World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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What's your stance on World Domination?
1 Dominating people is wrong. People are people too, you know!
2 I have been dominated.
3 I'm going to be the dominator of the world.
4 I want to help someone else be the dominator of the world.
5 I am the dominator of the world.
6 What does domination mean?
7 I'm waiting for my chance - I'll strike when everyone lets thir guard down!
8 I'm the world dominator's faithful sidekick.
9 I am the dominator of many worlds, but not this one. Yet.
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.


5/20/2009 #61

No, that's cool. I had to copy the rules up from somewhere else, and they're not too well phrased. Or spelt for some of it.

5/20/2009 #62

The hill is important. You want the hill. However, other idiots also want the hill. Kill them.

ROFLS!!! I love that!!! Can I use?

5/20/2009 #63

Cool :D

I'm going to run away and look for chocolate for a bit now, be back in just a bit xD (You my hills posts made me crave ;P)

5/20/2009 #64

hey! whats with attacking my flute! thats a rental you know!!

5/20/2009 #65

Lawl, danke :P

Sure, go ahead :D

5/20/2009 #66

Just remember that you can't be 'killed' properly in the hill game. Just defeated, to come back and try again.

5/20/2009 #67

i think my response was a little long but I couldnt resist, the well reminded me of something

5/20/2009 #68

I'm off briefly, need to refuel.

5/20/2009 #69

Oh damn, I took too long..

Ha! my entry was huge xD

Bye Kirri!

5/20/2009 #70


I So Want To See The AC/DC Tour!!!!


heh, wannago, sounds like a caravan

5/20/2009 #71

does changing the order of the letters count as one letter change?

5/20/2009 . Edited 5/20/2009 #72

Oh, whoops slow reply, sorry! I just made another thread :D

Lol, wannago sounds more like a country town to me

Yeah, changing the order counts - but remember, only one letter may be changed.

5/20/2009 #73

you've already had that av, very good Coke, it seem you've learnt to re-cycle

heh, couldnt help it, it was lame though :(

im tired, still. and mums going to wake me up early i the morrning, but i dont want to go to bed because i have good music here

5/20/2009 #74

I have one exactly like this, but in place of merlin there's morgana. Should I change to that instead?

Haha, I'l listening to JEW

..I'm really sleepy too - still can't believe I actually dozed off in class today, I NEVER do that :o

5/20/2009 #75

lol, apparently I have before, i dont rmember it though

whats JEW? im not good at those things while tired, remember

no. morgana is cool but i dont like pairing her with anyone cause you dont know if they will actually end up together and if not i dont like it. she isnt really the type to be married, the way they portrayed her, she is more of a lone type person

5/20/2009 #76

Wannago sounds nothing like a country town

sounds something like what people in a country town might say though

5/20/2009 #77


JEW stands for Jimmy Eat World - they're a pretty good band

Yeah, that's true about the Morgana thing - the actress who plays her (Katie something?) seems to be rather quiet too. Morgana rocks though - she's so badass ;P

5/20/2009 #78

Oh yeh, Jimmy Eat World. They are cool. On youtube? if you have the cd can I borrow pleasepleaseplease?

Mrgana is cool. She begins to develop more character further on in the season, it will be good to see the next season, if it would hurry up already! Yup, Katie McGrath

What good The Getaway Plan songs are there? I cant remember any

5/20/2009 #79

Youtube, sorry :)

Ah, that's right. Her name just slipped my mind there. I like how she was almost evil in one of the episodes, but am glad they didn't end up turning her completely evil, I like the character too much :D (for once I don't care if it's incredibly inaccurate and varies from the actual arthurian legend, I just love the series so much xD) ..Normally I go spastic, but Arthur's just too hot ;P

..hmm..shadows is by far my favourite, but I like a Lover's complaint and rhapsody on a wndy night too...thats all i can think of atm..

5/20/2009 #80

ah, cool, thats plenty for now, ta

cant be bothered with youtube atm, maybe tomorrow

yeh, i dont know much about the legends but i like the way they've done it. they probably couldnt have every episode on at that time if they followed the legend and they wouldnt get as many ratings then

5/20/2009 #81

Np :)

Yeah, not to mention the legends are a bit more M rated ;D

I remember when i went through my medieval phase; I still remember so much stuff about all these legends, so i usually go spastic if someone gets a fact wrong ;P, but I like the way they've changed it and all that :D It also helps that I'm not so mad about that kind of thing anymore too :)

..And that bradley's so HAWT

5/20/2009 #82

Yay! Less tabs open

no, it has nothing to do with my braces, just involuntary muscle movement

5/20/2009 #83

Hey! Hey! It's ... not... Saturday!

hmm..sounds familiar but I can't quite place it in my sleep deprived state..?

5/20/2009 #84

hey hey it saturdayy

the tv show that was oh so popular in the 90's

Plucka Duck, Dickie Knee, Darrell... uh, that dude

5/20/2009 #85

Plucka Duck

Photos Montage

Dickie Knee

5/20/2009 #86

Ah, yeah thats right

Ech, I can't feel my hands - think I might go to bed. or have a shower.

..choices, choices..

5/20/2009 #87

yeh, im trying to choose too

i have no idea what to pick

shower = wet

bed = no entertainment

i dont really like either very much

5/20/2009 #88

Lol xD

I remember that thing now! ..And is that trevor marmalade in one of the scenes? o.O

Haha, plucka duck :D

..I'm gonna sign off now, toodles lovey :)

5/20/2009 #89

night Coke :)

i goes now too

5/20/2009 #90
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