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It's an age-old question: is it in human's nature to lie?

Possibly. But really, I don't care.


Structure of the Liars! game:

A person posts three statements, two of which must be true, and one that is false (can be about anything - George Bush, cheese, or even oneself - though if it is about you, please don't make it too difficult) Preferably, a hint is required each day - multiple hints are not prohibited, but don't make it too easy.

People get one shot each to guess which statement was false. Once all three options have been taken, the winner may be announced. Multiple guesses can be made on one option by different users, but if the option was actually false, then the first person to post wins that round.

The winner gets to make up the next three statements. A new statement must be up within 3 days winning (FP time), otherwise the right to pick the next three sentences goes to the next person who guessed correctly (if there is one.) If the next in line also fails to post within three days, the competition then goes up for grabs.


Person 1:

Statement 1

Statement 2

Statement 3

Person 2: I think statement 1 was false!

Person 3: I think statement 2 was false!

Person 4: I think statement 3 was false!

Person 5: I think statement 1 was false!

Person 1: Statement 1 was false! Person 2 wins!

Person 2 fails to post a new set of statements within three days. Mod adds a note. Person 5 now gets one day to post a new entry. Person 5 fails to add the sentences. The next game is now up for grabs.


Ready, get set, GO!

5/16/2009 . Edited 5/22/2009 #1

We'll start off with an easy one...

Statement 1: I like cheese

Statement 2: I am male

Statement 3: I like men

(Which is FALSE?)

5/18/2009 #2

I think statement 3 is false! teehee! (She's gonna kill me now)

5/20/2009 #3

my first thought was that the third option was false but since Jazz already took that Ill choose op. 2

5/20/2009 #4

I'll take option one, just to neaten things up.

5/20/2009 #5

Haha, I knew it xD

Obviously, Lola won this round, so it's her turn to write up the statements.

5/20/2009 #6

Ooh, awesome.

Option 1: I drink as much soft drink as I can

Option 2: I am not allowed to watch South Park

Option 3: I think the music from the eighties should never be covered/remixed

5/20/2009 #7

Hmm, choices, choices :p

I think perhaps Option 3 is incorrect..? (It's the longest, so I figured what the heck, y'know? :D)

5/20/2009 #8

Option 2, but you do it anyway on you tube...?

5/20/2009 #9
Disabled Account sdf

Option 1: I have five computers in this room

Option 2: I have broken one of them

Option 3: I use the worst one

5/27/2009 #10

Your meant to answer the question but you wouldve won anyways so I suppose it doesnt really make a difference

Option 1?

5/27/2009 #11

Option 2

5/27/2009 #12
Disabled Account sdf

Option 1 was right!

Option 1: I am afraid of enclosed spaces

Option 2: I am afraid of heights

Option 3: I am afraid of the dark

5/28/2009 #13

Note: The person who guessed the right option gets to post up the next three statements, not the person who posted the last three. We'll let this one pass, but just for future reference :)

Kit is up with the previous post.

5/31/2009 #14

Okay then

Option 2?

5/31/2009 #15

Option 1?

5/31/2009 #16

Option 3.

5/31/2009 #17
Disabled Account sdf

Option 2 is right!

Now I should shut up and let someone ask, right? :-)


6/1/2009 #18

heh, cool. two right in a row :D

Ok then... From where I'm sitting I can reach

1) My Ipod

2) The Heater

3) Pillows

(which can't I reach)

6/1/2009 . Edited 6/1/2009 #19

Option 2?

6/1/2009 #20

option 3

6/1/2009 #21
Disabled Account sdf

Option 1?

6/2/2009 #22

yay! Thank you Kit :D

As she knows, Quacks has won so, next question!

6/2/2009 #23

Awesomesauce! I'm feeling nerdy..

1. The standard Rubiks cube can only have either 1 side, 2 sides or all sides solved.

2. 2NH3 + H2O2 → H2N-NH2 + 2H2O is the 'Puck Process' used to synthesise Hydrazine from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

3. Krypton's atomic weight is 83.79993

6/3/2009 . Edited 6/3/2009 #24

Option 2?

oh, s***, I voted for what i thought was true, but Ill stick with this anyway :D

6/3/2009 . Edited 6/3/2009 #25
Disabled Account sdf

Option 1!

It's either all or none, I guess?

6/3/2009 #26

option 3

6/4/2009 #27

Yep, Kirri got it right :D The atomic weight of Krypton is 83.798 (and its atomic number is 36!) I know too much about Krypton :D

Kirri is up next :)

6/4/2009 #28

Right, so a somewhat fishy round coming right up...

1. I like Salmon

2. I like Mackerel

3. I like Cod (Hmmm, fish and chips...)

6/5/2009 #29

Interesting :D

Option 2?

6/5/2009 #30
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