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Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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Introduce yourself here!

Here is a basic model of an introduction post:

Name (Your preferred name, and whether you would like a WD nickname appointed):

How you found this forum:

Your current/favourite piece:

Random thing that you like:

You don't have to exactly follow this guide - as the name implies, it's just a guide :D If you want a WD related nic, state that and you shall be named :D


If you haven't already, I suggest you turn off forum alerts: Login - Alerts - Diasble the last two.

Read the rules!

Feel free to ask questions if you have any problems, we'll always try our best to help.


5/16/2009 . Edited 7/10/2009 #1

I'll start!

Name: I am known as Coke in RG and Duck/Bea everywhere else.

How I found this forum: Well, it's a strange story - I kind of er.. made it xD

Current/favourite piece: I have a few current pieces, but my fourite would have to be the Blang List :p

Random thing that you like: Cheese! You may notice this in a lot of my posts :P I like it because it's oh-so-wonderfully random :D


5/16/2009 . Edited 5/17/2009 #2

Hi hi!

Name: Jasmine/Jas/Jazz/Squiggles

How I found this forum: Coke made me go here :D

Current/favourite piece: See my favourites :D I don't write much though

Random thing that you like:I too, like cheese. And wine - mustn't forget the wine :P

5/18/2009 #3

Ello squiggles! Welcome to zis noble quest! :D go spread the word about the forum - we're gonna need all the help we can get to beat the bunnies to world domination :P

Go look around, post in the games and like, procrastinate and stuff..


5/18/2009 #4

Name: Im known as Lola on Rg or I go by Patrice or E anywhere else

How I found this forum: Duckies told me to and I was bored

Favourite piece: Collection of Poems

5/20/2009 #5

Name: Pename is Kirrithian, but I sometimes switch it to Kirric. EDIT: Call me Kirri. It's easier and people won't be wondering who the hell Dolly is.

How you found this forum: Link from RG

Your current/favourite piece: Elements of Life

Random thing that you like: Wheat fields.

5/20/2009 . Edited 5/20/2009 #6

Hi guys! Velcome to my lair.. *dracula stare* :D

Thanks for coming over here :D

5/20/2009 #7
Nicki BluIs

Hello! I am here to wreak as much havoc as I can! Becuz that's just how I roll. I mean you can steal from other ppl's forums? You think that's okay? Well. Here you go. Payback's a b***, b***.

5/20/2009 #8
Disabled Account sdf

Name (What you'd like to be called here): To be decided by the first one to reply to this post!!!

How you found this forum: Duckies told me about it.

Your current/favourite piece: See my profile!

Random thing that you like: Er....

5/24/2009 #9

i choose!

5/24/2009 #10
Disabled Account sdf


Then, what's my pet name? :-)

5/24/2009 #11

aah, Ill get back to you :)

no offense but are you male or female?

5/24/2009 #12
Disabled Account sdf

No, no! Either give me my pet name, or someone else gets to! I'm an impatient guy. :D

5/24/2009 #13

Stop distracting me then! :p

5/24/2009 #14
Disabled Account sdf

*shuts up and waits.*

5/24/2009 #15

Oops, got distracted. Gah, brain dead

because I'm a weirdo the only name I can think of is Kit, if you dont like that it is open for the next bidder I suppose. :D

5/24/2009 #16

Ech! My internet kapoofed on me =='

I had to unplug and re-plug everything

..I always remember you as Fanrap (FallenAngelRisingApe) but then again I'm just weird :D

But I like kit! (Except in RG there's already someone named kitty and I will get confused) mind if I change it to Meow? :P

5/24/2009 #17

No!! Kit is not a cat! Kit is an awesome character in an awesome book series

Other than Kit, I couldnt get Picus out of my head

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #18
Disabled Account sdf

Kit Meow it is then! *purrs happily to himself*

And now for the next thing to be decided: What game shall I partake in first?

5/24/2009 #19

*sobs at slander of bestest book*

Pick any one you like!

5/24/2009 #20
Disabled Account sdf

Oh no!

It's not decision time, is it? :-(

5/24/2009 #21

It might be, but I must ask you to decide elsewhere, this is Intro!

5/24/2009 #22


Can I nick you Stinger? (rayner-Ray- Stingray- stinger) and hi if you ever introduce yourself!

6/1/2009 #23

maybe something a bit shorter though? It sounds kinda awkward to me or maybe thats just my half asleep mind

6/1/2009 #24


6/1/2009 #25

hehe, Sting is cool

this doesnt have to count or anything but my mind just did the weirdest thing:

Sting -*try to change the letters around* -grudge -grunge - *tries to shorten* -rung/grun/gudd -fudd -elmer!

... yeh that was really weird :D

6/2/2009 . Edited 6/2/2009 #26
Disabled Account sdf

Sting sounds nice, yes. :-)


6/2/2009 #27

For some reason I just remember Rayner as ginger. When I look at sting I think ginger too. So I'm sorry if I call you ginger xD

(Hasn't even introduced yet - might choose a completely different name :D)

6/2/2009 #28

name - rayfer

how i found this forum - blame the red bull (huddles as far away from the can as possible whilst shooting it furtive glances)

fav piece - emerson

random thing that i like - constructing intricate shelter plans in case dolphins take over the world (and they call me crazy....)

regarding the nick, i'm fine with anything*cough*amcurrentlysobbinguncontrollablyataffronttomasculinity*cough*.

6/2/2009 #29


Sting's not that bad is it?

6/2/2009 #30
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