World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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What's your stance on World Domination?
1 What does domination mean?
2 I'm going to be the dominator of the world.
3 I have been dominated.
4 I'm waiting for my chance - I'll strike when everyone lets thir guard down!
5 I want to help someone else be the dominator of the world.
6 I am the dominator of many worlds, but not this one. Yet.
7 Dominating people is wrong. People are people too, you know!
8 I'm the world dominator's faithful sidekick.
9 I am the dominator of the world.
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.

Do yah reckon we've hauled ourselves onto page 3 yet?

5/20/2009 #31

Lawl xD *ditzy moment*

..hmm, WD or house? (Damn you and your portable interneting! ;D*

Eh, WD. I have to watch my baby grow :D

Speaking of which, I should get that new thread up..

5/20/2009 #32

108, 74th.

Page three. Next target 202 to get to page two!

5/20/2009 #33


*squeals and falls off chair*

5/20/2009 #34

(Damn you and your portable interneting!

Yup! My baby is awesome! I loves him :)

Ooh, page two, awesome. 202 shouldnt be that hard to get? Especially not with all the games Duckie has on here

5/20/2009 #35


(I want you to know that I'm grinning like a lunatic at the screen)

And I love you. Both of you. *Starts looking creepy*


5/20/2009 #36

I got first virgin!!!

5/20/2009 #37

And I love you. Both of you. *Starts looking creepy*

Creepy looks? Hey, that ain't nuthin new.


5/20/2009 #38

*pom poms*

..oh wait, I'm its mother, I have to be appalled - you took my baby's innocence! xD

5/20/2009 #39

Go Dolly!

Coke, you're always creepy :p

... I have no idea what to call you guys considering this isnt RG

5/20/2009 #40

i opened my flute case about half an hour ago, lol, oops forgot

i got distracted, hehe

5/20/2009 #41

Haha, not always - sometimes I'm just plain sleazy :D

... I have no idea what to call you guys considering this isnt RG

I figured just whatever comes naturally, I think in one of the other forums I've ever even glanced at, people called eachother by their RG nicks..

5/20/2009 #42

... I have no idea what to call you guys considering this isnt RG

That's a good point. Do we keep our nicks from RG, or settle for something a bit simpler whilst we're here?

5/20/2009 #43

i got distracted, hehe

Yes! phase 0.2 complete! (Distract some innocent soul from a shiny thing)

..I was wondering about nicks - I figured, keep the RG nicks for people involved in RG (Unless they want a new one), and I'd love to do the nicknaming process for non RG newbs, but wasn't sure if it would be plagiarism, so atm it's just call everyone by whatever..

5/20/2009 #44

I figured Kirri would be an easier nick for me- that way newbies will actually know who I am.

5/20/2009 #45

Do we keep our nicks from RG, or settle for something a bit simpler whilst we're here?

wouldnt that get kinda confusing though?

You are Mod, Bea, so your choice

Its not actually that shiny atm, about to fix that though, hehe, major distraction

5/20/2009 #46

*Relishes being mod*

...Ooh, shiny! *sparkle sparkle*

..Sorry xD

I guess we'll call everyone on here by what they state they want to be called in intro (Unless they say they want a WD nick -gawsh i hope so :D) Obviously the exception would be pet names, but y'know. I think nicknames won't be as compulsory on here as in RG, but we'll try to keep them as consistent as possible..

5/20/2009 #47

Duck! Guess what I figured out yesterday!?

38ish days until end of term, and because we have about 4 days off between now and then, not including weekends, its not really that long. Cool isnt it?

5/20/2009 #48

-12 days since the end of term.

5/20/2009 #49

*Inserting smugness just here*

5/20/2009 #50

Should I?

5/20/2009 #51

40 comments until pg 2

yes but if it had been 12 days since start of hols here school would be starting in two days, not good

5/20/2009 #52


5/20/2009 #53

Lawl xD - Kirri, you're on a roll, both new birgins already ;P

5/20/2009 #54

1 141 comments = page 1

Wow, very good Dolly

Kirric makes me think of cooking spices

5/20/2009 #55



5/20/2009 #56

... why do you love us now?

We're still on page 3, I was just saying

5/20/2009 #57

Kirric makes me think of cooking spices

It's a made up name. You probably wouldn't believe how long it took to get.

5/20/2009 #58

Because you're giving my baby life! xD

And i finally undistracted myself enough to get the My Hills thread up. I rephrased some of the rules, hope you don't mind Kirri

5/20/2009 #59

4 people isnt much life, but I suppose its some

5/20/2009 #60
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