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Humans, Vampires, Warlocks, Lycans, Mutants, and... Aleins? What happens when a universe-wide genetic research project finds out that earth has the most diverse selection of specimens? Two words- Abduction Central.
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Randomness is Bliss

The smell of cleanser constant hum of machinery fill the air as the busy Jeckles begin work for the new day. They eagerly await for the new arrivals collected just the night before. Fresh clay just waiting for their hands to mold into something great... or terrible.

6/7/2010 #1
The Warrior of Many Faces

My'riah was late. Her current guise had stopped startling her colleagues. That needed to change. So she had spent ten Earth minutes refining her new appearance, making sure it was as intimidating as possible. It was a bit of a strain to hold this shape, since it was a little larger than her regular form and much more complex. But since she had no intentions of keeping this form for too long, she ignored the slight headache that she was developing.

Finally, she was ready. She knew she was late, but she didn't care. She'd get more attention this way, and for all of this work, she had better get a lot of startled workmates.

After all, it was her spawnday, and what better present could there be than the fearful, perplexed, and surprised expressions that would appear on her colleagues? Other than a fascinating subject and a lack of anesthetic, anyway.

As she walked in, most of her colleagues gave her the response she was hoping for. Imagine for a minute that you're an alien, just getting ready for the day, chatting casually with a friend...then you turn around and see your head attached to the body of another coworker, with several limbs that you recognized from yet more colleagues. It's enough to surprise even the most stoic of beings, and most Jeckles weren't even close to being that stoic.

My'riah's second mouth that erupted from a tentacle grinned in satisfaction as several aliens swore in their native languages. That was something she could cross off her checklist for today: Freak out the other Jeckles.

Now she could resume her regular shape. She shifted into her white form, relishing the stunned silence that still prevailed over most of the room. A few creatures were still chatting, but they were the sort that focused on one thing and ignored all else while doing so. My'riah couldn't imagine being like that: she was still alive today because she always observed her surroundings. Point being, though, that it was a waste of effort to try to startle or distract them.

"They haven't arrived yet, I presume," she said in a quiet, cold voice. Despite her low tone of voice, the not-quite-question could clearly be heard across the room.

6/8/2010 #2
Randomness is Bliss

The faint buzz of unfamiliar language greeted Telleo as he woke.

He shivered groping for the blanket that he must have kicked off during a particularly nasty nightmare. When he couldn't find it, he sat up- or rather, shifted slightly in the little room, realizing that he wasn't in his bed at all- but in a dark, cramp, space. Great... he thought to himself, I must still be dreaming...

Not that he wished that he wasn't, oh no, he wouldn't wish it in the slightest. As he ran his hand across the smooth, curved surface surrounding him, he shivered yet again, the chilly air making his skin break out in gooseflesh. It was like he was shoved into a metal egg, left folded up and waiting for... what?

Suddenly, the whole world shifted as his little container moved, rolling in some direction where the voices got louder. He tilted his head so his ear was against the wall, listening closer, trying to make sense of the words. He smiled to himself, insperation for his next painting striking him. "Abducted"... may not be the most original thing, but it works. I can't wait 'till I wake up to start it, well, if I remember this dream, that is...

6/8/2010 #3
The Warrior of Many Faces

As My'riah caught sight of the containers being rolled into the room, a cruel grin graced her face. "Never mind. They've arrived." She walked over and began examining each container carefully, reading the labels carefully. Finally, she decided on a human. Humans, surprisingly, were as interesting to experiment on as their varients, such as werewolves or vampires. At least if you were interested in discovering how humans could have so many varients. Besides, studying humans was necessary for figuring out how werewolf genes were spread and other such fascinating subjects.

"I'll take this one to start," she announced. She observed with satisfaction that no one disputed this claim. She began rolling Telleo's egg towards her laboratory...a.k.a. the Torture Chamber.

6/9/2010 #4
Randomness is Bliss

(Can My'riah speak english? Or is she above that? XD)

There was a long pause as his little vessal stopped, and conversation leapt to an all-time high. He sighed, suddenly wishing he could pop out and take a look at all the strange-talking people. Forigners are so interesting...

One voice spoke up over the rest, and he began moving again. The voices faded away, replaced by the rumble of rolling wheels. Am I on a cart? Hm, that's new for a dream...

Suddenly, given courage at the 'fact' that this was all a dream, he decided to speak up, "So, is there anybody out there?" He had a gut feeling that whoever there was to hear him wouldn't understand him. But that was okay, because he was ready to apply his translating skills, of which would be half-assed at best, but it was better than nothing.

