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Fay Diablo

"Your scent," Twist replied, glancing over her shoulder as she heard Stevie call for the others. "They were all just in the living room...Where did?...Anyway, your scent. You actually have a really weird smell, something I can't really name...It's nice, but it's nothing I've ever smelled before."

The microwave dinged, and she pulled the steaming bowl of mac and cheese out. "Here. See, I'm not human, either. I'm a werewolf, right? Well, technically, a wolverine, but that makes me sound all Marvel superhero. This house belongs to a vampire named Glitch. She takes in all sorts of people who aren't human, living on the streets. You really did come to the right house, you know that?"

Dropping a spoon with a red plastic handle in front of him, her eyes sparked in mild curiousity. "What are you, anyway? I really don't recognize your scent."

((Hmm...I'll do it...Might be fun to be a bad guy...))

8/29/2009 . Edited 8/29/2009 #31

August snorted. "Don't expect to see another around here ever again. They are forest dwelers..." She stopped to listen for something before turning to go. "I suggest you return to your coven, you probably will now be focusing too much on the Wendigo and too little on your personal safety."

8/29/2009 #32
Randomness is Bliss

"Glitch, I missed you! Have you seen Risa?" Steevie ran up and hugged Glitch's leg, bouncing up and down on her shoe. Glitch looked down at him and smiled breifly, "Hey, you shouldn't be out here on the street, you don't know what's out there. Go back inside and tell Twist that I'm back, 'K?" She patted him on the head, receveing a little 'I can take care of myself...' before he scampered off back into the house. Glitch began to follow him, but not before having her last word. "Well, see 'ya... and if you ever find yourself needing a place to stay," she nodded towards the little house, "Your welcome to come here if you want."

(Sold! Congrats to the owner of a brand-new ET! You can go ahead make his/her/it's profile over in sign up... heheheh... the villans are comming, the villans are comming! XD)

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Are chuckled to himself, fiddling with the red plastic spoon. "Werewolf, eh?" he asked, taking a bite out of the creamy mixture "Sound's like a bit from a tabloid magazine... Of course, I really wouldn't know... I haven't been here long enough."

8/29/2009 #34
Fay Diablo

"Tabloid magazine? Stray or not, you better laugh when you say that. I'll transform for you after you're done eating, if you want proof," Twist said, dropping into the chair across the table from the stranger. "And you're avoiding the questions, aren't you? Who are you? What's your name? And-" She paused, sniffing. His scent, something she couldn't describe, was still strange in her nostrils. "What are you? I mean, it's a fair, trade, right? I told you what I am, and my name's Twist. It's your turn."

8/29/2009 #35
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch heaved a sigh as she closed the door behind her, sliding off her bag. She hissed as the bag slid across one of the raw burn marks on her hand, opening them to bleed. "Aw sh-" She bit her tounge, censoring herself for the kids sake. Last time she swore in front of the take-ins, she had to deal with the boys calling every other girl they met a ho for a week. Never again... she walked into the kitchen, absentmindedly licking the blood off of her hand as she followed the smell of food.

Mac and cheese. Figures she goes for the easiest thing to- she stopped short, staring at the guy across from Twist, lips still on her palm. "Hi..." she lowered her hand, glancing between the two, "Did Twist bring you in?"

8/29/2009 #36

August muttered an oath. Since when was she so nice to anyone but her hard-of-heaing little oldy lady neighbor?

Stupid Wendigos, August glared at the pile of rapidly disappearing dust that was once the Wendigo. I should- She stopped and sniffed the air. What in the?...

August's eyes flared again. "Why do I smell trouble?"

{Um... Because Mac and Cheese is cooking? I don't know August! Lol- XD}

8/29/2009 . Edited 8/29/2009 #37

Are cringed, then looked back down into his meal intensely.

"I- I really..."

8/29/2009 #38

August smirked before throwing her head back. "Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllll!" The wolf howl echoed through the still night air.

