World Domination
Are your cunning plans falling a bit flat? Do you feel like you're trying to do the same thing you always do everyday? Well look no further! You've reached World Domination, the procrastinators' paradise!
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What's your stance on World Domination?
1 I am the dominator of many worlds, but not this one. Yet.
2 I am the dominator of the world.
3 I want to help someone else be the dominator of the world.
4 Dominating people is wrong. People are people too, you know!
5 I'm going to be the dominator of the world.
6 I'm waiting for my chance - I'll strike when everyone lets thir guard down!
7 I have been dominated.
8 What does domination mean?
9 I'm the world dominator's faithful sidekick.
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.

Come On People! Talk! Or else I will go to sleep and I dont want that!

Beatrice! What are you doing asleep at 5.10am? Honestly! *huff*

6/12/2009 #2,161

*glares evilly at stupid dvd player and plots demise of said inanimate object*

stupid, annoying, j*** of a thing

MSN is Asian, no racism meant there, inside joke you see

6/12/2009 #2,162

well.... here I am... still awake... OT is still empty

6/12/2009 #2,163

Okay, because this forum has been so empty, I have a new initiative to get more people into it: LINK TO IT ON YOUR PROFILES AND ADVERTISE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! Yeah! Cause we're so cool. I've had it on mine for ages - you guys don't actually have to do this, but it would probably help :D

And we're almost up to 13 :D

6/13/2009 #2,164

i saw we were almost at 13, your goal is 11 right?

i put a link on my profiile earlier :-)

i dont want heaps of people though

6/13/2009 #2,165

Yeah :D

Ooh, i'm reading some awesome newspaper articles..and I'm in a dilemma, I need to give a persuasive speech next week (approx 5 mins) but I don't have a subject! I need something! o.O Ideas?

6/13/2009 #2,166

I've just realised something - I have a strange fascination with astronomy..could that be my calling afterall? I've never thought about that - all I used to want to do was literature, but now..hmm..been thinking about career options, and just realised that i have no path! :O

Side note: I was watching Ice Princess before :D Havent seen that movie in ages..

6/13/2009 #2,167

I havent seen that movie ever. I was unimpressed, I wanted it to be better

I was thinking yesterday I wouldnt minnd studying astronomy, i wanna work with NASA!

6/13/2009 #2,168

Beatrice TTHTD!! Check your emails!

6/13/2009 #2,169

Hehe :D It would be pretty cool -though really hard work..

How on earth can you possibly be disappointed by a movie and want it to be better if you haven't seen it??? That is truly illogical. And i'm speaking from a rational POV this time, not my optimistiv, open minded POV :P

6/13/2009 #2,170

And hello OT!

6/13/2009 #2,171

*evil cackle at my post in WA*

And I have to shower and go to bed - I meant to sign off an hour ago, since im up early and in the city all day tomorrow o.O

6/13/2009 #2,172

Latereses Slow internet kiddie :p

6/13/2009 #2,173

*trots in*

night Coke

*trots out*

6/13/2009 #2,174

Oim Baqk.

6/14/2009 #2,175
Disabled Account sdf

Sunday night's all right!


6/14/2009 #2,176

I have 85 mozzie bites from camping. 40 of them are on my face, and 30 of them are on my left arm. I feel s***, but the camping was good.

So how are you Kit?

6/14/2009 #2,177
Disabled Account sdf

I'm fine! Just been out in the forest myself.

A Mozzie is a mosquito, no?


6/14/2009 #2,178

A Mozzie is a mosquito, no?

Yup. Luckly here in britland they're not particularly dangerous, just annoying.

6/14/2009 #2,179
Disabled Account sdf

The same goes for here, though they tend to become larger the further north one travels.


6/14/2009 #2,180

Fun! I'm guessing that's to combat the colder tempretures?

Ack, it's one of the reason why I like mountains so much; the higher you go, the less of the buggers there are.

6/14/2009 #2,181
Disabled Account sdf

I have no idea, I just know I don't want to be caught north of the Arctic circle at certain places. :-)


6/14/2009 #2,182


6/14/2009 #2,183
Disabled Account sdf

Ah, you still here?

Walk me?


6/14/2009 #2,184

Are you still here?

I can walk you!

... very slowly

6/14/2009 #2,185

Well, my timing kinda sucks

6/14/2009 #2,186

Wells, shower time. Back Soon

6/14/2009 #2,187



6/14/2009 #2,188

Goodbye Cruel Ignorant World!


6/14/2009 #2,189
Disabled Account sdf

Why slowly, Lola?


6/14/2009 #2,190
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