6/9/2010 #5
The Warrior of Many Faces

My'riah didn't have much skill speaking or understanding the various languages humans used. Mostly, what she understood were the various phrases for "What's happening?", "Where am I?", "Who are you?", and "What do you want from me?". As such, her victim may as well have been speaking Butterflyese. She'd have understood just as much of it. Besides, she preferred to speak to humans when she could see and savor their fear. So for now, she said nothing.

6/10/2010 #6
Randomness is Bliss

Upon getting no response, Telleo muttered an, "Alright then."

He rode on in silence, suddenly a tad uneasy. This isn't going to turn out to be a nightmare, is it?

6/10/2010 #7
The Warrior of Many Faces

It didn't take very long after that for My'riah to reach her lab. "My'riah and victim," she stated clearly for the voice recognition as she waited for the DNA scan to finish. Concluding that this really was My'riah, the AI door opened, allowing My'riah to roll her subject into the lab. "Lock the door behind me," she commanded. The door complied.

"Now..." she opened Telleo's container. "¿Habla usted español?"

6/11/2010 #8
Randomness is Bliss

He was about to answer with a stuttered phrase of spangish when he froze up. The initial reason was the light, his still drowsy eyes unused to the brightness. But it was nothing compared to the shock of seeing My'riah. He had no idea how long he sat there, frozen. Nightmare... a nighmare... it's just a... dream, right? A twisted dream...

The paniced voice at the back of his mind helped him to unthaw a bit, but... suddenly he was unsure. Hanging onto false hope, he held out one shaking hand, It's my dream... I'm in control, right? "I'm T-Telleo Quick. Who-" More like what "-do I have the pleasure in meeting today?" He forced a pitifully weak smile, heart screaming in his chest, telling him to bolt.

6/11/2010 #9
The Warrior of Many Faces

"Ah, English," she said. "Never mind who I am..." she leaned in with an unmistakable wicked grin. "...just know that your worst nightmares will soon come true."

6/14/2010 #10
Randomness is Bliss

"W-well, seeing as I'm talking to one- I-I mean talking in one, I'll have to take you're word for it..." He threw in a nervous laugh, eyes wandering to the table and equipment sitting ready behind the alien. "Dreams and such, y-you know, b-but I'm no shrink."

He forced himself to look back up at My'riah, "N-nice equipment. Uh... so... you're a... a doctor? 'Cause I-I've dated a nurse before and I k-know a thing or two-" His heartbeat flew up a notch, and suddenly his legs wouldn't stay still. He pushed back, desperate to get away from My'riah and stumbled onto his feet. He turned to see the lab door, and shot towards it.

6/14/2010 . Edited 6/14/2010 #11
The Warrior of Many Faces

My'riah was savoring the nervousness, the smell of human sweat, the sound of his panicked heartbeat. She wasn't even bothered that he was made a break for it: the door was locked, after all. But she wanted to get to the real action. She wanted some screams.

She stretched her arm, wrapping it around Telleo to drag him towards her and the equipment.

6/15/2010 #12
Randomness is Bliss

Telleo struggled, thrashing against My'riah's grip, but to no avail. As he was dragged past the equipment, his heart nearly burst. He hadn't a clue what any of the instruments did, but they looked painful. Any other day he would count his active imagination as a belssing, but today, it was more than a curse. Likely senerios, most of which involved him being cut open and literally guttless on a lab table, scorched through his mind.

For fear of what most likely was his future, he couldn't help but ask the question of the day. But panic made it more like a shriek than a question, "What the hell are you going to do to me?"

6/15/2010 #13
The Warrior of Many Faces

"I'll make you hurt," she promised as she flung Telleo none too gently onto a table. "Bind him," she commanded in her language, and several metal coils sprung from the table in an attempt to do just that.

6/17/2010 #14
Randomness is Bliss

Telleo's back slammed into the cold metal of the operating table. As soon as My'riah let go of him, he flew back up, but metal coils soon wrapped around his arms and legs, throwing him back to the table. He squirmed in the bindings, but they tightened, holding him in place. He was in an awkward posision, some of the coils on the left got hold of his right arm, pulling it under him. But this worked to his advantage, because in his five seconds of freedom, he had managed to snatch a scalple (or, it looked like a scalple) from the operating table. It now was gripped in his hand, hidden (and cutting into) his back.

He gritted his teeth, silently hoping that the wound wouldn't bleed too much, and that he might literally get to make a stab at freedom.

6/18/2010 #15
The Warrior of Many Faces

"Hmm...what shall I do first? Examine your intestines?" My'riah mused. "Or perhaps your brain." She perked up. "I know, I'll do both at once!" She sprouted another pair of arms as she began searching for a cutting tool or four. Finding them, she began approaching the bound Telleo. "I think I'll go for the pain receptors first," she muttered in her alien tongue as she began to aim one of her tools...

(Just so you know, I'll be leaving tomorrow and I don't know exactly when I'll be back. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

6/22/2010 #16
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