8/29/2009 #39
Fay Diablo

"I didn't bring him. Don't actually know his name. But he's not human, and he is- was starving. Meets our criteria, right?" shrugged Twist. "I'll be responsible if he turns out to be some deranged, homicidal vampire." Directing a matter-of-fact glance at him, she felt compelled to add, "That means I kill you."

Pulling her own bowl of mac and cheese out of the microwave, she glanced around. "And, where did Stevie go? I fixed him some food...Now, what the hell is your name, anyway? This anonymity is starting to creep me out."


Freddie meandered down the streets, hands stuck in the pockets of his designer-perfectly-frayed-and-torn jeans. He looked, honestly, like any attractive, slightly scruffy musician, wandering through the city; he was a pro at looking like someone he was not. He had just, as a matter of fact, taken a whole mob of children from a living room- none actually human, a major plus. He loved the little supernatural beings. There had been three in another room, according to the technician working the tractor beam, but he'd left them alone. According to the physics or whatever of it- Freddie didn't have to know these things, he was in charge of the operation- the group had to be pretty much together to be retrieved.

The house was, actually, coming back into view (he'd been going in circles), and he hung back in a shadowed doorway, watching the odd characters go into the house and walk away from it. He wasn't particularly fond of humans, or humanoid beings, but he was waiting for these people to realize the children were gone. With a stressful job like his, he needed some entertainment.

8/29/2009 #40
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch frowned, "I sent him in to tell you I was comming..." Glitch trailed off, suddenly getting a little worried, "Twist, you can go ahead and interrigate this young man by yourself. I'm going to go look for Steevie." She gave the newcomer a quick smile before rushing through the ranch doors, into the den. Nothing. Maybe... she rushed up the stairs and went through all the bedrooms. Still nothing. Oh my God...

She jumped down the stairs, rushing out the door, scoping the yard. I swear if this is all one big joke I... she clasped a hand over her mouth, taking deep breaths, attempting to calm herself. We're going to find them... maybe Twist sent them to the store to get groceries... yeah, groceries...

But in her gut she knew, they where gone.

(lol, it's fun to make he panic like a mother in a crowded airport...)

8/29/2009 #41

(Um... just so ya know, Are's name is pronounced like Ares, but without the S.)

"You want my name?" Are asked, taking another bite out of the cheesy goo "Ya shoulda asked earlier. It's Are. Are Malinara." A grin spread across his face "Not exactly a common name around here, huh? Then again, I'm talking to a person named 'Twitch'..."

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #42
Fay Diablo

"Twist," she corrected him, a mild smirk turning her lips upwards. "For my twisted sense of kindness, twisted sense of love. Paradox. My brother called me that, before I ran off. Your name is infinitely cooler, I gotta admit." Twirling her spoon in her mac and cheese, she glanced over her shoulder, suddenly struck by the feeling that something wasn't right. "But...what are you?"

(Sorry...I haven't been near a computer in what feels like ages!)

9/4/2009 #43

(Nah, I've been busy with soccer practice anyway.)

"What am I?" Are repeated the question thoughtfully, twirling the spoon in his hand "No one's asked me that question before. Well, I suppose since you fed me you have a right to know what I am. I... I am a Yothan."

9/5/2009 #44

August passed Freddie, barely giving him a second look as she did. Odd being. He doesn't smell right. She wrinkled her nose. Ugh! Smells like that doctor I dated once! She shuddered. Forget me ever going into the medical field. She thought in disgust.

9/5/2009 #45
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch rushed back inside, bursting into the kitchen. "Twist, do you know where the kids are?" There was a slight edge of hysteria to her voice, like she was just on the verge of breaking. She bit her lip when she remebered her guest was still in the room, giving him a weary glance. Could he be connected to the dissappearance..?

9/5/2009 #46
Fay Diablo

"Yothan? I don't suppose you'd care to tell me what that is," Twist said, raising an eyebrow, just as Glitch burst in. Immediately, the girl was on her feet, running a hand through her hair. "They were just out there playing Nintendo, right?"

