World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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Suggest new rules, games, threads, polls and the like here.

Basic structure:

- State your suggestion.

- People comment on the suggestion.

- I decide whether to take action or not, or I put up a poll and majority decides.

- Some wonderful new thing is created!

All suggestions are welcome - please don't hesitate to speak up!

5/16/2009 . Edited 5/16/2009 #1

For a world domination topic, there doesn't seem to be a suitable game...

I suggest a My Hill game thread.

'For reasons unknown it is esstintal to claim the hill as your own, unfortuntanly there seems to be some other fools intent on claiming the hill as theirs. Remove them form your hill by any means nessisary. Write a post entailing how you will knock your predecessour off the hill And remember to state "my hill" some where at the end of your post. The rules are simple, For the duration of your post you have complete control over the entire universe. You can't post twice in a row. Keep it clean, nothing sexual, nothing insulting to the other writers, nothing is final.'

Extra rule I like: If for some reason the Hill is destroyed, the game continues with whatever is left, and you have to make the right claim i.e:

Player A: I boot the previous player off the hill. My Hill.

Player B: I drop a bomb on player A, destroying the Hill. My Crater.

Player C: I flood the crater, and sail to the center. My Lake.

5/20/2009 #2

1 vote for Kirrithian's idea. Not sure if it will work but it seems worth a try

5/20/2009 #3

Hi, thanks for the suggestion and agreement guys, I've added the new thread - keep them coming!


5/20/2009 #4

I was thinking that in any of the games, if someone reaches World Domination, they win and the game is then reset.

Say in Change a Letter, if someone can change it to World (Domination) they win some sort of prize and it all starts over again. It must be legitimate though, in Word Association for example, you cant jump straight from bridge to world domination

What does everybody think?

5/24/2009 #5

Oh, I like that very much!

Will change when I get around to it :D

..yeah, I'm a lazy butt. Thanks for the idea :)

5/24/2009 #6
Disabled Account sdf

I would like a 'people-tell-Kit-what-to-write'-game.

The rules are simple: The first person tells Kit what to write as the start of his story, and then he has to write that into at least a hundred words. Then the next one tells him what to write, and so on.


5/24/2009 #7

lol, I kinda like that. It needs more rules and a bit of ironing out but it might have promise

sounds kinda of like some of the other games on WD though

5/24/2009 #8
Disabled Account sdf

Could you suggest a rule then, O wise and ancient lola? :-)


5/24/2009 #9

not so much rules but... whats that other word Coke?

5/24/2009 #10


I think we could do that - it'll help out with writer's block. What we could do instead is have someone (e.g. Kit) post and say that they want something to write about. Someone else gives them something to write about, and Kit then has to expand it into at least a hundred words or so (as you mentioned.)

Once Kit has written that, he will post it on the thread (and his profile if he wants) and either ask for another one, or let someone else have a shot. Someone else can then come up and ask for a prompt, then go off and write about it (process repeats). We can have a rule that you can't have more than three prompts in a row unless no-one else wants it. Or something similar?

What do you think of my interpretation?

5/24/2009 #11

I think thats cool. Basically just plot ideas a way

5/24/2009 #12
Disabled Account sdf

I think your suggestions are good, Coke! :D

Could you use my request as a test case to see how it works out? I would prefer to do the writing myself, completely based on what you want me to write about. Please? :D


5/24/2009 #13

I think its worth a shot, if my opinion counts for anything, Coke

5/24/2009 #14

Of course your opnion counts! this forum runs on lurveee xD

*I really should get off those drugs :P, I don't really do drugs, promise*

I'll disappear for a little bit now, going to write up the thread - be ready to post Kit, because you're the first one up!

5/24/2009 #15
Disabled Account sdf


Aye, aye, moddess! :-)


5/24/2009 #16

Although: Suggestion needed!

What shall we name the game?

And any comments on restrictions regarding what we tell someone to write?

Chop chop!

5/24/2009 #17

Kit's Korner?

tehe, that was uber lame

5/24/2009 #18

Kill the World Domination of Writers Block!?

5/24/2009 #19
Disabled Account sdf


How about calling it 'Story Request Game' and add 'NN's story' where NN is the writer for each thread?

The writer should probably make the restrictions and then stick to them. She/he can make the first post about that.

5/24/2009 #20

Dominate Writer's Block?

5/24/2009 #21

Story Request Game

its kind of like Epic Story so I dont think it should have story in the title

Create a World! ... yeh, Im bored

5/24/2009 #22
Disabled Account sdf

DWB sounds cool! Let's go with that!


5/24/2009 #23

Ah, I like that, Kit!

I vote for Kit's suggestion. Other two vote now. (Imagine me putting my arms down like they do in drag races)

5/24/2009 #24

DWB is too like BWD, and you dont want to go there again Coke

5/24/2009 #25

(Imagine me putting my arms down like they do in drag races)

heh, I just imagined you as that chick in Grease, ChaCha or something, lols, thats rather disturbing

5/24/2009 #26


Right, so DWD is out.

Any other suggestions?

5/24/2009 #27

... just, something simple I think, that kind of sums it up in a few words

5/24/2009 #28
Disabled Account sdf

*brings out the popcorn and watches the rest of the debate*


5/24/2009 #29

Don't Let Writer's Block Dominate You (DoLeWBloDY)

5/24/2009 #30
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