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i was referring to ginger, which, when i get past the affront to my masculinity, is a cool nick.

6/2/2009 #31
Disabled Account sdf

Ginger Baker is kind of cool. You could be named after him?


6/2/2009 #32

ginger it is (i was just thinking more about as told by ginger and trying to convince myself that i didn't remotely resemble a prepubescent girl).

does victory dance around the room whilst avoiding The Red Bull Corner.

6/2/2009 #33

Rofl! Hi hi ginger :D

Don't worry, I meant no affront to your masculinity ;P I don't know why, but the name just seems

..Red Bull sucks - mother or V all the way :D does give you wings though...*thoughtful*

6/2/2009 #34

Hey everyone... Im JC, but you all can call me Johnny, Duckies has nagged and nagged me, trying to get me to join her forum :P she’s resorted to blatant advertising a subliminal messaging... she could have just said please :P so yeah here I am, and I suppose I should say something about myself . Im no Shakespeare, probably wont be, but I enjoy literature and reading a variety of genres, anything that keeps me interested. I just finished reading birds of prey, and started reading monsoon which are both by Wilbur smith (great books, recommend them)

So yeah... let’s see how long Duckies can hold me here... the fear of my inbox being spammed full of hate mail might keep me here for while though :P

7/2/2009 #35

Hi Johnny! I have heard of you many a time. (Must take advantage of opportunity to embarrass Coke, hopefully) I'm Lola!

Would you like a nic?

Come play the games and talk in OT! WD is dying! We must save it!!

7/2/2009 #36

omg! he has a tie!!!! *mini freak*

7/2/2009 #37

Hey Lola, you’ve heard many of me? =\ I didn’t know I was a topic of conversation :P

and id love a nic :P

7/3/2009 #38

Yays! thats two!!

Duckie has been talking about how she made you review or do... something. I have terrible memory.

hmm, nick, nick, nick. must think.

7/3/2009 #39

Oh yes, she "made" me review her poems/stories. Truly a great feat that deserves bragging rights :P

Or at least that’s what I hope it was... her making me do something that I can’t remember... is a scary thought O.o

7/3/2009 #40

ChibiJC - chibi - tiny - ... somehow or another - Jon - Alanna - Thom

hehe, Thom

meh, ive no idea, go with it if you want

7/3/2009 #41

Thom? haha, sure why not. From this day forth i shall be known as Thom! (for...some reason :P)

7/3/2009 #42

really? cool :D

Hi Thom! Go out, have fun in the WD world!

7/3/2009 . Edited 7/3/2009 #43


Atlast! Johnny maboi!

And Lola, kudos! (Though I wonder how you got from tiny to jon..what is your mind up to? it's big, y'know xD ..What is MY mind up to? o.O)

Thom (:D) serious congrats on getting a Lioness related nick. You have no idea what an honour that is in my world. Be proud.

..Now I'm going to either think of Tamora Pierce's books or Jack (havent talked to HIM in awhile ;)) everytime I see you :D

You may want to turn of mail alerts if you haven't already: Login - Alerts - Disable the bottom two.

Oh, and: Please. Happy now? B***.


7/3/2009 #44

are the mail alerts those... ahem*.. email im getting EVERY time i post or someone else posts???

And yes, very happy =D

im gonna go cross "Get dominate ruler of the world to say Please to me" off my bucket list... =D

7/3/2009 #45

And Lola, kudos! (Though I wonder how you got from tiny to jon..what is your mind up to? it's big, y'know xD ..What is MY mind up to? o.O)

lol, ill explain tomorrow. it has something to do with my sisters cat somehow... odd

yup, both Lioness and Jack contributed to that nick :D am i loved for my awesome nick-ing?

7/3/2009 #46

are the mail alerts those... ahem*.. email im getting EVERY time i post or someone else posts???

yup. they will fill up your inbox and annoy the hell out of you if yoou dont turn them off

7/3/2009 #47

Turned it off... now I wont here the god awful sound constantly... *yawn* sleepy... sleepy time. dont worry i'll be back... before duckies hatemail starts pouring in :P

7/3/2009 #48

Ah, you know you all love me.

Yes, I love you, Lola :D

You haven't earnt my love yet, Thom. You must play the games first. And that thing you just crossed out had better be in to do list!

I repeat: B***. Nah, jkz :P

7/3/2009 #49
Fay Diablo

Name: Fay, or Pyro (that was the nickname...somebody gave me at the PL...). I also accept Badass Queen of Bunnies.

How you found this forum: Really? Truly? Honestly? I'm one of the last living bits of The Promised Land, and its slow and agonizing death is a little bit depressing. That, and I rode here on my coffee-powered rocketship.

Your current/favourite piece: ...Urm. Really? Urm...My favorite piece on here is The Strange Days of Arabella Flannery, despite the fact that it's completely un-edited...I'm so laaazyy....

Random thing that you like: Caffiene. And dipping Twizzlers in orange juice.

7/3/2009 #50

Hey Pyro!! I'mm Lola!!

Yays! WD has life!!!

7/4/2009 #51

Hey Pyro! Welcome to WD!

(I refuse to acknowledge you as queen of bunnies, because bunnies are my arch nemeses. Not going to hold anything against you though :D)

Hope you have fun here!

EDIT: Oh right, and I'm known as Coke, duck(ie) or Quacks around these parts :)

7/4/2009 . Edited 7/4/2009 #52
Fay Diablo

B-b-b-but...Bunnies are my instrument of world domination...It was decided months ago by a magical caterpillar...

7/4/2009 #53

lols, well I like the bunnies so I can acknowledge them for you :)

Bunnies, hmm, Babs!! yeah, stuck in naming mood sorry, weirdo ramble.

Come join OT and play some games! :D

7/5/2009 #54

Haha, well I'm a) very slow to reply and b)will allow you to use bunnies as your instruments for world domination, but only because I support all attempts for world domination. I guess I can't hold a grudge against bunnies just because they have one extra supporter over the tally of duck ninjas. Damn you GWB, damn you.

And no one has any idea what I'm going on about again. No more rainbows for moi :P

Did you want a nick, or are you happy being called Pyro? (I'm still allowed to be petty and not call you anything bunny related, aren't I?)

7/6/2009 #55
Fay Diablo

I'm happy with Pyro...And, no, you don't have to call me anything bunny-related. :P

7/7/2009 #56
Glass Queen

Name: Kaitrin, or if you really feel like stroking my ego, Glass Queen, or Queen would do very nicely.

How you found this forum: Writer's block got to me. Translation: insanity was creeping up.

Your current/favourite piece: Inkdeath is pretty damn swell and all, but anything Shakespeare is up there on the list of loves. Though as of now, I'm oddly facinated by the tea bag ingredient list in front of me.

Random thing that you like: Hats. All sorts. People don't wear hats enough these days. Top hats are great. They're .....*thinks of something intelligent to say*....spiffy?

7/7/2009 #57

Omg! New person likes top hats! New person is awesome!!

Hi! I'm Lola! I have a short attention span!!

Would you like a nickname for this forum?

7/7/2009 #58

Come join OT!

7/7/2009 #59
Glass Queen

Kaitrin's good. :D And yes, top hats are amazing. They should be required dress when going it out in public.

7/8/2009 #60
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