Glitch's worry, her hysteria was contagious- Twist could feel a scream of frustration rising up in her throat. The urgency the older girl possessed was transferring to Twist, and she caught the glance Glitch sent the strange visitor, wondering what was going through the other's mind.


Another woman hurried past Freddie; he wouldn't have spared her a second thought, but she carried the scent of one of the more desirable specimens, and her face flickered into an expression of disgust as she past him. He turned and called to her back, "What are you, then?"

9/5/2009 #47
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch shook her head, "No, they weren't. They just vanished," She choked out, "I thought you would know where they where." She gave Aere another look, Or you...

9/5/2009 #48

August stopped before slowly looking over her shoulder at him. "I strongly advise for you not to question me and for you to not follow me." August said before turning away and continuing up the road.

9/6/2009 #49

Are looked up at Glitch evenly. "What?" he asked innocently "I've been here the whole time, ask her." He nodded in twist's direction.

9/7/2009 . Edited 9/7/2009 #50

August turned down an alleyway before morphing again, loping towards her home.

Her building was only two stories and was sandwiched between two Mom-and-Pop run businesses, but she liked it that way. She would also fight to keep it that way.

August morphed back before approaching the front steps, her keys in her hands. Mm... Do I order some pizza or make myself some salad. Decisions, decisions. She thought with a small smile as she climbed the steps with her keys ready.

9/12/2009 #51

(Hello? Anyone there?)

9/13/2009 #52
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch was slient for a moment, looking at Aere before sighing and collapsing onto one of the spare chairs, "Sorry," she muttered, nervously fanging her thumbnail, "It's just that you mysteriously show up just as all the kids vanish..."

(I'm still on! But I have limeted acess to the computer for the next week, since I'm mainly relying on the library computers until I get my connection back at home back. So don't worry, your not the last one.)

9/14/2009 #53

Are raised an eyerow, taking another sloppy gulp from his microwave dinner. "Who are these kids, anyway?" He asked through a mouthful of sticky cheese "Yours?"

9/14/2009 #54
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch gave him a reprochful look, "I just take care of them, they aren't 'mine'. Honestly, Twist here is almost as old as I am." She got back up from her chair, suddenly unable to keep still. She started pacing back and fourth across the kitchen, wringing her red bandanna in her hands. "Twist, when was the last time you saw any of the other kids- other than Steevie, of course."

9/16/2009 #55
Fay Diablo

"We were playing the Nintendo, and then Stevie was hungry and...and...," Twist trailed off, poking at her mac and cheese. "I came in, and dude was standing here and..."

She shook her head, glancing back up at the stranger, then at Glitch. "They're gone? Gone, gone? Who do you think did it? How are we gonna get them back?"

9/19/2009 #56
Randomness is Bliss

"I hate to say it but..." Glitch looked strait at Twist, "You know those rumors the humans have been spreading around? The ones about abductions- the ones they origanally pinned on us? Maybe..." Glitch suddenly shot her gaze to Aere, "What do you think? You've been out on the streets, did you hear anything more on this?"

9/21/2009 #57

Are looked up for a moment, thinking.

"I've heard a little... I think..." He said airily, looking back at Glitch "I think I heard something about them a few blocks from here... I caught a few pieces of the conversation... someone said something about 'keeping their eyes open'... I think he said they were close..."

9/21/2009 #58
Randomness is Bliss

Glitch walked strait up to are and grabbed his shoulders, looking him in the eyes, "What did they look like? Where they human?" She tried to keep the emotion out of her voice, but a slight desperate quiver found it's way through her words. "Any discription will help."

9/23/2009 #59

Are stood up, brushing Glitch's hands off his shoulder.

"They were just some bums." Are said, annoyance creeping into his voice "And don't touch me."

9/27/2009 #60
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