was his father, and it apparently has been passed down in his family.

Faction: he's a mercenary though not part of their respective faction

Strengths: He is extremely strong, able to hold his own with humans in any fight, and he can shoot very well.

Weaknesses: He is overtly loyal to lucy, for a reason even he doesn't know, and it is constantly getting him into trouble that she drags him into.

Personality: Cold to most people, ruthless and calculating, the only person in the world he trusts is lucy.

Powers: none that he knows of.

Bio: He's amnesiac just like lucy, unsure exactly how he came to be where he was, he awoke next to lucy and they both had no memory of what had happened or how they got there. when he woke up he felt himslef overly protective of the younger lucy and with a deep hatred for the Guardian matched by Lucy, and the two set off to do whatever they could to piss him off.

5/7/2009 . Edited 7/22/2009 #12

I wish to partake in this rp but I am unable to post my character.

7/14/2013 #13
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