In the future, humanity has fallen under the iron fist of supressive military rule. Below their feet, the free world thrives in artifical cities under holographic skies. Are you an opressor or a freedom fighter?
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Lillithia Wolf

Iltekatze royal family: The royal family is an arm of the Imperials. The Iltekatze are of the planet Atlantea, the true Atlantis. The royal families are entirely pure elven. They are exactly as myth depicts them, graceful, powerful, ageless, beautiful. In the early days of human kind they occupied the secluded parts of the earth, bringing with them great technological advances and beasts of lore. Eventually after a while they tired of humanity and left, taking back all they brought and again plunging humanity into a comparatively bleak existence.

Iltekatze royals: The royals are a careful marriage of light and dark skinned varieties. They have pale skin, pale hair in varying shades of blonde or white, are tall and slender and have either green, blue or almost turquoise eyes. Non royal elves:

Dark: jet black skin, white hair, bright blue eyes

Light: pale skin, dark hair, green eyes

Hybrid: Hybrids almost vary as much as humans do. The hair color ranges from black to blonde to white. The eye color can be the deepest green, the deepest blue or a combination. Even one eye green, one eye blue. Or if part human, obviously they can carry human traits. There is no real difference between light, dark or hybrid races, one is not more accepted by the various societies nor are any rejected just by variety of elf. The only difference is appearance. They are not susceptible to age but are not in any way immortal. They do not heal much faster than a human. For example, suppose a cut takes a week to heal and fade on a person. For the elf, it might take a few less days. Basically, no abracadabra I’m healed stuff.

There is no magic, there are however technological ways that things are done. To the early humans, this new technology, unexplainable at the time was called such but of course, it’s all perspective. Then and now.

Iltewolf Army: The Iltewolf Army was once the personal guards of the Iltekatze royals but were human, or more appropriately, Atlantean. On their homeworld Atlantea, the great betrayal happened, the infamous Hangman’s Ridge incident. 8,635 Iltewolf soldiers, including the lead general were hung on one side of the canyon. The Iltewolf Army used to be the personal elite army of the Iltekatze royal family. The elite guards. However, when the queen was caught cheating on the king with the lead general, Gregory Istel. As revenge, the soldiers in turn murdered the same number of Iltekatze guards, citizens nobles and the king himself as revenge. And so began the blood feud.

Tunnel Runners: Human allies of the Iltewolf Army, has surface bases in Antarctica, Himalayan mountains, American southwest (Area 51), and Colorado. The Tunnel Runners fight the Great Guardian where they can to liberate all they can. They are skilled at living in the most hostile environments, both above and below ground. They call the planet’s extremes home. Frigid towering mountains, desolate wastelands, anywhere the rest of humanity has forsaken.

Gifted: Limited to three powers, one main and two side powers. They can be crossed with up to three animals.

Deathlings: The deathlings are secretive beings. Organic computers, they do not feel tired, they do not feel pain, and otherwise they are thought to be dead. In most ways, they are. They have no heart, lungs or any organs to speak of except a stomach. The outer appearance remains as is though they are very pale and have black veins. They bleed black blood with a red metallic shine. To keep themselves from decaying, they must constantly replenish the organic materials. They are carnivorous, consuming flesh and blood to replace their own. They are not stupid mindless zombies, in fact the computer AI in the nanobots keeps their memories, thoughts, personality, etc, what makes them ‘them’. Since they are powerful and near impossible to kill, these will be limited to four at a time, perhaps five. Two of these are in my control.

Mercenaries: Mostly retired military, mercenaries still hold some loyalty to their former faction. This faction is much like the military but for the most part, answers to Lady Nightmare who processes their pay and tends to the needs of the mercenaries. Their opinion of her borders on worship, most calling her Madame Muerta, Lady Death, Queen of Shadows, or of course, Lady Nightmare. The mercenaries, perhaps missing the structure and comradery of the military are very close and tend to care for one another. Most of them anyways.

Assassins: This group is anything but close-knit. They tend to respect eachother as fellow murderers and give each other plenty of space, keeping well aware of what the other is capable of. They are more likely to care for themselves before ever once considering anyone else.

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William McKinney

wheres the rest of humanity?

5/1/2009 #2
Lillithia Wolf

They are above ground. Shadowgate is underground.

5/1/2009 #3
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