In the future, humanity has fallen under the iron fist of supressive military rule. Below their feet, the free world thrives in artifical cities under holographic skies. Are you an opressor or a freedom fighter?
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Lillithia Wolf

(The grand Underground city in all its artificial, geothermal glory)

4/29/2009 #1
Lillithia Wolf

Darren stumbled down an alley. That witch! All he had was a broken wing and she'd dumped that... stuff on the wound. He looked as the bone seemed to suck itself back in. He felt sick. He fell, coughing as the nanobots started eating his organs that the program running the nanobots deemed unnecessary. If he could breathe he would scream from the sheer agony as they got to his lungs and heart first. His eyes rolled back in his skull. A welcome numbness came over him. Then he heard a voice in the back of his head.

"Up and at 'em sunshine. I thought birds were supposed to be day-dwellers. Hmm. You're no owl." it said.

Darren tried to reply but without air couldn't seem to get his vocal chords to work. How was he alive? What had she-

"Technically you aren't alive, neither am I. In fact, you really want to be technical, I don't exist." It laughed. "Now open your eyes birdie." the voice said. Definately male. The voice sounded twisted, dark. Was he going crazy? He opened his eyes wide still panicking because he couldn't breathe.

"I said GET UP." the voice snapped. Suddenly Darren had no control over his numb body. Then he heard his own voice though, it wasn't him talking. "Now, was that so hard?"

Darren's hand shot to his mouth. "Wha-" he gasped, though it was merely a sound. There was no air. Nanobots had flooded onto his vocal chords, having recorded his memory, thus commiting his voice to their memory.

"Now get moving, I hear someone coming." it said.

Darren shook his head and ignored the voice. He fought as it tried to wrench control from him. Darren won. Barely. He stood there watching the shadows. He definately heard footsteps. He looked at his reflection in a broken mirror. He was horridly pale. He looked dead. The voice had said he was. He sat against the wall. He didn't want this...

5/7/2009 #2
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