World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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What's your stance on World Domination?
1 I want to help someone else be the dominator of the world.
2 I'm going to be the dominator of the world.
3 I am the dominator of many worlds, but not this one. Yet.
4 I am the dominator of the world.
5 Dominating people is wrong. People are people too, you know!
6 I'm the world dominator's faithful sidekick.
7 I have been dominated.
8 I'm waiting for my chance - I'll strike when everyone lets thir guard down!
9 What does domination mean?
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.


5/20/2009 #91

Aww damn, talk about bad timing o:

5/20/2009 #92

Ahwell, probably time to go anyways.. byebye suddenly big forum yet still dead OT..


5/20/2009 #93

Hey Jazz!

5/20/2009 #94

Oh Coke, if you get this whilst I'm gone, just to say, we're 40th for general forums, and I may have just almost doubled our post count.

5/20/2009 #95

Update on previous post: 39th, and I've most certainly doubled the post count. That spam thread is dangerous when the forum's empty.

Also, 500 posts- congratulations!

5/20/2009 #96

Coke, how often are you actually going grace your forum with your presence?

5/21/2009 #97

Haha, sorry Kirri :D

Yay! You rock so much, hehe :D

How's your day been?

5/21/2009 #98


5/21/2009 #99

Post 100!

5/22/2009 #100

Arthur birgin!


5/22/2009 #101

I hate maths.

5/22/2009 #102

Me too! Whoot! *Hi 5*


..My mouth is sore from practising on my sax for the first time in almost a week - and I didn't bring my music home so had to steal my sister's sheet music - I was transposing at first, but then it hurt my brain so I just played it normal - it didn't sound that bad, until she joined in on her trumpet and then we sounded so out of key xD

..Will have to get my music tomorrow..


5/22/2009 #103
Disabled Account sdf

Can I ask about things here, then?


5/24/2009 #104

of course :D

spam a lot also works as an unofficial OT

5/24/2009 #105
Disabled Account sdf


So, what game should I play first? :-)

5/24/2009 #106

hmm, if you like writing you can try Epic Story or if you just want random-ness try basically any other. Change a letter, Twitter Yourself, This or That...

5/24/2009 #107
Disabled Account sdf

I like writing a lot! :-)

Why is there no 'tell Kit what to write'-game? :-)

5/24/2009 #108

heh, 40 minutes of Coke silence is almost guarenteed, tehe

5/24/2009 #109



..Arthur with messed up hair = scrumptious!

..Arthur shirtless = even better

..Arthur with messed hair and shirtless = dead beatrice!


5/24/2009 #110

I had to leave, people were talking and I didn't want to punch anyone for messing up my merlin time.

But now I'm not watching it :(

Oh well, my imagination is more fun anyway - especially when it comes to bradley.. *fangirl*

5/24/2009 #111

Ps. Just so you know, Al, I'm called Coke here :D and the other chick is lola.

Yes, you are the other chick. Deal.


5/24/2009 #112

yeh, nice, I dont get a capital letter, grr. Are you prepared to die, child :p

I also go by Patrice or E. It feels kinda weird being called Lola in another forum

5/24/2009 . Edited 5/24/2009 #113
Disabled Account sdf

Did I get a captial letter? :-o

5/24/2009 #114

Yes, I believe you did

5/24/2009 #115
Disabled Account sdf


Thanks a lot for my pet name. :-)


5/24/2009 #116


lol, yeh, rub it in, hmmph :p

Thanks a lot for my pet name. :-)

no problem :) I had fun

5/24/2009 #117
Disabled Account sdf

I'm sorry! I wasn't meaning to. :-(

You can give me a new one iwithout any captial letters at all, if that helps!


5/24/2009 #118

I'm sorry! I wasn't meaning to. :-(

lol, dont worry, I was joking, I am fluent in sarcasm :D

You dont have to have your nic at the end of all your posts either

5/24/2009 #119
Disabled Account sdf

I guessed that. ;-)

I thought I had to add the name. I mean, you gave it to me - I should be proud of it!

5/24/2009 #120
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